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VOL. 30 NO. 6                                                                                 JUNE 2022

       From The Manager                                                                                     Best Practices

      By Kathleen O’Donovan,                                Condominium residents should be aware of the coverage
      General Manager                                    you have through your COA and know the coverage for   For Vendors
                                                         which you are separately responsible.
         It is that time of year                            When a storm is threatening our area, securing your home
      again, Hurricane season.                           transform the most benign item into a destructive missile,  And Realtors
                                                         is key. Bring in any objects outside, hurricane winds can
      The storm season spans the
      months of June through                             causing damage to not only your property but your neighbors
      November and we all need to                        as well.                                           By Justin Mocha, Director of Security
      be prepared. Before hurricane                         Make sure you have adequate amounts of non-perishable
      season begins make sure to                         food, water and medicine on hand to last for several days.     We’ve seen a lot of homes sold in Boca Pointe of late,
      check your home owner’s                               If you plan to evacuate, secure your property and prepare   which means we’re seeing a lot of associated vendor
      insurance to see if coverage                       in advance providing enough time to arrive safely at your   and realtor activity. The last thing we want to do is be a
      is adequate. The following information provides a checklist   destination prior to the storm’s arrival. Please be sure to   hindrance to this process, but we would like to remind
      for reviewing your policy and otherwise preparing yourself   update your emergency contact information with the Boca   everyone of some best practices and rules regarding
      for the worst. During hurricane season, pay attention to the   Pointe Master Association.             vendors and realtors.
      National Hurricane Center in Coral Gables or the National      During a hurricane watch, the Community Association      First and foremost, open access is not permitted at
      Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) either on   will begin preparations to secure Association property.  any Boca Pointe gate. This includes open access for an
      your radio or the internet so that you will be aware of storms      If a warning is issued, gatehouses will be secured and   open house or other similar events. However, we do allow
      and warned of their approach. After a storm occurs, refer to   when the winds are increasing in force, the guards will be   ‘open access’ to realtors (+ buyers) provided that:
      these sources for pertinent information regarding appropriate   dismissed. The gates will not be manned during a hurricane      1. a listing agreement has been filed with BPCA for
      action to keep yourself and your family safe.      and the gate arms will be removed. Once the storm passes,   the relevant address and,
         Before the Storm                                gates will be manned by supervisors until we can resume      2. prospective buyers enter property with a realtor who
         Standard home owner’s policies do not cover flood   normal staffing. Management will return to the property once   has realtor credentials.
      damage caused by rising water. If you live in a flood-prone   the “all clear” has been given.            The main takeaway being that prospective buyers
      area you should contact your insurance agent to discuss      After a storm, adhere to instructions from official sources.   cannot enter Boca Pointe property without a realtor, and the
      obtaining flood insurance. Normally there is a five-day   Avoid electric shock, watch for trees that may have fallen on   property must have an active listing agreement filed with
      waiting period between the time flood insurance is issued   powerlines or low hanging wires, etc. Use your phone for   Boca Pointe Community Association in order to do so.
      and the time coverage is in force.                 emergencies only.                                     Check with your village/management company for any
         Check your home owner’s policy for any windstorm      Stay off the roads so that first responders may address   additional restrictions your village may have regarding
      exclusions, if you have any questions contact your agent.   issues unencumbered. Utility service may be interrupted,   realtor and buyer access to property.
      Most companies will not accept new applications when a   and we may be without water and sewer facilities for many      If you are expecting adjusters, or any other vendors
      “hurricane watch” is posted in your area.          hours or days.                                     entering your home during this process, ensure they are
         Make sure you have adequate coverage, your home has most      Be aware of official announcements from the National   listed on the guest list. The listing agent for your property
      likely increased in value over the past several years, you may   Hurricane Center and local officials.   MAY add vendors to the guest list provided that you
      have made home improvements or purchased expensive items.      If you have any suggestions for our staff at the Community   indicate this when sending the listing agreement. This
      Review your insurance policy carefully and be aware of your   Association, please do not hesitate to contact me at Kathleen.  authority will only last until either the home is sold or
      coverage limits. Know what your policy does and does not cover.         until the listing agreement expires.

                                                                                                               In general, we encourage residents to only list
       From The Desk Of Mayor Weinroth                                                                      vendors for the days they expect them on property. This
                                                                                                            is especially true for short-term vendors like someone
                                                                                                            giving an estimate or an adjuster. We understand it might
      Miracle Landing at PBI                                The patient,  heroic                            be a pain to list your vendors each time you expect them—
                                                         efforts of both pilot and                          but this is the best practice for our security program to
         Our community is incredibly grateful to the air traffic   controller  averted  an                  function optimally.
      controller who skillfully guided an individual with no piloting   emergency from becoming               Finally, BPCA must be informed when the home is sold, in
      skills to a safe landing at Palm Beach International Airport.  a disaster.                            a timely manner, so that we can update our records and ensure
         The pilot of the single engine plane was incapacitated                                             the new owner(s) do not have any issues entering property. 
      by a sudden medical emergency as the plane approached   Learn About
      the coast near Boca Raton.
         The recordings of their conversation were calm and  Scams
      focused under harrowing circumstances.                                                                 Please Help
         Fortunately, the controller was also a flight instructor      Palm Beach County
      and quickly printed a picture of the cockpit to assist with   Sheriff’s Office Volunteers
      the landing.                                       Against  Scams  Team  (VAST)  is  urging  residents  to      Summer is here! Time to declutter your closet!! The
                                                                                 be  vigilant  in  protecting   homeless shelters are accepting used clothing. Please
                                                                                 themselves against identity   bring any clean, gently used clothing that you would
                                                                                 theft and scams.            like to donate. The drop off location is at the BPCA
                                                                                   VAST offers community     office located at 6909 SW 18th St., Suite A120 in the
                                                                                 presentations to educate    Boardwalk shopping plaza. The donations are distributed
                                                                                 and inform residents on     to local churches and homeless shelters. You can make
                                                                                 how  to  avoid  scammers    a difference to those less fortunate. We have received a
                                                                                 who prey on emotions and    generous amount of donations recently and we want to
                                                                                 bank accounts.              thank everyone for helping those in need.
                                                                                                                Thank you!! 
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