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      How To Have Win-Win

      With Every Glass Of Water You Drink

      By Harold Katz, R.Ph.                              supply.  Plants,                                  Boca Raton. This facility delivers potable water to us in
                                                         fish, animals, and                                the most efficient manner: right to our faucet! There have
         The large volume of plastic                     humans ingest                                     been studies published comparing bottled water to faucet
      water bottles that is seen                         them. Recycling,                                  water in which the recipient could not tell the difference
      leaving  our  food  stores  is                     of course is an                                   between two samples. This is an evaluation which Boca
      staggering to behold. We see                       effort  to  avert                                 Pointers can conduct on their own. Fill a glass with faucet
      the quantities locally,  but                       this looming                                      water and pour into a similar glass a bottled water sample.
      just imagine the total volume                      disaster;                                         Place both in the fridge to cool cold and ask someone to
      nationally. Add to that the                        however,  only  an  estimated  9%  of  these  bottles  are   try each sample and identify them.
      number of soft-drink bottles                       recycled nationally. (Boca Pointe does a better job than      We know that bottled water must undergo the same
      whose contents are consumed                        that; and Edgewater does even better at salvaging these   FDA (Food and Drug Administration) tests as our faucet
      daily, and we have a description of a growing problem that   plastics for other uses.) There is an additional solution:   product. We also know that most bottled water comes
      is just now being recognized. We are being overwhelmed   Drink the product offered by the local water company.  from a faucet somewhere. (There are exceptions. Some
      with plastics that don’t go away! It takes years for these      Here  in  Boca  Pointe,  we  are  serviced  by  the  Palm   bottled water comes from mineral wells. Others are reverse
      bottles to deteriorate in municipal refuse piles, and when   Beach Water Facility which pumps their water from the   filtered. These are marked as such and boast of special
      they do, they form microplastics which enter our food   Biscayne Aquifer, which runs 150 feet underground under   virtues.) We also know that the companies that sell bottled
                                                                                                           water advertise and demonstrate that by adding substances
                                                                                                           to faucet water they show you a cloudy product from the
                                     Board Of Directors                                                    faucet sample. This writer has no opinion on this magic-
                                                                                                           type demonstration, except to repeat that faucet water
                May 2021 – May 2023 Officers/Executive Committee                                           passes all the FDA tests and is continually monitored by
                                                                                                           the Palm Beach County Water Facility to maintain that
                                                                                                           level of purity.
         Chairman and President  Barry J. Haberman       District 5 Howard Weinstein (El Dorado)              We might find that the difference between a year’s
         Vice Chair         Steve Retzer                    Esplanada, Caravelle, Palomar, La Corniche,    purchase  of  the  plastic  bottle  variety  and  the  faucet
         Secretary          Steve  King                     and El Dorado                                  product represents a surprising amount of money, because
         Treasurer          Harvey  Kaplan               District 6 Connie Murray (Villa Flora)
                                                            Villa Flora, Montego Bay, Villa Del Sol, and Palladium  the amount of faucet water for oral consumption doesn’t
         District Directors                              District 7 Alan Markoff (The Plum)                increase your water bill at all.
         District 1 Mary Ann Frazier (Palms)                The Plum/Cortina, Villa Sonrisa and Pointe 100     For faucet water: $1.50/1,000 gallons
            Encantada, Valencia and The Palms            District 8 Robert Cornell (Costa Brava)              Bottle water: $5,000/1,000 gallons
         District 2 Steve King (Imperial Royale)            Costa Del Sol and Costa Brava                     There  are, of  course,  some people  who must  drink
            Promenade, Imperial Royale, Imperial, Regency   District 9 Robin Gliboff (Edgewater)           mineral  water,  or  a  multi-filtered  product  for  health
            and Panaché                                     Edgewater Pointe Estates and Stratford Court   reasons. These products are available, but even these folks
         District 3 Harvey Kaplan (Meridiana)                                                              do not need to traffic in plastic bottled water. Where else
            La Mirada and Meridiana                              At Large Directors                        can you perform a recycling plus and generate a yearly
         District 4 Michael Ehrentreu (El Viento)                                                          savings  of  50  “Benjamins”  by  merely  turning  on  the
            El Viento, La Paz, and Southwinds    Through 2023                Through 2023
                                                 Chandra Stewart-Keith (Panaché)  Barry J. Haberman (Encantada)  faucet? That’s a win-win in any language. Let’s all drink
                                                 Bob Greenstein (Lakes of La Paz)  Marvin Lazarowitz (Villa Del Sol)  to that!
                                                 Steve Retzer (La Mirada)    Carsten Bethge (Valencia)
                                                                                                              Harold Katz R.Ph., Edgewater Estates. 

                                                                                                           Nationally Recognized for
                                                                                                           Spine, Hip & Knee Surgery

                                  Your Orthopedic Care Destination

              Delray Medical Center is proud to be selected as a Blue Distinction Center for Spine   Blue Distinction Specialty Care Program
              Surgery and Knee & Hip Replacement by BlueCross BlueShield. As a nationally designated   •   Expertise in cervical & lumbar fusion, cervical laminectomy, and lumbar laminectomy /
              health care facility, Delray Medical Center passionately shows a commitment to delivering   discectomy procedures
              high-quality care, patient safety, and better health outcomes, based on objective   • Specialty in total knee and total hip replacement surgeries
              measures developed with input from the medical community and leading accreditation   •   Results in fewer patient complications and readmissions compared to other hospitals
              and quality organizations.                                           • All designated facilities must maintain national accreditation
                                                                                   •   Ambulatory Surgery Centers are required to have an advanced orthopedic certification.
              5352 LINTON BLVD., DELRAY BEACH
                              Learn more about your joint pain and how to treat it. Take our free hip and knee pain assessments
                                                     at /health-assessments.

                         Our patients have a choice, and they deserve to know how we rank against our   Maggie GIll, Chief Executive Officer
                         peers when it comes to delivering high-quality, safe care with good outcomes.  Palm Beach Health Network & Delray Medical Center
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