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      Coral Springs Could Lose a Golf Course—Hooray!

      By William A. Gralnick                                The  South  Florida Water  Management  District  has   or two, that it is a good thing. As for the development at
                                                         drawn rules for water use. Basically, they instituted a   Heron Bay, let’s paraphrase Mark Twain who is widely
         What Coral Springs is                           permitting process and the mandate to reduce water   credited with saying, “Golf is a nice walk in the park
      doing is almost unheard                            consumption by 45%. Unfortunately, I was not able to   ruined.” Let us say that taking a nice walk around the
      of in Florida. Some would                          find anything about penalties. What a shock. I remember   new development is better for you and the world than
      say it is unthinkable. I                           reading about ten years ago that Palm Beach County had   access to another golf course.
      would say great! Round                             gone a billion gallons over its limit. Then too there are      I’ve heard it said that golf is a game for those who
      two is starting on what hopefully will be the final attempt   all manner of water sources. There are natural sources   feel good about themselves—and want to change that.
      to turn a golf course, in this case, Heron Bay, into a multi-  like the Aquifer, there are wells, there is reclaimed water,   For us however, the environment is more critical than
      use development.                                   and there are municipal and county sources of water.   the psychology.
         There are a lot of golf courses in Florida. No state   Unsurprisingly, the rules shift per the source.
      has more. Florida boasts over 1,100 golf courses that      Let’s finish with the blare of horns and the pounding of      Columnist  and  author  Bill  Gralnick  was  born  and
      play host to over nearly 48 million rounds annually, with   bass drums. Florida golf courses use 187 million gallons   raised in Brooklyn, NY. He is writing a three-part
      33% by out of state visitors, 14% by non-local Florida   of  water  a  day. That  is  67%  of  all  recreational  water   humorous memoir. The first is “The War of the Itchy
      residents, and 54% by local residents.             use. In addition to that, they use 110 million gallons of   Balls and Other Tales from Brooklyn.” Just published
         Here’s a look at some nearby counties. Courses are   reclaimed water. That’s 297 million gallons of water a   is the sequel, “George Washington Didn’t Sleep Here.”
      everywhere.  Broward  has  40.  Collier  County  has  86,   day. As Tweety Bird says, “My doodnis drayshis.”  Both are available on Amazon. You can find his writing
      Miami/Dade rings in a 40. Even Monroe County/ Key      By now, you see that I favor rolling up a golf course   at 
      West has four, where any errant shot seemingly would go
      into the Atlantic or the Gulf! The king of the golf courses
      is Palm Beach County. There are one hundred and sixty
      (160) courses in the county.
         Some of them, like PGA, are internationally renowned.
      Some are just internationally known. The Trump courses
      fit there. Some of the courses are designed by the premier
      man widely acknowledged as the greatest golf course  NoN-Toxic cancer immunotherapy
      course designers in the world. One is Jack Nicklaus. The
      architect in the world, Pete Dye, designed courses in
      Florida. So has Arnold Palmer, Greg Norman, and H.S.
      Colt who has the distinction of having designed more   Available NoW
      top 100 courses in the world. Ever wonder who Donald
      here’s your answer. Ross has 400 courses to his name and  Safe and Effective!
      Ross was and why there’s a road named after him? If so,
      is eternally linked to PGA National.
         But are they beauty or beast? says   This is the Original Immunotherapy that
      the environmental impact of golf courses is “outrageous.”
      They cite arid Utah, where the half dozen or so golf   balances and optimizes your immune system to
      courses  use—clean  your  glasses  for  this  one—nine   fight almost any type of cancer.
      million gallons of water a day. They also remind us
      that golf courses are not in harmony with nature but
      domination of nature. In Florida, 250,000 acres of land   Hundreds of successes over the years.
      have been beaten, molded, raised, lowered, and mauled
      into the beauty you see. Imagine the amount of pesticide   Continuously available since 1977
      it takes to keep that land pest free. God forbid someone’s
      putt bounces off course because it bumped into a beatle.   in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island
      The billions of gallons of water wash that pesticide in a
      virtual tsunami of environmental poison, killing creatures
      and polluting water.                                                              See our website for more info:
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