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June 2022                                                      Viewpointe, Page 9
      Tax Talk

      Dear Friends:                                      Renew Your Vehicle                                you’ll hear to describe the storms, so you’ll understand the
         Each month in  Tax                                                                                difference between a Hurricane Watch and a Hurricane Warning.
      Talk,  I  provide  you  with                       Registration In Minutes                           While there is no reasoning with hurricane season, there are steps
      updates and information                                                                              you can take to prepare! You can download a copy of the guide
      about my office and our                               Just  over  a  year  ago,                      at or if you need additional
      community. My goal is to                           I  introduced  the  MV-                           copies for your community or friends and family, just submit a
      inform, educate and help                           Express  self-service                             request form at You
      you  navigate  the  many                           kiosks  in  Publix  Super                         can also find them at locations throughout Palm Beach County
      services  provided  by  my                         M arkets  throughout                              including your local library and city halls.
      office.  To ensure that I                          Palm Beach County. The
      am  delivering  valuable                           self-serve,  ATM-style                            Ask Anne: Surrendering Your
      content to you, I need your                        machines allow our clients to renew their motor vehicle
      feedback. I would appreciate it if you would answer a   registration and print their decal on the spot in just a few  Florida License Plate
      few survey questions related to Tax Talk so that my staff   minutes. Thousands of our county residents have used
      and I can understand better what we can do to continue   these  kiosks  and  I  have  been  so  pleased  to  hear  how      When do I need to surrender my license plate? You
      to make this publication a valuable resource for you.  accessible and convenient these kiosks are. I invite you   will need to surrender your Florida license plate if you are
         Please  visit  www.                             to try the kiosk next time your motor vehicle registration   moving out-of-state, getting rid of your vehicle, or canceling                                 is due for renewal – it’s the fastest option we offer! Visit   the insurance on your vehicle. If you are canceling the
      and click on the survey                   to access complete details and to   insurance, surrender the license plate first.
      link at the top of the                             find the location nearest you as we will soon be offering      Do I need to make an appointment to surrender my
      page  to  provide  your                            new locations in Palm Beach County.               license plate? No, you can surrender your Florida license plate
      feedback. The survey                                                                                 by visiting any of our six service centers. When you arrive,
      deadline is June 30.                               Prepare Now For Hurricane                         inform the check-in receptionist that you are there to surrender
      At the conclusion of                                                                                 your plate. The receptionist will provide you with a form to
      the  survey,  we  will                             Season                                            complete and they will take your plate. For a list of directions
      randomly select three submissions to receive a prize pack                                            to our service centers, visit
      featuring tax collector branded items. Be sure to include      As we enter hurricane season,            Can I surrender my plate by mail? Yes, you can mail
      your email address in the survey form so we can contact   your best defense is to plan ahead         your Florida license plate to: Tax Collector, PBC, P.O.
      you to award you the prize pack, if your entry is randomly   and prepare early. To help you          Box 3715, West Palm Beach, FL 33402-3715, along with
      selected.                                          with your advance planning, we                    a completed Surrendering a License Plate form, which is
         Thank you in advance for participating in this survey   offer a Hurricane Guide so you            available on our website,
      and for taking time to review Tax Talk each month.  can plan … prepare … protect.                       What happens if I don’t surrender my license plate?
                                             Sincerely,  Our comprehensive guide includes supply lists for your family   Failure to surrender the license plate may result in civil
                                       Anne M. Gannon,   disaster supplies kit so you can stock up before storms become a   liability, fines, and suspension of driving privileges.
                             Constitutional Tax Collector,   threat to our area, important telephone numbers and a section for
                              Serving Palm Beach County  your important information. We also break down the terminology   Important Dates And

                          SERVING thE tRI couNty aREa                                                      June 20  Juneteenth Holiday observed – Tax Collector offices
                                        My purpose is for you to be so outrageously                               closed

                                    haPPy with the service that I give you that you                        June 30  Installment Payment Plan – first payment due (to

                                                                                                                  receive discount)

                                   gladly introduce me to people that you care about,
                                          because you know that they will benefit.
                                                  Please call for consultation.

                                       Prudence J. (PJ) Carswell
                                                REALTOR EMERITUS
                                              Licensed Real Estate Advisor. Licensed CAM  Direct: (954) 242-4260  CCCC
                Resident Owner of La Mirada        and Boca Pointe Club Member

                                                                                                             Seeking Viewpointe


                                                                                                            By Lisa Cammaleri

                                                                                                               Do you have an interesting story to share?
                                                                                                               The Viewpointe is always looking for new and talented
                                                                                                            writers to submit articles on current events, the social scene,
        Scott Cohen is Here to Help!                                                                        restaurants, movies, family matters, village life, etc…
                                                                                                               We welcome news from Village Boards about activities
        Your fellow Boca Pointe Resident is available to                                                      or events in their community, which would be of interest to
        help with Property Insurance Claims to ensure                                                       Boca Pointe residents.
        your insurance company treats you fairly!                                                              Please submit your article to lisa.cammaleri@fsresidential.
                                                                                                            com for review and consideration. 
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       Policyholders who hired public adjusters for non-catastrophe claims received 574% more money than those who did not hire a P.A, Filing a claim can   boca pointe residents
                not legally affect your coverage. This is a solicitation if you have filed a claim and are happy with your settlement please disregard this advertisement.
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