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      Helping People Succeed Holds                       Hutcheson, CEO/president
                                                         of the 501(c)(3), noted
      Volunteer Appreciation Event                       how wonderful it was to
                                                         see everyone’s smiles after
      By Jackie Holfelder                                2 1/2 years.
        Volunteers!  You                                   Hutcheson was
      gotta love ’em! And                                preceded by Barbara
      Helping People                                     Essenwine, Board chair,
      Succeed showed                                     who led attendees in the
      their love for their                               Pledge of Allegiance and
      volunteers  on April                               welcomed the invitees.
      28 at a joyously                                     Lou Benson, Ph.D.,
      maskless luncheon                                  well-known  to Treasure
      held at the nonprofit’s                            Coast residents, delivered
      headquarters in Jensen                             a thought-provoking   Sallie Snyder and Jessi Lou
      Beach.                                             keynote addres s,
        In her opening  Roseann Ryba, David Wishart and   “Tomorrow’s Heroes,” which had everyone recalling people
      remarks, Suzy  Christine Sears                     that they had met throughout their lives, often in unlikely   Chris Perry, Julia Kelly, Jeanne Mackin and Dan Mackin

      Suzy Hutcheson, Paul Gargolinski, Ann Mehling, Lou Benson, Jackie Holfelder, Rob Ranieri,
      Roseann Ryba, Dave Wishart, Emmy Newman, Jill Burton, Adriana Martinez, Julie Spircoff   Suzy Hutcheson, Dale Forbes, Mary Rose Bressman, Barbara Essenwine, Jenny Yingling,
      and Glenna Parris                                                          Cher Fisher, Lee Borellis, Bonney Johnson and Glenna Parris

      Suzy Hutcheson, Laura DeBerard, Pat Hoshino, Susan Clifford, Bill Clifford, Herbie
      MacIntosh, Don MacIntosh, Julia Kelly, Chris Perry, Jeanne Mackin, Dan Mackin, Theresa   Suzy Hutcheson, Christine Sears, Kherri Anderson, Pat Novak, Cheri Vancura, Amy Whitlach,
      Woleslagle and Glenna Parris                                               Rob Whitlach, Nita Denton and Glenna Parris

                                                         ways and situations, who inspired and influenced them.  special introduction by Hutcheson and Glenna Parris,
                                                           After a luscious luncheon served by Ellie’s Deli and   gift planning officer.
                                                         graciously underwritten by Jeanine Webster and Mel Nobel,     Closing remarks by Bonney Johnson, chair of the
                                                         the volunteer recognition took place.             Foundation Board of Directors, closed out the afternoon.
                                                           Artists who are the backbone of the annual Helping     Helping People Succeed transforms lives by realizing
                                                         People Succeed Art for Living Calendar, event volunteers,   potential, creating hope and building futures through
                                                         local business leaders, staffers who go above and beyond,   education, counseling, training and employment. To learn
                                                         and operating and foundation Board members were among   more, visit
                                                         those saluted.                                                                Photos by Liz McKinley
                                                           Everyone received a personalized certificate, a
                                                         keepsake designed by Tara Biek Creative and a very   Honoring on page 11

      Suzy Hutcheson, Holly Mineo and Hub Knox

        Captain’s was established in 1980 servicing
        Palm Beach County and is a privately
        owned and managed company.
        Captain’s is committed to providing
        dependable, reliable and professional
        ground transportation to and from all
        South Florida Airports and Seaports.  PBCVH212
           To reserve your vehicle:
       561-798-2180 or 800-634-7890
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