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      Chasin A Dream from page 1

      diagnosis  has  on  a
      family’s finances. She
      based the organization
      on the premise of “locals
      helping locals” and her
      belief in transparency
      and letting people know
      exactly who they are
      helping and where their   Lori Griffith, Melissa Weidhorn
      donations are going to.
      “I truly believe if you see the faces of the children who are
      in need, and you can follow their journey, that you will want
      to get involved and make a local difference. All too often
      when you donate you have no idea where your money is
      going to, or if it even is helping. At Chasin A Dream we
      introduce the children, tell their stories, and update them                               Michelle Jackson, Kristine Amorello, Kerri Smith, Allison McCarthy,
      continually on social media and our website. We want you   Roland Veit, Christina Veit, Don Brockhaus  Emilie Wallace, Kerry Hoag
      to know them and advocate for them. We can help them
      as a community and as a community I believe we have a
      responsibility to help our children in need. It just makes us
      better and stronger together.”
        Next up for Chasin A Dream is their annual Pumpkin
      Festival held at Harbourside Place in October. For more
      information please visit

                                   Photos by Benno Klandt

                                                         Donna Hamilton, Jeri Glynn       Tanya Lorigan, Marie Norberto     Christine Romani, Chelsea Reed

      Spencer Loftus

                                                         Jaime and Roger Estrada          Kellie Kenny, Don Kenny           Lynette and Rob Miller

      Luna Perrone

                                                         Theresa Halsted, Ivy Rauscher, Annette Schumacher,   Joanne  Callahan,  Kirstin Austin,  Katherine  Shattow,
                                                         Lori Griffith                                     Nicole Newsted

                                                          Experience Dentistry with a Woman’s Touch
      Sam Kerrigan, Hilary Marino, Lori Griffith, Missy Weidhorn

                                                                        Cosmetic & Comprehensive Restorative Dentistry

                                                                              State of the Art & Same Day Restorations

                                                                             Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Sedation Available

                                                                      Joanne Green, D.D.S.

                                                                            10887 N. Military Trail, Suite 6
                                                                           Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
      Lori Griffith, Missy Weidhorn, Nancy Roth                    (561) 622-2815 •

                                                                      Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry - Cum Laude
                                                                 Hospital of the University of Penn - General Practice Residency Training
                                                                             Harvard Dental School - Former Instructor
                                                                      Boston Brigham and Women’s Dental Group - Staff Dentist
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