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      Cancer Alliance ‘Dance The Night Away’ from page 7  About Cancer Alliance Of Help & Hope, Inc.       cancer patients and their families who live and/or receive
                                                           The Cancer Alliance of Help & Hope, Inc., based in   treatment in Palm Beach County and dispersed over $5.5
      said Stanton Collemer, CEO of CAHH. “This fun and   Palm Beach, Fla., is a charitable organization dedicated   million. Cancer Alliance of Help & Hope focuses on
      exciting fundraiser helps us to expand our services and serve   to improving the quality of life of local children, women   assisting patients with their ordinary living expenses such
      more cancer patients and their families in our community.”   and men and their families, who are touched by cancer   as rent and mortgage, utilities, auto and health insurance,
        Proceeds from the event benefit underprivileged families   by providing need-based financial assistance, information   car payments, food and other basic necessities.
      dealing with cancer while they are undergoing chemotherapy   resources and access to services and support groups in     For more information, please visit or call
      and/or radiation treatments.                       our community. CAHH seeks to provide respite to those   (561) 748-7227.
        Sponsors included: Academy for Nursing and Health   receiving a devastating cancer diagnosis. As a 501(c)(3)         Photos by Annie Watt Photography
      Occupations, Chris and Mike Cox, Lois and Ray Richards,   formed in 2003, the organization has helped thousands of
      Janet and Mark Levy, Frances Yu, David Sarama and David
      Drennen, Gail Worth and Memorial Healthcare System.

       Helping Smart But

       Scattered Kids

        By Jim Forgan, Ph.D.,
        Licensed School
          Executive functioning                          Camilla Webster, Cheryl  Patricia Flanigan, Cindy   Laura Tanne, Cristina  Yuliya Ishchak, David
        is an umbrella term for                          McKee                   Coslick                   Madden                  McClymont
        many different activities
        of the brain that
        orchestrate goal-directed
        a c t i o n . E xe c ut i v e
        functions include your
        child’s ability to: focus,
        decide what is important,
        set goals, use prior knowledge, initiate action, manage
        time, self-monitor performance, use self-restraint, and
        remain flexible.
          Imagine you have an 8-year-old son and he is a hot
        mess. When he arrives home from school he leaves his
        shoes in the middle of the kitchen and his book bag
        in the middle of the foyer. At some point he makes
        himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The bread
        bag is left open, the lid is off the peanut butter jar, a   Anastasia Kuzmich, Tony Dovolani, David Deberard, Mayor   Tony Dovolani, Laura Martin, Max McNamara, Anastasia
        sticky knife slathered with peanut butter and drips of   Danielle Moore                            Kuzmich, Amando Martin
        jelly are on the counter. When you find him gaming,
        there’s a sea of crumbs on his chair and the family
        dog has licked his plate clean. This boy has executive
        functioning difficulties.
          Executive functions help modulate our attention,
        effort, and emotion so that we can plan, organize, and
        respond independently, consistently, and predictably.
        Having well developed executive functions helps
        children regulate their behavior in social settings and
        their output on academic tasks. These are smart kids
        who get the big picture but lack follow-through on
        many important details. Your child might need you to
        act as his or her executive assistant.
          To help your child provide scaffolding of skills which
        provide temporary supports as your child’s executive
        functioning skills evolve. Do enough to support but   Max McNamara, Anastasia Kuzmich              Champagne ladies
        not enable your child. Second, help create systems
        of support such as checklists, technology reminders,
        following a consistent schedule, and organizing
        materials. Third, sustain your child’s strengths as our   CAMPBELL AND KARLIK, P.A.
        strengths often become our careers and passions in life.
        Learn more in my book The Disorganized, Impulsive                            ATTORNEYS AT LAW
        Child:  Solutions  for  Parenting  Kids  with  Executive
        Functioning Difficulties.
          Executive  functioning  difficulties  often  co-occur
        with ADHD and learning disabilities. We can test your                  Wills • Trusts • Estate Planning • Probate
        child’s executive functioning and provide specific
        solutions to help at home and in school. Dr. Forgan is                   Taxation • Real Estate • Corporations
        a licensed school psychologist and certified dyslexia
        testing specialist and can help you at (561) 625-4125

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