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VOL. 32 NO. 6                                    FAX 561-624-9088 • E-MAIL                                            JUNE 2022

      PGA POA Annual Assessment Time

         It is important that you                        the bottom of the coupon, shown here as XXXXX, are      2) Fill in all required fields including First Name, Last
      make note that a new bank                          your personal Property Account Number).           Name, Email, Phone No.
      is being used. We are happy                                                                             3) Create a password.
      to report that you can now                         Online Account Creation                              4) Select your security questions and answers.
      pay by credit card. Also,                                                                               5) Read and accept the website Terms and Conditions
      if you bank on line (i.e.                          And Payment Quick                                 and select “Setup Account.”
      by computer) or you were                                                                             Identifying Your Property
      previously  set  up  for  the                      Reference Guide                                      To add or delete property information and to schedule
      annual assessment to be                                                                              or make one-time payments from your user account:
      automatically deducted from                           To set up an account and/or make an online payment,      1) Select “My Properties” from the home page
      a bank account you selected,                       please have your  Management Company ID (7730),   dashboard or Menu dropdown.
      you will now need to re-                           Association ID (0111) and Property Account Number         a. Properties can also be added from the Setup
      establish your directives. The mailing address where you   (encoded after zeros on bottom of coupon).   Scheduled Payments page by selecting “+ Add a Property”
      send your payment and the directions for same have changed.     The Online Payment Site Link is http://pay.  under the Select a Property section.
         Please see the below information for setting up your     2)  Fill in  the Management Company ID (7730),
      account and paying your PGA POA annual assessment   Creating A User Account                          Association ID (0111) and Property Account Number for
      with  Alliance Association  Bank.  Please note  that  the      To retain payment history and schedule payments, a   the property (found on your payment coupon).
      “PROPERTY ACCOUNT NUMBER” referred to below        user account in the online payment system is required.     3) Create a nickname for the property (if desired).
      is encoded on the bottom of the coupon. It will show 7730      1) Select “Setup Account” under the New Users section
      0111 000000000000XXXXX … (i.e. the five numbers on   on the account login page.                      PGA POA Annual Assessment Time on page 2
       Commissioner’s Update

      Hurricane Preparedness 2022                           Start building your hurricane kit with the Official Palm Beach   information is
                                                         County Hurricane Planning Guide, which you can find at https://  protected and is
      By Commissioner                             not to be used for
      Maria Marino                                       For any additional information, or if you do not have Internet   any other purpose.
         June 1 is the official start                    access, contact the Emergency Information Center at (561)      Y ou can
      of the Atlantic hurricane                          712-6400. The guide is a comprehensive source for “everything-  download the
      season,  and researchers at                        you-need-to-know” about being prepared in the event of a   Pa l m   B e a c h
      Colorado State University                          storm. It includes checklists for supplies, and questions to ask   County Disaster
      have predicted an above-                           yourself about the condition of your home, or if you are located   Awareness and
      average season, with 19                            in a mandatory evacuation area. If so, the guide also includes   Recovery Tool
      named storms and nine                              transportation and shelter information, what you should do to   (DART) app on
      hurricanes. Of the nine                            secure your home, and what to bring with you.     your smartphone
      storms, they have forecast                            Your plan should include a kit of essentials for sheltering   to track evacuation zones, shelter open/closed status, damage
      that four will become major                        in place, that includes nonperishable food, health and first-aid   assessment information, and many other features to help you
      hurricanes considered categories 3, 4 or 5, with a wind   supplies, paper goods, a full prescription of your required   during a disaster.
      range of 111 to 157 mph and beyond. A Category 3 or   medications, a waterproof container to store important      Be well, and be prepared. If I can assist you, please contact
      higher storm can cause catastrophic property damage and   documents, cleaning supplies, tools, candles, flashlights, and   me at (561) 355-2201 or by email at
      power outages, forcing residents out of their homes for   batteries. Also, remember to prepare a kit for your pets.
      days to months.                                       Now is the time to prune your yard vegetation and perform
         While these may be sobering statistics, particularly for   warning is issued there is no certainty that your hauler will  Spring Was In
                                                         your major tree cutting, because once a storm watch or
      new residents who are largely unfamiliar with hurricanes,
      you have many resources available through Palm Beach   be able to collect your yard trimmings. Additionally, if you
      County’s Division of Emergency Management. Personal   batteries, propane tanks, or fuel, dispose of them properly  The Air Recently
                                                         have expired hurricane supplies that may include power tool
      preparedness can help you keep your family safe and
      property secure, and this was the emphasis at the 36th   at any of the Solid Waste Authority Home Chemical and
      Annual Governor’s Hurricane Conference held recently   Recycling Centers. The North County Transfer Station is      The wildlife families you share PGA National
      in West Palm Beach. Experts from FEMA reported that   located at 14185 North Military Trail, Jupiter, 33458, and you   with are growing up quickly. There are turtles, birds,
      there exists an “epidemic of complacency.” Very simply, if   can find additional information at Home Chemical Disposal,   squirrels and other animals on and along the roads.
      people do not perceive a risk, they do not prepare. Through   Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County, Fla., (   Please slow down so that no one’s family members are
      proper preparation, navigating through an emergency   or by calling (561) 697-2700 or (866) SWA-INFO (toll-free).   lost (especially human but also our furred, flippered
      event and the recovery that follows is more effective.     Register now for Palm Beach County’s Emergency   or feathered friends too!)
                                                                                 Notification System, better      Thank you for keeping PGA National a safe place
                                                                                 known as  AlertPBC by      to live.
                                                                                 dem and click on this image.
                                                                                 AlertPBC allows you to opt
                                                                                 in to receive notice via phone
                                                                                 calls, text messaging, emails
                                                                                 and more, about city/county
                                                                                 or weather safety hazards
                                                                                 or concerns. All registered
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