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      Telling Your Age                                                Boca Pointe Community Association, Inc.

      By Judith Levy                                             6909 SW 18th St., Suite A120  A special Thank You to our monthly volunteer contributing writers
                                                                   Boca Raton, FL 33433
         Whose business is it how                           Office (561) 395-7551 Fax (561) 395-5936  Steve Handwerker  Anne Gannon  Steven L. Abrams
      old you are? If you want to                               Website:   Judith Levy      Elyse Weintraub Brown Arthur Dermer
                                                                                              Dr. Ronald J. Meyers Hillary Reynolds
                                                                                                                                 Alan Arnold
      tell it, go ahead, but if you                                                           Lisa Sileo       Oris Martin       William A. Gralnick
      don’t it’s your choice to keep                       Access Control                     Rayna Becker     Robert Weinroth   Yishai Mizrahi
                                                           Operator: (561) 395-3392
      it under cover if you wish.                          Voice mail system: (561) 395-3369  Halli Moore      Justin Mocha      Milagros Gutierrez de Herrera
      When I met my husband, he                            Website:        Harold Katz      Barry J. Haberman
      asked how old I was. I had                           Staff                              Harriet Rubin    Peter Sachs
      no trouble about revealing                           Kathleen O’Donovan, General Manager
      my age so I told him thirty-                         Lisa Cammaleri, Assistant Manager
      four. Later he asked to see my driver’s license. I thought he   Yvonne Rivera, Administrative Assistant
      wanted to know if I were a safe driver and my license said in   Justin Mocha, Director of Security
                                                                                                 The views of the writers of the various articles in this newspaper do not
      bold letters SAFE DRIVER. But that wasn’t why he wanted     Viewpointe of Boca Pointe is the newspaper     necessarily reflect the views of the Boca Pointe Community Association.
      to see my license, he wanted to check to see if I was telling   of Boca Pointe Community Association, Inc.   The Association nor the individual writers are not responsible for claims or
      him the truth about my age, which of course I was. After that   Please  direct  all  questions,  comments  or   promises contained in any advertising material appearing in the Viewpointe.
      he would believe anything I told him, so that worked in my   articles for Viewpointe to lisa.cammaleri@  Such claims and promises are the sole responsibility of the individual
      favor, especially when I said I had a headache.                 advertiser.
         My grandfather would say, if someone owes you money
      and they give it to you, you count it in front of them. But, if
      they give you a gift, you go in the other room and count it.
      Years are a gift, he said, and shouldn’t be counted in front
      of anyone. How do you feel about that?
         I never had a problem about age, but now that I’m in my
      eighties, I feel reluctant to reveal my age, and resentful when
      anyone asks, almost as though discussing it will bring on an
      evil eye.
         I tell myself I look great for a woman my age. I’m still up
      for a night out, a lovely dinner and a good joke. I don’t feel
      old and my youthful outlook belies my age. So how are you
      doing? Have you settled into being an old man or woman, or
      are you still game for a good night out and having fun. I’m
      not suggesting you drive at night, or give up wearing your
      hearing aid, but how old do you feel inside? I still feel ready
      to grab life like I’m a lot younger than I’ve admitted and
      that’s what counts, even though the candles on my birthday
      cake could set off a fire alarm. I’m not a great-grandmother
      yet, but I’m hoping to get there.

         Judith Levy is the New York Times best-selling author of
      GRANDMOTHER REMEMBERS, which has sold over four
      million copies and the mega best-seller GRANDFATHER
      REMEMBERS, published by HarperCollins. Both books are
      available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

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        on the golf course or golf cart
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        the paths are for golf carts

          Thank you for cooperating with The Club's

        policy. 

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