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      Magen David Adom Stories From The Ground

      By Yishai Mizrahi                                  particular, is not just any race car game, and is complete
                                                         with the challenges a driver must be exposed to while
         Dear Friends, I come to                         operating the vehicle. It’s claustrophobic, shaky, noisy,
      you this month to share my                         and civilians and cars do not pull over to the right as we
      recent trip to Israel, where                       are used to here in the USA.
      I visited various Magen                               Next, we visited Mt. Meron for a full-scale training
      David Adom stations, the                           drill in the north. Thousands were expected for the Lag
      New Marcus Blood Center,                           B’Omer Holiday Celebrations that week. The year before,
      and MDA facilities around                          100,000 people had gathered in Mt. Meron to celebrate
      the country.  The Study                            at  the  burial  site  of  Rav  Shimon  Bar Yochai.  During
      Mission  was  an  effort  to                       the annual celebrations, 45 people were killed due to a
      hear the “news from the                            trampling incident, and 150 were injured, making it the
      ground” of Magen David Adom, and to share those stories   deadliest civil disaster in the history of the State of Israel.
      with donors here in Boca – Delray, and to people like you,   Due to MDA efforts the year before and pre-positioning,
      the residents of Boca Pointe.                      many  lives  were saved. This  year,  MDA  wanted  even
         I’d like to share with you 3 key visits.        more preparation and training. MDA launched a full-  MDA Paramedic and Spokesperson sharing updates on
         We visited the Bloomberg Jerusalem MDA station,   scale drill, metering participants to the site, and bringing   Ambulance equipment in Bloomberg Jerusalem Station
      the headquarters of MDA’s operations in the Jerusalem   in Mobile Command Centers, extra ambulances and the
      Region. Here we met with the head of the Jerusalem   Fire Department to coordinate the drill. During this all-  all Israeli hospitals, and
      MDA Region who explained the day-to-day operations of   hands-on deck training, I even met Uzi, the paramedic   the entire Israel Defense
      the largest and busiest region in the country. We learned   driver of the 2013 Boca Pointe Community Sponsored   Forces (IDF). In turn, 25%
      that Bloomberg Station also houses MDA’s Human Milk   Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU), who shared his warm   of Israel’s blood supply
      Bank, which is the repository for all of the banked breast   regards and a heartfelt thank you to YOU, for sponsoring   comes from the IDF.
      milk for the State of Israel. This is most often used for   this piece of equipment, which has saved thousands of      For more stories and
      premature and NICU babies who can only digest this type   lives during its service life.             updates from my recent trip
      of energy source during                               Finally, we visited the new Marcus Blood Center. This   to Israel and the lifesaving
      their early development.                           magnificent facility is built for the Israel of tomorrow,   work of Magen David
         Also inside Bloomberg                           and will double the capacity of Israel’s blood supply.   Adom, OR, if you or family
      Station is a training                              The facility is terror proof, missile proof, and earthquake   members will be in Israel
      department for paramedics                          proof, and is a strategic national asset for the State of   and would like to tour our
      and EMT’s to practice                              Israel. We were told that in the current National Blood   facilities and see MDA’s
      their skills on full-size                          Center, during times of rocket and missile fire, MDA has   work up close, please  Uzi, Driver and Paramedic on
      dummies, experience life-                          to shut down blood processing in order to put staff into   call:  Yishai Mizrahi –  Boca Pointe 2013 Sponsored
      like scenes of distress,                           safe areas, as the facility was not rocket or terror proof.   Director of Major Gifts  MICU
      and train in an ambulance                          This will no longer be an issue in the new Marcus National   for American Friends of
      driving simulator. All of                          Blood Services Center.                            Magen David Adom in Boca Raton / Delray Beach at
      these training areas are                              While the building is nearly finished and will open   561.571.6112 or email On behalf
      life-size  and  life-like  so                      fully by this winter, equipping the Marcus Blood Center   of the People of Israel, and the 27,000 paramedics, EMT’s
      those in training gain a  MDA  Ambulance  Driving   is now what’s needed most. Newer and larger quantities   and emergency personnel working on the front lines to
      real life understanding of  Simulator              of blood processing equipment are urgently needed to   save lives for Magen David Adom, we thank you for your
      each scene, learning how to                        increase the capacity of the blood center, and to save lives.   support and the consideration. 
      decipher the situation, and deliver first in class emergency   Magen David Adom, Israel’s National Emergency Medical
      medical care. I can tell you, the ambulance simulator in   and Ambulatory Service, is the sole blood supplier to

                                                         Continuing the journey to enhance your

                                                         healthcare experience in Boca Raton

              At West Boca Medical Center, we are committed to enhancing the care and service we provide our
              patients by giving our surgeons and staff access to the latest technologies.

              START HEALING                                                      EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS AND INCREASING SATISFACTION
              At Boca Center for Orthopedics and Spine Care we are committed to helping you   At Boca Center for Women’s Care, we provide new moms the privacy and peace
              find the right treatment to get you back to living a healthy, active, independent life.  of mind they deserve. We offer:
                                                                                 •   24/7/365 OB/GYN Laborists—specialized OB/GYN physicians on-site for
              •  Separate private entryway within our Medical Surgical unit       unexpected emergencies
              •  8 patient rooms (6 private and 2 semi-private)                  •  Level III Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) for high-risk pregnancies and neonatal
              •  New orthopedically designed  walk-in showers                     care—the highest level in the state and the only Level III NICU in Boca Raton
              •  Dedicated staff and Orthopedic Nurse Navigator                  •  NICVIEW Live Streaming Cameras—the only hospital in South Palm Beach
              •  Upgraded furniture                                               County and North Broward County to offer views of your infant in real-time,
              •  Advanced technology                                              24/7, through a secure on-line portal
                   •  MAKO Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgical Surgery System          •  Maternity Navigator—available to guide patients through the birthing process
                   •  CORI Surgical System                                       •  Lactation Consultants
                                                                                 •  Aromatherapy, a Celebration Breakfast, and a Postpartum Snack Pack

                           To learn more or to find a doctor, please visit
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