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      What A Hoot!

      By William A. Gralnick                             experienced. The two best ones were the longest (spring   no more than four inches high, beaking around in the
                                                         and fall), while summer and winter usually moderate   grass  between  two  driveways. As  we  approached,  he
         I’ve always loved                               ended before their seasonal counterparts up north. In   effortlessly jumped (yes, I know, flew is the right word,
      listening to birds. When                           addition, when I lived in Atlanta, the mid-70s, Atlanta had   but it looked like a giant hop) to the top of a car. There I
      I was a kid, I waited                              the most trees per square mile of any city in the nation.   got up close and personal. It was an owl. I haven’t looked
      impatiently for the return                         That, friends, is what I’d call bird heaven. Even some   him up yet. I don’t know if it was a baby owl or a small
      of the Robin. They’d show                          birds I knew, like Chickadees, thrushes, and woodpeckers,   variety like the burrowing owl. He had a certain je ne sais
      up around the time that the crocuses were pushing their way   had cousins who looked different.      quoi about him. We looked at each other like we were
      into the not quite yet spring air. Their trill portended good      The birds didn’t seem as diverse in Boulder, Colorado,   new experiences to each of us. I don’t know how many
      things like getting back out on the street to play.  my next stop. That could’ve been because there was little   humans he’d been this close to; I’d never been that close
         As I grew up and moved around, I realized that   diversity in the trees. Aspens were everywhere, as were   to an owl. He had those amazing owl eyes that see forever
      different places had different birds.  The sights and   pine trees. Then I got here. I fell in love with pelicans. I   distances. His facial feathers formed a frame for his eyes.
      sounds of the birds in Washington, DC, where I went   loved egrets and herons, even though after 30 years, I’m   Interested in me as he was, he was more interested in food,
      to  college  and  graduate  school,  were  different  than   still not sure which is which. Flamingos are the cat’s   so his head was constantly turning. Owl’s heads are on
      those in Brooklyn. It was a slightly warmer climate. It   meow of birds. I’ve even seen a flock of Sandhill Cranes,   a swivel, it seems. He looked so far over his shoulders
      had a myriad of trees. Pushing a little further into the   a sight I fear my grandchildren will not see because of   that I knew if I tried that dislocation would be what the
      Shenandoah Valley, became a paradise of watching and   their drastically reduced numbers. While shy, they seem   EMT’s would be dealing with.
      listening. It’s a forest that abuts up against a river that   pretty composed. If you’re quiet and calm, you can get      The conclusion? Look and listen. Boca Pointe has
      has seven bends if I remember correctly. The birds are so   up relatively close and see the majesty they project.  more to offer than food, groups, and swimming pools. It
      plentiful and diverse that I found a long-playing record      But all this leads up to a recent experience in Boca   has a way of touching your soul if you let it.
      (remember those?) of the valley’s birds at a gift shop in   Pointe. I love walking the dog in the morning and the
      Shenandoah National Park (remember those?). My mom   evening because the birds are calling “good morning!”      Columnist  and  author  Bill  Gralnick  was  born  and
      loved birds. I bought it for her. She hated it. Oh well.  and “have a good night” to each other. The trees sing out.   raised in Brooklyn, NY. He is writing a three-part
         My next stop was Johnstown, Pa. There were birds, but   We have a resident red-headed woodpecker who I think   humorous memoir. The first is “The War of the Itchy
      seemingly fewer. I’d attribute that to the coal and steel   has banged his head a few too many times. Sometimes   Balls and Other Tales from Brooklyn.” Just published
      industries creating wicked air pollution. Once however   instead of pecking the trees, he alights on the roof and   is the sequel, “George Washington Didn’t Sleep Here.”
      one got up into the Georgia Mountains that all changed.   taps out machine gun-like sounds on the gutters. What he   Both are available on Amazon. You can find his writing
      Forests and birds go together.                     gets out of that, I don’t know, but from the length of time   at 
         Then it was off to Atlanta, Ga. Now I was in a state   he does it, he must know something about gutters I don’t.
      whose seasons were quite different from what I’d      The  other night came  the  piece  de resistance. As
                                                         dog and I took our evening walk, I spied a little bird,
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