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      Meet Your Next Door Neighbor

      Catching up with Boca Pointe                       Q: What’s the best part about living at Edgewater?  fabulous; and you are friends with them after you move in,
      residents who moved to                               really taken care of for the rest of your life. I’m living   it’s not just a business deal. Everyone makes you feel very
                                                           Frankie: The social part is the biggest thing, and you’re
      Edgewater at Boca Pointe                           independently but if anything happens, if I need assisted   Q: Describe what life is like at your new community. What
                                                         living later, they take care of you. My son came down to   do you enjoy?
      By Lisa Sileo                                      check it out with me. He was very impressed right away.      Frankie: You can do anything you want. I am an early
                                                         He chatted with a couple of women in the lobby and asked   riser, and there’s a group of us who meet in the lobby
         “It’s a fabulous place, I should have done this years   how they liked it. They were younger than me and happy   in the morning. We chat over coffee about everything
      ago!” said Frankie Ross who moved into her beautifully   with everything. They convinced us this was a great place   from clothing to politics, it’s just great. There are singles
      renovated one-bedroom Edgewater at Boca Pointe     to live. We made a deposit right away.            and those with spouses, everyone is very friendly here.
      apartment last December.                           Q: Tell us about your move-in experience?         Sometimes I eat lunch at the bistro and café. If you don’t
      Frankie used to live in                               Frankie: I downsized to a one-bedroom, but it’s enough   want to have dinner with company you can have it delivered
      Montego Bay at Boca                                space for me. I only really used three rooms in my old home:   at your apartment. I go to exercise classes about three days
      Pointe Country Club.                               my bedroom, kitchen and den. Here I still have a kitchen   a week, some people go every day. I love the group fitness
         We caught up with                               and dining area and my bedroom, it’s not much different.   classes. They also have rehab right here, a beauty parlor
      Frankie to ask her what                            I’m very comfortable here. If you need more storage space,   and nail salon. I still drive and this area is perfect for me
      it was like to move to                             there’s a gated bin in the community that works out very   because I go to all the same stores I used to when I lived
      Edgewater at Boca Pointe                           well. Moving in was easy. Edgewater suggested a relocation   next door at Boca Pointe.
      and what she’s up to now.                          company called A Time To Move. They help you decide   Q: Do you have any advice as a new resident of Edgewater
      Q: Why did you move in?                            what pieces of furniture will fit in your new space, then   at Boca Pointe?
         Frankie: I was happy                            pack and move everything. It worked out perfectly!     It’s a fabulous place. I should have done this years ago!
      in my home but it was really lonesome.  With the      My son came down to help me move but he didn’t have   I’m never lonely and have so many friends. I’m 91, but there
      COVID-19 pandemic, and when you’re single, it’s hard.   to do much. The moving company even made up my bed   are women here in their 60s, 70s and 80s. Some residents
      My children live far away. It was very quiet in my home.   for the first night and left a gorgeous basket of breakfast   have lived here 25 years! They take care of you for the rest
      A few of my friends moved to Edgewater at Boca Pointe.   items, snacks and orange juice. I also received a beautiful   of your life, it’s a perfect setup. I really don’t have to worry;
      I made a decision to try it, and I am so happy I did!   orchid plant. The ladies in the sales office are absolutely   everything is taken care of. I’m very happy! 
       The Inevitable And Vital Need For Fresh Water

      By Steve Handwerker                                state were being seriously compromised until a bipartisan effort   matters to restore the attention, focus and enforcement of clean
                                                         was generated to attack this crisis head on in the Clean Water Act.   water measures in order to restore our states’ and nation’s
         In 1972 A Clean Water                           This law made it illegal to dump pollutants from any designated   priority on clean fresh water. Clean water is a fundamental
      Act was passed which offered                       source into our nation’s waters without a federal permit, which   condition for survival as a species and for the well being
      a time of hope for American                        would limit what could be dumped. Local governments were   of the planet. Can you please take action to have a voice in
      Rivers. Many years ago, before                     required to create cleanup plans to reduce pollution in order to   the public forum to protect our bodies and supplies of fresh
      this act, it was common practice                   bring bodies of water back to health. This has precipitated many   water?? Thank you for listening!!
      to dump sewage and pollutants                      benefits for human and wildlife populations.
      into rivers and streams all                           This single law keeps approximately 700 + billion pounds      Steven E. Handwerker Ph.D. D.div, RM
      over the country. Industrial                       of pollutants out of our water. This precious act has been under      Board Certified Licensed Psychologist
      pollutants and waste from farms were destroying the life in rivers   attack in recent years through apathy and negligence on the      50 years experience
      and streams and even flood preventing wetlands. Hundreds of   part of citizens and governmental bodies as well. We the people
      thousands of acres were destroyed yearly. The rivers in every   need to take action through awareness and having a voice that      Books and Blogs 

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