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      Soroptimist Of Stuart Kicks

      Off New Year At Installation

      By Jackie Holfelder
         June 16 was
      a significant date
      for Soroptimist
      International of Stuart
      as members attended
      the annual installation
      dinner that kicks off
      an exciting new year
      for the nonprofit.                                 Mary Jo Horton and Marie Kennedy  Marie Kennedy and Elizabeth Lenihan  Elizabeth Lenihan, Marie Kennedy and Jill Keegan
         T h e  i nc o m i n g
      Southern Region                                    her deep commitment to Soroptimist for over 60 years and for
      Governor, Kathy                                    sharing her invaluable knowledge of “all things Soroptimist.”
      Blanton, conducted  Marney McKee and Glenna Parris     Incoming officers are:
      the ceremony at the                                • President – Mary Ann Searle
      headquarters of Helping People Succeed in Jensen Beach.   • Secretary – Paula Austin
         The President’s Award was given to Suzy Hutcheson and   • Treasurer – Sherry Douds
      Glenna Paris and Helping People Succeed for their amazing   • Assistant Treasurer – Margaret Bromfield
      support during the club year, hosting meetings and providing   • Parliamentarian – Mary Jo Horton
      technical support for Zoom when necessary. Outgoing      You can read Soroptimist of Stuart’s wrap-up for the
      President Marie Kennedy also recognized Mary Jo Horton for   2021/22 year and exciting plans for 2022/23 in the Aug. 1
                                                         edition of Luminaries.
                  tip oF                                    For information, visit  Mary Jo Horton and Marie Kennedy
                                                            Photos provided by Soroptimist International of Stuart

              thE tail

      Heatstroke                                                                                                You’re Retired

                                                                                                                Your Money Isn’t.

                                                                                                                 To learn why consolidating your
                                                                                                                 retirement accounts to Edward Jones
                                                                                                                 makes sense, contact your Edward
                                                                                                                 Jones  nancial advisor today.
         South Florida is known for sunshine and hot summer days,
      but the heat carries risk for both pets and people. Heatstroke is
      when a dog’s body temperature rises above the normal body
      temperature of 100 to 102.2 degrees, with anything above         Sally S Stahl, AAMS®             
                                                                                                                           P I S   r e

      105 degrees being a true emergency. Dogs are much more           Financial Advisor
      susceptible to heatstroke than people because they do not        1851 W Indiantown Rd Ste 106
      sweat as effectively to cool off. Humans have sweat glands       Jupiter, FL 33458
      all over their body, however, dogs only have sweat glands        561-748-7600
      in their paw pads. A dog’s main method to eliminate excess
      heat is panting. As moisture evaporates from a dog’s mouth
      it cools the body. This article will discuss the common signs
      of heatstroke, how heatstroke can be prevented, and first aid
      for heatstroke once it occurs.
         Your dog is playing at the beach on a hot summer day. What
      do you need to watch for to make sure your pet is not overheating?
      What are factors that would make your pet more prone to heat
      related injury? The first signs of overheating include excess
      panting and drooling. As the body temperature rises additional
      signs of heatstroke can include difficulty breathing, vomiting,
      diarrhea, weakness, incoordination, stumbling, collapse, and
      seizures. If any of these signs are noted, quickly get your pet
      out of the sun and take measures to cool them off. You need to
      be especially mindful of the signs of overheating if your pet is
      brachycephalic (dogs with short noses such as French bulldogs or
      pugs), if your pet is overweight, older, or has a history of heart or
      lung disease. All of these factors can make your pet more prone
      to heatstroke. Heatstroke can quickly turn deadly for your pet,
      so monitoring your pet for signs of overheating is lifesaving.
         There are several ways to prevent heatstroke. On hot humid
      days, do not leave your pet outside unsupervised. Make sure
      that when your dog is playing you provide plenty of water
      and shade. Encourage your pet to cool off in a pool or pour
      water over them. In the summer months, do long walks or
      jogs in the morning or evening hours when it is cooler. If you
      have a pet prone to heat stroke such as an older, overweight
      bulldog, keep your pet inside on hot days except for short
      bathroom breaks. Finally, never leave your pet in a closed car.
      The temperature can quickly rise in a parked car turning into
      a dangerous situation in a short amount of time. Heatstroke
      can be deadly, so prevention is important.
         What should you do if you feel your dog is overheating?
      First, bring them inside in the air conditioning, or put them
      in the shade if air conditioning is not available. Offer them
      cool, not cold water to drink. Take a rectal temperature and
      if it is above 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit cover them in towels

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