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      From The Desk Of Palm Beach County

      Mayor Robert S. Weinroth: Your Taxes Are Lower!

      Robert Weinroth, a former                          of County Commissioners will hold two public hearings at      The best way to stay safe at the beach is to always swim
      member of the Boca Raton                           Governmental Center, 301 N. Olive Ave., West Palm Beach.  near lifeguards and avoid swimming alone. Look for any
      City Council, was elected                             The public is invited to attend the following budget   warning signs or flags, and if you are unsure about conditions
      as a Palm Beach County                             workshops:                                        follow the rule “If in doubt, do not go out.”
      Commissioner  to  replace                             • Sept. 13 at 5:05 p.m.                           If you see someone caught in a rip current, always get
      Steven Abrams,  who                                   • Sept. 20 at 5:05 p.m.                        help from a lifeguard! Many people have died trying to rescue
      retired  due to  term limits                          During these challenging times, nearly every household,   rip current victims.
      requirements.                                      business and community in our county has had to make      Free State Park Admission. Your county or municipal
         Tax  Rate  Lowered. I                           difficult decisions. With that in mind, I will continue to work   library card could be one of the most powerful tools in your
      am pleased to announce                             to control spending while providing improved services in an   summer toolbox. Now through Sept. 12, residents are invited
      that the Board of County                           efficient and innovative manner.                  to use their library card for free admission to one of Florida’s
      Commissioners approved a                              Scam Caller Alert. According to the Palm Beach County   175 state parks. In Palm Beach County, that includes the John
      lower tax (millage) rate for the first time in 15 years. The   Sheriff’s Office, a scam caller is contacting the community   D. MacArthur and Jonathan Dickinson parks!
      2023 rate will be reduced from 4.78 to 4.71 per $1,000 of   and claiming to be a PBSO deputy.           For more information, visit https://www.floridastateparks.
      taxable value for all commercial and residential properties.      Investigators say the scam caller is urging callers that a   org/RealFloridaReader.
         This will help offset the recent increases in appraised   family member has a warrant for their arrest due to a missing      Nonprofit Spotlight: JARC. JARC Florida is a local
      values the local real estate market has experienced over the   court date. The scammer will ask for money and request a   nonprofit located in Boca Raton that provides group homes,
      past year.                                         payment to rectify the warrant, or threaten to send a deputy   apartments, case management and vocational training for
         Additionally, with the current economic challenges, this   to the resident’s home to conduct an arrest.  adults with developmental disabilities. They also offer
      was a prudent decision since we were able to balance the      If you receive a similar call, hang up and report it to   gardening, drama classes, nutrition education and more.
      budget without any cuts to programs or services.   PBSO.                                                Their mission is to promote independence, dignity and
         The proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2023 is $6.7 billion,      Rip Current Safety. Rip currents are intense, quick-  self-respect to create more fulfilling lives. Their unique
      which represents an 11 percent increase over Fiscal Year   moving  water  channels  moving away  from  shore  and   training facilities offer various vocational training services
      2022. Priorities include affordable and workforce housing,   account for more than 80 percent of beach rescues. It can be   in mail fulfillment, culinary, maintenance and computer
      economic development, infrastructure, environmental   dangerous and deadly if you are unaware on how to react.   technology skills.
      protection and public safety.                      If You Get Caught In A Rip Current:                  Currently, JARC operates 10 group homes in the Boca
         We were also able to increase the county’s reserve funds      • stay calm, rip currents don’t pull you under;  Raton and Delray Beach area and offers apartment living
      for emergencies such as hurricanes or other natural disasters      • don’t swim against the current;  for those who do not require 24-hour supervision. For more
      to $226 million from $189 million in Fiscal Year 2019.      • swim out of the current in the direction following the   information, visit
      These reserves ensure the county’s AAA bond rating and   shoreline;                                     If you are interested in having Mayor Weinroth speak at
      competitive interest rates, resulting in lower debt payments      • if you feel worn out – float;    a community, condo or homeowner association event, please
      and substantial taxpayer savings.                     • wave and yell to get the attention of lifeguards and   contact our office at (561) 355-2204 or email RWeinroth@
         As part of its Fiscal Year 2023 budget process, the Board   people on shore.            
      Flu Vaccination May Guard Against Alzheimer’s Dementia

      By Steven E. Reznick,                             quick to point out that possibly those who took flu shots   a chain reaction release of chemicals which can trigger
      M.D., FACP                                        were more health conscious leading to less development   an ongoing allergic reaction for up to 14 days.
         While it is early summer                       of Alzheimer’s disease.                               The product’s mineral bentonite coating was
      here in  North America,                              Further research is warranted but this study provides   compared to an existing product using hydroxypropyl
      most primary care practices                       an additional incentive to obtain your flu shot this fall.  methylcellulose in protecting against allergic symptoms
      have already ordered their                        Over The  Counter  Bentrio Approved  For Allergic   after exposure to a known pollen. The Bentrio provided
      influenza vaccine for the                         Rhinitis                                           similar relief over a four-hour period. Expect to see this
      fall of 2022. Our practice                           With the warmer weather and outdoor activities comes   product on the counters of U.S. stores this coming fall.
      will be using the “senior”                        more exposure to nasal allergy symptoms. Recently      Dr. Reznick is board certified in internal medicine, with
      high dose quadrivalent                            the FDA approved an over-the-counter nasal barrier   added qualifications in geriatrics, and has been voted a
      vaccine for patients 65                           spray to combat inhaled nasal allergies. Called Bentrio,   “Top Doc” by his peers. To schedule a complimentary
      years of age and older as                         it sprays a clay mineral bentonite which is drug-free,   meeting with Dr. Reznick to discuss his personalized
      recommended  by  the ACIP  (American  College  of   preservative-free and forms a thin protective gel layer   care concierge medicine practice, call (561) 368-0191
      Immunization Practices), a division of the CDC.   on the nasal mucosa to prevent contact of allergens with   or visit
         While experts debate when to administer the vaccine,   nasal cells. If allergens encounter nasal cells, they begin
      we prefer to do it between Halloween and Thanksgiving
      based on when influenza arrives in South Florida and
      the limited length of protection seniors get from the
      vaccine. Flu shots can protect against serious infection
      and hospitalization in most cases.
         Avram Bukhbinder, M.D., of the University of Texas
      Medical Center in Houston believes the vaccine also
      protects seniors against Alzheimer’s disease. His work was
      published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease recently.
         His group looked at almost one million influenza             Upscale Resale
      vaccinated adults and compared them over time with a
      similar sized unvaccinated group of senior citizens 65   Experience The Difference
      years of age or older. The median age was 73.7 years and
      57 percent were women. All were free of dementia over   New and consigned furniture, unique lighting, accessories and gifts.
      the six year “look back period.”                           Complete wallpaper and fabric library for all your design needs.
         They followed these groups for 46 months and
      found the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease was
      40 percent lower in the vaccinated group. The paper
      did not determine why the flu vaccine lowered the risk
      of  developing Alzheimer’s  dementia. Dr.  Bukhbinder
      hypothesized  that  the  vaccine  may  have  prevented
      severe inflammation seen with infection reducing the
      development of amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary
      tangles. An official with the Alzheimer’s Association was

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