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                                                          Good works

      Martin Artisan’s Guild, The                        the murals in hopes of encouraging their artistic ability
                                                         and fostering their skills in project planning, neatness
      HeART Of The Community                             and staying committed until something is completed.
                                                            Mustelier says, “The Martin Artisans Guild has been
      By Jackie Holfelder                                an amazing partner by recognizing the importance of arts
         When Michaelann                                 in the communities we serve, connecting skilled artists to
      Bellerjeau joined                                  our programming, and raising funds to elevate the quality
      Martin Artisan’s                                   and increase the diversity of art classes we are able to
      Guild in 2021, she                                 offer at the Golden Gate Center for Enrichment.”
      found a willing group                                 On July 16, Martin Artisans Guild president Mallo
      of comrades ready                                  Bisset and board member Bellerjeau attended Stuart’s
      to join her when                                   Sixth Annual Back  to  School Bash. The  yearly event,
      she became chair                                   which  is  hosted  by  the  Stuart  Police  Department  and
      of The  Community                                  was held at Murray Middle School, is an opportunity for
      and  Educational                                   parents and community members to meet school leaders
      Outreach Committee                                 and teachers and get vouchers and school supplies.
      on the guild’s board.                                 Martin Artisan Guild members contributed enough
         A meeting was                                   money to purchase 30 backpacks, shirts and supplies.
      scheduled with                                        Bisset and Bellerjeau were on hand to thank members
      Lauren Mustelier,  Eduardo Gomez with HOH art      of the Stuart Police Department for overseeing the event
      director of enrichment  students                   and to meet other community members.
      and engagement at                                     So far, it’s been a great start to the “Art Hands on
      House of Hope (HOH) and the collaboration between the   Deck” program, but it’s just the beginning. There are lots
      two nonprofits has flourished ever since.          of plans in the works for more collaborations with Martin
         The first project was supplying the Artist’s Corner,   County nonprofits.
      which occupies a corner in HOH’s Enrichment Center,      Bellerjeau  is  enthusiastic  about  the  future.  “When
      with a cabinet and art supplies donated by guild members.   I stepped into this position, I found the guild already
         Following that, member Eduardo Gomez held a two-week   had many talented artists sharing their ability and time
      workshop for HOH’s Art4Kids program. Another member,   as volunteers. When connecting our artists to projects,
      Brenda Leigh, has designed the plans for upcoming mural   I’m very grateful, it’s such a joy to see the hearts of
      projects for the nonprofit’s community gardens, which are   our  members  as  they  use  their  vast  experiences,  skill,
      estimated to begin being installed this fall.      creativity and funds to help people from other nonprofits   United Way of Martin County is looking for students to join
         The murals are a long-term initiative and will   in Martin County.”                               Students United and make a difference in the local community.
      encompass HOH’s four gardens over a three-year period,      For information about the Martin Artisans Guild, visit
      allowing children who show serious talent to assist with                 Students visit local nonprofit agencies where they learn
                                                                    Photos provided by Martin Artisans Guild  about the services they provide and the clients they serve.
                                                                                                           Students learned that over 11 percent of Martin County
                                                         United Way Inspires Students                      residents lack access, at times, to enough food for an active,
                                                                                                           healthy life.
                                                         To Make A Difference                                 While many food resources are available, finding them
                                                                                                           can be challenging as there wasn’t one comprehensive central
                                                            For Martin County residents struggling to put food on   resource that listed all free meal options. “When I saw that
                                                         the table, a new resource is available – the Martin County   United Way of Palm Beach County had created a food finder
                                                         Food Finder Map. Created by United Way of Martin   map, I thought it would be a great resource to have something
                                                         County Students United Member and Clark Advanced   like this for our community,” McCarthy said.
                                                         Learning Center senior Evan McCarthy, the map indicates
                                                         where free meals are available, including food pantries,   Good Works on page 6
                                                         soup kitchens, food for seniors and food for children when
                                                         they are out of school.
                                                            McCarthy was inspired to create the map through his   Stuart Air Show from page 1
                                                         experience with United Way of Martin County’s Students
                                                         United program, which was designed to empower students      The Stuart Air Show highlights the importance of
      Michaelann Bellerjeau, Stuart Police Chief Joseph   to mobilize community resources and make a positive impact   aviation and the service of veterans. It also provides scores
      Tumminelli and Mallo Bisset                        through the spirit of service.                     of opportunities for schools and school-age children to
                                                                                                            learn about aviation, American history and the Armed
                 October 11th                                                                                 that generates financial support for benefiting nonprofit
                                                                                                               It is a safe, family-friendly entertainment experience
                                                                                                            organizations. The Stuart Air Show features thrilling
                                                                                                            performances by nationally-known performers, as well
                                                                                                            as interesting and historical stationary displays of aircraft
                 Last day to register to vote for the November 8th                                          and vehicles.
                              General Election                                                              volunteer or be a sponsor, visit
                                                                                                               To learn more about the Stuart Air Show, how you can

                 El 11 de octubre es el último día para registrarse para votar en las elecciones generales del 8 de noviembre

 Register to Vote
 Online at

                                      Register to Vote Online at
                                                                                          Photo provided by Stuart Air Show

                               Regístrese para votar en línea en

                                                                                                            Captain’s was established in 1980 servicing
                                                                                                            Palm Beach County and is a privately
                                                                                                            owned and managed company.
                                                                                                            Captain’s is committed to providing
                                                                                                            dependable, reliable and professional
                                                                                                            ground transportation to and from all
            Martin County Supervisor of Elections: 772-288-5637 |                           South Florida Airports and Seaports.  PBCVH212
                                           Supervisor de Elecciones del Condado de Martin                      To reserve your vehicle:
                                                                                                            561-798-2180 or 800-634-7890
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