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VOL. 32 NO. 9                                    FAX 561-624-9088 • E-MAIL                                    SEPTEMBER 2022

      PGA/POA Jottings

      By Dawn Levinstein,                               ASSESSMENT REMINDERS                               replaced. It will take some time for the plants to grow in so the
      PGA POA                                              The annual assessment to PGA POA was due on July 1st. Per   PGA is clear but they are coming along nicely! The landscape
      BARE FACTS                                        the Declaration of Covenants, interest (1.5 percent per month)   lighting at the Northlake entry has been updated and the main
         You should have received                       begins accruing at the end of July and is posted on the last day of   entry landscape lighting will be complete soon.
      a text or email (or both) from                    each month until the account is current. Because the governing      Regarding your PGA POA/Lang staff, please welcome
      the PGA POA office to let you                     documents indicate unpaid accounts shall bear interest (rather   DeAnna Thomas. She has assumed responsibilities for the
      know a black bear was seen in                     than may bear interest) the Board cannot waive these penalties.   front desk and processing all leases and sales. Lauren Utting
      the Glengary community during                     The reminder notices have been mailed so if you received a notice   who held this position for the past ten years is working part
      the night of August 18th. The                     or if you have any questions regarding whether you paid the   time as an admin assistant along with JoAnn Polimeni who
      Florida Fish & Wildlife (“FWC”)                   annual assessment, please call the POA staff at (561) 627-2800.  will celebrate her 5th year at PGA POA on January 1st. Most of
      offices were alerted and their                    STORMY WEATHER                                     you know Lori Moody (the ARC/Compliance Administrator)
      representative said bears can travel up to 20 miles in a day (I      Remember that this time of year we don’t use the “H”   who has been part of the team for 16 years. You’ve got a great
      guess when you’re a big ‘ole bear, not much gets in your way   word but I will instead refer to “storms”. September is usually   team at the POA office and we’re here to help.
      and you can travel unobstructed?). There have been no further   the busiest month for those big storms to blow in so please   A FINAL WORD ON FUN
      sightings in PGA National but residents should use care outside.   be sure you have made arrangements for someone to install/     We have all heard of the factory delays, shipping delays,
      The term “hungry as a bear” isn’t just an expression – they are   close your storm shutters. Plywood and bare metal panels may   and every other delay “because of COVID”. I have reported
      looking for food so be sure to place trash cans inside a garage if   only be closed at the issuance of a Warning (not a Watch).   the anticipated dates for the new playground equipment to
      possible. Dumpster lids should be closed. If you have fruit trees   Patio furniture and accessory items should be stored if you   be installed per information provided by Miracle Recreation
      in your yard (which the POA discourages) use even more caution.   are an absentee owner or plan to travel between July 1st and   Equipment and their local installer. As of the writing of this
      If you see a bear, call the FWC Dispatch at (561) 357-4200.  November 30th. If you plan to install a generator, impact glass   article, the work on the playgrounds has STILL not started.
      CONTACTING YOU                                    windows or storm protection of any type, please remember   A number of anticipated completion dates were shared in
         The POA sends texts and/or emails to residents when there   that POA ARC approval is needed. The Architectural Review   good faith but, unfortunately, this is out of the POA’s control.
      is an important matter you should be aware of. If you didn’t get   Committee meets once per month so don’t wait to submit your   The latest information received was that all equipment was
      a communication regarding the bear sighting, we probably don’t   application! Information regarding this procedure as well as   expected to ship at the end of August so we are hopeful that
      have your contact info. We respectfully suggest that you supply   all POA rules can be found at  the installation will be in September. I can only assure you that
      the POA staff with your email address and cell phone number(s).   AT THE POA OFFICE                  we are regularly following up and as soon as the equipment
      To ensure we have your contact info, please go to www.pga-poa.     The Communications Committee will be providing regular   is installed, we will make the announcement. You’ll probably
      com and print/complete the “Owner Information Form for Gate   updates in this Newsletter beginning next month. In the   see me playing on the slides because by the time it finally gets
      Access” or email your name, PGA address, email address and   interim, I am happy to report that the garden renovations at   done; I will fully revert back to childhood. Your patience and
      cell phone number to and be   Masters Park are underway and the plants that make the letters   understanding are sincerely appreciated.
      sure to note “for POA files”.                     ‘PGA’ under the flag poles (at the PGA main entry) have been      Have a happy September!
       Commissioner’s Update

      Preserving The Past                               to civilizations 6,000 years                       bug damage. Parks and Recreation moved it several feet out of
      To Enrich The Present                             old. Think of that: People                         a FEMA flood zone to ensure that if it sustained damage from
                                                                                                           a storm, federal assistance would be available to rebuild it.
                                                        were living in Jupiter more
                                                        than 2,000 years before                               A team led by the Palm Beach County Archaeologist Chris
      By Commissioner                                   construction of the great                          Davenport and including anthropology interns from Florida
      Maria Marino                                      pyramids of Egypt.                                 Atlantic University and resident volunteers is excavating
         Did you know that the                             Recently, I visited a                           materials from a footer approximately 3 feet deep at the former
      vast majority of historic sites                   dig at the Pineapple House                         site of the house. Material is carefully unearthed and filtered
      and districts identified in the                   on land adjacent to the historic DuBois Pioneer Homestead.   through water screens, revealing fragments of prehistoric
      County Register of Historic                       Built in the 1880s, by Jupiter pioneer Harry DuBois who   pottery, fish bones and shells.
      Places is located in Northern                     farmed pineapples on a plot of land near present day U.S. 1,
      Palm Beach County, with                           the house was either floated down the Loxahatchee River or   Commissioner’s Update on page 2
      several sites within and around                   dragged by oxen to what is
      DuBois Park in Jupiter? This is                   now DuBois Park. He and his
      part of the Jupiter Inlet Historic                bride lived in the house while
      and Archaeological Site, listed                   the main Pioneer Home was
      in the National and County Registers of Historic Places.  constructed.
         DuBois is one of the most studied Native American sites      The Pineapple House,
      in Florida. Discoveries of artifacts, including prehistoric,   now under renovation, had
      fire-tempered pottery, and stone spearheads and knives trace   deteriorated from salt rot and
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