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VOL. 24  NO. 10                                                                          OCTOBER 2022

      Friday Night At The Stuart Air Show: Party Time!

      By Jackie Holfelder                                                                                  from which to view
        Inez van Ravenzwaaij, executive director of the Stuart                                             the Friday Night Air
      Air Show, recently shared the exciting news that TD Bank                                             Show and fireworks,
      is back as the sponsor of the immensely-popular Dirty Flight                                         buffet dinner, open
      Suit Party that will take place on Nov. 11 as part of the festive                                    bar and a meet and
      Stuart Air Show weekend.                                                                             greet with show
        Echoing her delight is Trisha Hawthorne, vice president,                                           performers, sponsors,
      commercial relationship manager of TD Bank, who said, “We                                            VIPs and pilots.
      are proud to sponsor the TD Bank Dirty Flight Suit Party with                                        Also included is an
      the Stuart Air Show and their mission of supporting children,       Photo provided by Stuart Air Show  ideal location from
      veterans, aviation and local civic organizations. At TD, our                                         which to watch the
      purpose is to enrich the lives of our customers, colleagues and   beautiful, magical twilight performance against the setting   Rotorheads and access
      communities in which we live, play and work.”      sun, a spectacular fireworks presentation and – at the end –   to air-conditioned
        The TD Bank Dirty Flight Suit Party is just one of two   the infamous Wall of Fire to the night.   bathrooms.
      popular events that will take place before the jaw-dropping     The Twilight and Fireworks Show is a very different     Pilots and crew
      and eye-popping aerial activities and sleek aircraft take over   experience from the daytime shows and something you   come to the party
      at the Stuart Air Show on Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 12 to 13.  definitely won’t want to miss.        directly following
        The Twilight and Fireworks Show is included in the     Following the show, enjoy a rockin’ fun concert by the   their  twilight
      general admission price: $25 through Sept. 30, $30 from   Rotorheads. Vendors and concessions will be open.             U.S. Navy HSM-40 from
      Oct. 1 to 31 and $35 thereafter. Gates will open at 5 p.m.     The TD Bank Dirty Flight Suit Party takes place in the   Stuart Air Show   Jacksonville, Pilots Ryan Miller
      and the show itself will start at around 5:30 p.m. Enjoy a   VIP area at Witham Field and includes front row center seats   on page 6  and Robert Flores
      Children’s Museum ShipWrecked Event

      Raises Funds For New Exhibits!

         The Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast celebrated                                            fellow island mate, Chris Vaccaro sold beer out of fun coconut
       the return of its annual ShipWrecked event on Saturday, Aug.                                        cups. Castaway Kathy Carmody once again raffled off one of
       27, with a fun adults only party at the museum. The museum                                          her famous cakes. Tara Biek-Robison raffled a wine cooler
       was decked out in true island style with guests dressed in                                          full of delicious wines. Christina Franco offered a luxury
       spectacular pirate, castaway, and mermaid attire. Attendees                                         staycation. Kristi Brown put together a fun castaway-themed
       enjoyed delicious cuisine provided by many local restaurants,                                       basket. Guests were entertained with card games like blackjack
       drinks and cocktails from Atoll Vodka and Notorious PINK                                            and war with castaways Pete Morello and Zac Rockefeller.
       Wines, as well as live music by Hawk-Eye Entertainment.                                             Additional castaways Paul Hendriks, Jamie Russell, Tom
         Prior to the event, local celebrities were captured as                                            Whittington and Rosi Shepard made donations before the event
       “castaways” and stranded on an island. Each castaway raised at                                      to rescue themselves. All castaways raised money for specific
       least $1,000 to be rescued and join the party and pirate-themed
       games. Top fundraising castaway, Tracy Armstrong and her   Pete Morello and Zac Rockefeller         Children’s Museum ShipWrecked on page 4
      Your County Is Counting On YOU, VOTE Nov. 8!

        In the state of Florida voters have the option to decide how     • Early voting will be available to all registered Martin   during early voting in all
      they are going to cast their vote … by mail, by voting early,   County voters for 11 consecutive days in the following   six early voting locations,
      or by voting at their assigned precinct on Election Day. Here   locations: Elections Center, Hobe Sound Library, Peter   for voters wishing to hand
      is some important information regarding these three ways   and  Julie  Cummings  Library,  Hoke  Library,  Robert   deliver their voted mail
      to vote to help you decide by what method you are going to   Morgade Library, and Elisabeth Lahti Library, beginning   ballot.
      choose to cast your votes for the upcoming Nov. 8 election:  Wednesday, Oct. 26 through Saturday, Nov. 5 from 8 a.m.     As your Supervisor of
        • Florida is a no excuse state so you do not need a reason   to 5 p.m. These dates do include Sunday, Oct. 30.  Elections, it is my goal to
      to request a vote-by-mail ballot. Vote-by-mail ballots can be     • Vote at your assigned precinct on Election Day, Nov.   provide the best possible
      requested through Saturday, Oct. 29 by calling the Elections   8. To find your assigned precinct, visit us online at www.  voting experience! If there
      Office at (772) 288-5637 or visiting and click the “Where Do I Vote” link,   is anything my staff or I
                                                                                 or call us at (772) 288-5637.  can do to assist you, please
                                                                                   Voters should remember   call (772) 288-5637 or visit
                                                                                 to bring signed, photo
                                                                                 identification when voting     Thank you for being “election ready” and doing your
                                                                                 early or when voting at   part to keep democracy alive by casting your vote on or
                                                                                 their assigned precinct on   before Nov. 8!
                                                                                 Election  Day, Tuesday,                                        Vicki Davis,
                                                                                 Nov. 8.                                 Martin County Supervisor of Elections
                                                                                   Secure Ballot Intake
                                                                                 Stations will be available
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