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      The Single Scene Column                 ©         your fifth ice cream sandwich. There is a better match for   to celebrate for a Single
                                                                                                           and Taken Yappy Hour.
                                                        you. It might not be Blake Shelton but he will be awesome
      Connect. Connect. Connect.                        and will love you to pieces! Just FLOW!            This event was a huge
                                                           Treat yourself this month. Fall is here and the weather   success for people
      By Kelly Leary, M.S.                              is lovely and YOU DESERVE IT! We can’t wait to meet   who Must Love Dogs.
         What you do today                              you! Happy Halloween!                              Revolution  Dating  is
      can improve all your                                                                   XOXO, Kelly   big on community love
      tomorrows.~~ Ralph                                    #FallIntoLove #PartySeason #HalloweenDateNight   and philanthropy. This
      Marston                                           #TellYourFriends                                   club also sponsored the
         Halloween Greetings! If                           Kelly Leary  has 31 years in the dating industry and   annual  Wheels, Wings
      you think dating is a spooky                      a master’s degree in Psychology. She has been featured   &  Fashion benefiting
      event, we are here to provide                     in The Palm Beach Post, PalmBeacher Magazine, Sun   The  Leukemia  &
      a few hot tips to curb your                       Sentinel, The Florida Business Journal, Stuart Magazine   Lymphoma  Society
      fears. Dating in 2022 is                          and more. All Revolution Dating members are prescreened   as  well  as  Scotch  &   MEET: Furry Friends wonderful
      DIFFERENT. People have                            first in phone and then in person. Professional photos are   Sharks which is a social   leaders Jason Gluck, Jeff Collins,
      changed and change can be                         taken by the staff. Revolution Dating is not online dating   club for gentlemen that   and Steve Macht and Buddy!
      a good thing too.                                 or blind dating. Photographs are taken in the office. All   contribute to charity,
         So...let’s build up the courage to make some changes this   inquiries to the matchmakers are confidential. For more   the  annual  “We Rock
      October. We know many feel dating is not fun in this tech   information, please call (561) 630-XOXO (9696) or 772-  As Lions”  Luncheon
      charged era--but it is a NECESSITY. We are neurologically   932-HERE (4373) or visit  benefiting  Chasin  A
      wired to CONNECT. Just check out what’s trending in current                                          Dream  Foundation
      pop culture. There are many shows today about the struggles   Around Town Photos:                    which benefits children
      of finding love in our society. The stories about matchmakers      The  following  photos  were  taken  at  Furry  Friends   with life threatening
      are typically super positive and the stories about online dating   Animal and Adoption Clinic in Jupiter earlier this year.   illnesses. Do join our
      are super negative. Why? Because it’s true.       Couples, friends, and clients of the REV gathered together   love  movement  and
         Moreover,  with  the  influx  of  new  single/divorced/                                           follow all of the above
      widowed residents in our area, the number of people looking                                          on social media.
      for new friends (romantic or not) has been skyrocketing. It                                                               TAKEN: Meet Michele Harris and
      is time to get off the couch, shut off your screens and leave                                                             Michael Wisniewski, est. 2008
      your comfort zone before your get too stuck in your ways.
      The future is brighter than you think--you just have to trust
      and be willing to take a risk. Ready. Set. Go.                                                       Why Pay More To Sell?
         The following tips are based on actual events:
         Beware of keyboard warriors and online dating repeat
      offenders. Heed the “texting trap.” Men are asking women
      out via text, women are breaking up with men via text, and
      high voltage words are exchanged that would have NEVER                                                Even with 23 years of
      been said in person. Many singles have “textationships”   MEET: Love Preet (actual name), Nicholas Castellino, and   experience, my fees
      instead of “relationships.” For some, cyber life is replacing   Alex Kowton                           are still low
      real life. It is actually being mistaken for real love or worse.
      Nothing beats an in-person recommendation.
         Get to know one another and don’t jump to quick                                                            SELL YOUR HOME
      judgments. Be open-minded. Be flexible with your wishlist                                              Using the latest and most advanced
      and don’t make it too long or you will be alone forever.
      Don’t ask a man on the first date when he plans to have his                                                   marketing technologies
      first child (true story) and don’t ask a woman inappropriate
      questions on a first date (especially if they are too intimate).                                                                Call Jim at
      Don’t blast someone a long text if they don’t call you back
      within five minutes. This is a pet-peeve for me.                                                                            772-341-2941
         Know your league. Generally, you should stay age
      appropriate and if you want someone much younger,                                                             Jim Weix, Broker Associate
      hopefully you have much to offer to balance the scales of                 MEET: RD Team Members Kelly
      time. I recommend you don’t ask for “The Rock” if you prefer   TAKEN: Meet Stacey &  Leary and Helen Powers (Image   309 SE Osceola St., Suite 204, Stuart
      to spend the day watching television on the sofa enjoying   Robert, est. 2022  Consultant and CLIENT)

                                                                                                                       Andre’s East


                                                                                                                Andre’s East is committed to quality and service. With
                                                                                                                years of experience and constant continuing education,
                                                                                                                 our dedicated Design Team is ready to serve you and
                                                                                                                  all of your beauty needs. Come and experience our
                                                                                                               comfortable and relaxed atmosphere designed especially to
                                                                                                               make you feel great. We are proud to introduce the latest
                                                                                                               in Hair Care and Nail Care products, Keratin Treatment,
                                                                                                                CND Shellac and our Organic Facial Hair Threading.
                                                                                                                        We are a Team Concept Salon.
                                                                                                                  3710 SE Ocean Blvd. • Sewall’s Point
                                                                                                                          Harbour Bay Plaza
                                                                                                                772-286-4390 • 772-287-8549
                                                                                                                           Hair • Nails

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