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          ClEvElAnD CliniC mArtin HEAltH nEws

      Comprehensive Cancer Care                                                                            with  the Taussig  Cancer  Institute  in  Cleveland,  Ohio,
                                                                                                           which is one of the top cancer centers in the country and
      In Your Community                                                                                    part of the NCI-designated case comprehensive cancer
         After  a  century  of  caring  for  patients,  including                                          Collaboration Across Specialties
      more  than  three  decades  in  Florida,  Cleveland  Clinic                                             Cleveland  Clinic  Martin  Health’s  multidisciplinary
      knows  what  matters  most  to  patients  facing  a  cancer                                          team  of  cancer  specialists  works  together  to  address
      diagnosis. Patients want to have access to high quality,                                             malignancies in virtually every part of the body using
      comprehensive cancer services close to home.                                                         evidenced-based  modalities  and  the  latest  research.
         Cleveland Clinic Martin Health is part of a global,                                               Specialists conduct weekly cancer conferences to review
      physician-led  organization  that  provides  outstanding                                             and  discuss  cases  and  develop  personalized  treatment
      patient  care  guided  by  a  “patients  first”  philosophy.                                         plans that may include:
      The nonprofit, multispecialty, academic medical center                                                  •  Expert  surgical  care  with  access  to  minimally
      integrates clinical and hospital care with research and   on Cancer ; is an NAPBC -accredited breast center; and   invasive and robot-assisted approaches
      education.                                        has been recognized as High Performing in Colon Cancer      •  Chemotherapy  or  immunotherapy  treatments
      Commitment To Industry Standards                  Surgery by U.S. News & World Report for 2022/23. The   delivered in infusion suites focused on patient safety and
         Cleveland Clinic Martin Health’s Robert and Carol   Stuart-based cancer center harnesses the full resources of   comfort
      Weissman Cancer Center is accredited by the Commission   the Cleveland Clinic enterprise, including collaboration      • Advanced  radiation  therapies  using  state-of-the-
                                                                                                           art technology, including intensity modulated radiation
                                                                                                           therapy and intraoperative radiation therapy
                                                                                                              • Participation in clinical trials and cancer research
                                                                                                           under the direction of leading physician scientists
                                                                                                           Research-Driven, Personalized Breast Cancer Care
                                                                                                              The introduction of targeted precision  therapy  and
                                                                                                           immunotherapy has led to a new era of tailored breast
                                                                                                           cancer therapies that considers a patient’s genetic makeup;
                                                                                                           tumor  composition  at  the  detailed  biological  level;
                                                                                                           medical history; and response to therapy. Many drugs have
             NOVEMBER 11–13, 2022                                           STUART, FLORIDA                been developed in the last decade that target specific types
                                                                                                           of  breast  cancer,  including  hormone  receptor  positive,
                                                                            VETERANS DAY WEEKEND
                                                                                                           HER2-positive  or  triple  negative  breast  cancer  with
                                                                                                           several subtypes within each group.
                                                                                                              Cleveland  Clinic  is  contributing  to  this  new  era  of
                                                                                                           personalized  medicine  by  focusing  on  several  clinical
                                                                                                           trials for breast cancer, including expanding the use
                                                                                                           of  immunotherapy.  Florida-based  researchers  are
                                                                                                           participating in ongoing studies of novel drugs designed
                                                                                                           to interrupt cancer cell growth, and identify less intensive
                                                                                                           and toxic treatment options in early stages of specific
                                                                                                           types of cancer and certain metastatic breast cancers.
                                                                                                           Compassionate, Holistic Care
                                                                                                              Patients  have  access  to  an  array  of  cancer  support
                                                                                                           services  that  promote  well-being  during  treatment  and
                                                                                                           beyond. These include patient navigator services, cancer
                                                                                                           support groups, virtual yoga and art classes.
                                                                                                              Cleveland Clinic Martin Health provides patients the
                                                                                                           compassionate, comprehensive care they deserve close
                                                                                                           to home. And that makes all the difference.
                                                                                                              Visit to learn more.

                                                                                                            Kids Corner from page 6

                                                                                                            Tory Dunnan with Slade, Tanner and Piper Anerson

                                                                                                               The Children’s Museum would not have been able
                                                                                                            to  complete  this  exhibit  without  the  help  from All
                                                                                                            About Achieving. Chris Kearns, aka “Washer,” was
                                                                                                            instrumental  in  taking  ideas  above  and  beyond  and
                                                                                                            creating a more immersive exhibit. We are grateful for
                                                                                                            his help!
                                                                                                               The museum strives to keep the Children’s Museum
                                                                                                            evolving and relevant. The museum continues to grow
                                                                                                            and flourish each year and we are excited about the
                                                                                                            exhibits still to come. If you would like to participate
                                                                                                            or would like more information about future projects
                                                                                                            on  the  horizon,  please  feel  free  to  contact  Katie
                                                                                                            Makemson, project manager at (772) 225-7575, Ext.
                                                                                                            205.  We  look  forward  to  seeing  you  playing  and
                                                                                                            learning at the Children’s Museum.
                                                                                                                                Photos by MaryAnn Ketchum

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