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        VOL. 25 NO. 10                                                                           OCTOBER 2022

                                                              TequesTa profile

                              Feast Of Little Italy Returns To Abacoa

             To Celebrate Italian American Heritage And Culture

        The  Feast  of  Little  Italy                   festival has expanded and with more vendors
      returns to Abacoa in Jupiter for                  than ever before, it will continue to be the
      a three-day festival Nov. 4 to 6.                 largest Italian festival in the state. Each
      The cultural festival known for                   year, the Feast of Little Italy draws three
      the Italian ambience, national                    generations of families with a promise to
      Italian American entertainers, and                offer something special for everyone to enjoy
      authentic food will be offering                   and remember as they create memorable
      free admission and this year’s                    moments together that last a lifetime.
      theme is celebrating Italian                        “We invite families, friends, and our
      American Heritage and Culture.                    surrounding neighbors to join us as we
        Festival hours throughout the weekend are: 4 to 10 p.m.,   share in the passion and love of our culture
      Friday; 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Saturday; and 11 8 p.m.,   and are so grateful that we get to come
      Sunday. Parking is free.                          together,” said Jerry Somma, cofounder
        Now in its 21st year, the Feast of Little Italy, the largest   and producer of the festival.
      Italian festival in Florida promises a weekend filled with
      entertainment, food, and fun, served up Italian-style! The   Tequesta Profile on page 3

                                    TequesTa spoTlighT                                                          local happenings

       Tampa General Hospital Loggerhead                                                                        Friday Night At

              Triathlon Draws Record Crowd                                                                        The Stuart Air

        Close to 600                                                                                         Show: Party Time!
      athletes from across
      the country descended
      on Jupiter, Fla., for                                                                                 By Jackie Holfelder
      the Tampa  General                                                                                      Inez van Ravenzwaaij, executive director of the Stuart
      Hospital Loggerhead                                                                                   Air Show, recently shared the exciting news that TD Bank
      Triathlon on Saturday,                                                                                is back as the sponsor of the immensely-popular Dirty
      Aug. 27.  The hot,                                                                                    Flight Suit Party that will take place on Nov. 11 as part
      slightly cloudy                                                                                       of the festive Stuart Air Show weekend.
      conditions made for a
      challenging, fun race.
        Fi rst  he l d i n
      1985, the event has
      become a must on the
      southeast race circuit.                           David Moss, Mike Melville, Erica Lazarus
      The triathlon course
      included a 3/8-mile  Mike Reed, Mayor Chelsea Reed  Tequesta Spotlight on page 4

                                                                                                                            Photo provided by Stuart Air Show

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                                                                                 Peter Cruz, Valerio Oricchio
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