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Our Village Voice

        VOL. 33 NO. 10                                                                           OCTOBER 2022

      Commissioner’s Update                                                        Bill’s Box

      Speaking In Code
                                                                                   By Bill Thompson
      By Commissioner Maria Marino                                                   Well, here we go again.
        Your Palm Beach County government provides a                                 Andy Rooney; remember him? He had a segment
      wide range of services to the public. One of the areas I                     on one of the network channels some years ago. It was
      frequently hear about from residents is the condition of,                    humorous, always about things to grump about. The
      or activities occurring on a property. For those matters, I                  older I get the more I relate to him.
      request assistance from the Code Enforcement Division.                         If you get up early, it is dark. The dog, Harley 2,
        The role of Code Enforcement (CE) is to enforce the                        doesn’t carry a watch. He needs to relieve himself in
      County’s Code of Ordinances and Land Development                             the morning way too early in the dark. I like to wait
      Regulations in the unincorporated areas of  the county                       until it is daylight. He doesn’t care. Now it is winter,
      uniformly and consistently, to maintain our neighborhoods,                   and our ill-conceived Daylight Saving Time on Nov. 6 will fall back, so it will be
      and  protect  our  health,  safety,  welfare,  and  quality  of              darker longer. I rolled over this morning to find Harley 2 looking into my face. You
      life. Municipalities handle enforcement within their                         know what that means. Slip on a pair of shorts, find his leash and walk him outside.
      boundaries, following their particular ordinances and the Florida Building Code.  Then he is ready for breakfast and fresh water.
        The CE division responds to complaints and monitors open cases, working with     Speaking of Harley 2, he is 3 months old. Little puppies are delightful but also
      residents. They individually investigate and track inquiries, and seek compliance   a pain in the tee hinny. He has a talent at finding and shredding paper that doesn’t
      through the process outlined in Florida Statutes Section 162. The primary goal is to   exist. He makes no distinction between used facial tissue and important documents
      bring properties into compliance, and CE officers work extensively with property   and correspondence. I find the evidence all over the floor in every room accessible
      owners to achieve this. Our CE officers are required to obtain certification through the   to him. That means, doors to many rooms have to be closed all the time, and
      Florida Association of Code Enforcement.                                     wastebaskets moved to countertops. That is something else to remember. Puppies’
        Common code violations include zoning and use regulations, property maintenance   teeth are like tiny razors, which means to furniture, they like to nibble fingers with
      standards, overgrown lots, unpermitted construction, sign regulations and others that   very sharp little teeth. In addition, they like getting under your feet when walking
      you can find listed at  and nearly causing one to fall and or step on the rascal, to which he yelps sharply.
      Property_Maintenance_Guide.pdf. With home ownership representing the single largest     Despite any inconvenience, we love the little scamp, and he is expected to live
      investment most people will make, one of the benefits of enforcing codes is to protect that   with us, hopefully, for a very long time.
      investment. By adhering to building standards and zoning codes, we can help enhance     My wife says getting up and making the bed gives the day a good start, thus
      property values, maintain neighborhood appearances, and assure safety.       setting the day’s tone to be more productive. I don’t like making up beds, but I am
        At  any  one  time,  each  of  the  45  CE  officers  are  monitoring  in  excess  of  6,500   sure she is right about that and a number of other things. An unmade bed attracts
      properties. Some reported violations may be minor with simple remedies, yet others may   me to get back under the covers for a little snooze. But rules are rules and she is
      affect the health and safety of the surrounding community. Depending on the nature of   usually right.
      the problem, CE will involve other applicable departments and agencies.        I try to practice mindfulness. One aspect is being intentional about where you
        If a property is in violation, the owner will receive notification and ample due process
      to correct the issue. Neighbors often feel that the “wheels of justice” move very slowly;   Bill’s Box on page 3
      however, CE is required to follow the statutes, which provides for a respondent’s day
      in court. Once a Notice of Violation is issued, if the property owner fails to come into
      compliance (the minimum time frame is usually 30 days), a hearing will be scheduled   The Shores
      before a special magistrate, where the county and the respondent can each present their
      case. The magistrate can dismiss the case if they determine the violation is unfounded or
      resolved; or, they will enter an order setting a time frame within which the respondent   Annual Halloween Party
      must correct the violation(s), and the imposition of fines, once the deadline has passed.
        In 2021, CE investigated more than 13,000 complaints, resulting in over 10,000
      notices of violation. Of those, 87 percent of the cases were brought into compliance     Join us Sunday, Oct. 23 from 3 to 5 p.m. for our Annual Halloween Party sponsored by our
      and closed, and were not taken to a magistrate hearing.                     HOA. All ages can enjoy three bounce houses (one for the younger-aged children and two for the
        Code Enforcement officials acknowledge that each case is unique, and some property   older-aged children), ride a train, petting zoo and free Kona Ice. We ask that parents supervise their
      owners may need additional time to obtain a building permit, update site plans and pass   children while at the event and do not arrive prior to 3 p.m. These events are not possible without
                                                                                  our community support. We are still looking for volunteers to assist, even if it’s only 30 minutes.
      Commissioner’s Update on page 2                                             Please email to sign up.


                                (561) 799-4445

                      Use 911 for emergencies only. Lock car doors.
                            Do not leave valuables in the car.
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