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VOL. 32 NO. 11                                   FAX 561-624-9088 • E-MAIL                                    NOVEMBER 2022

      PGA POA Communication Corner

                                                         ensuring that the community is well-maintained, and each   Questions About The Avenue  Of The  Masters/Old
                                                         association’s board and management team is doing its part to   Meadow Way Intersection?
                                                         maintain the overall property and maintain property values.      Residents have been asking about the existing Avenue
                                                         It is important to note that the POA Board of Governors is   of the Masters/Old Meadow  Way intersection where
                                                         separate from, and not affiliated with, the PGA Resort Board   currently there is a bus stop and a wide intersection with
                                                         of Governors. Every day you can find lots of activity, from   a pedestrian crossing on the Avenue of the Masters. The
                                                         landscaping efforts throughout the resident communities,   POA asked Northern Palm Beach County Improvement
                                                         to contractors doing needed work, golfers enjoying the   District* (NPBCID) about the possibility of either a stop
                                                         beautiful PGA National Resort links and walkers, bikers and   sign on the Avenue of the Masters or a better way to safely
                                                         runners enjoying so many walkways in our neighborhoods.   allow pedestrians to cross this intersection. The Warrant
                                                         There is a reason that so many people are still interested in   Study  by  NPBCID’s  Engineers  determined  that  a  stop
                                                         moving to PGA National, and it is because of homeowners   sign did not meet the requirements but there are plans
         Happy November! Welcome back to many of our     like you that help to make this community such a great place   for a modified pedestrian crossing. District Engineers are
      PGA National residents and friends! As we mentioned   in Palm Beach Gardens. Thank you!              tasked with ensuring any roadway/crossing or signage
      in the October newsletter, the POA Board of Governors   Council Of Presidents’ Meetings To Reconvene  meets DOT requirements.
      Communication Committee comprised of Bill Heath, chair      On Monday, Oct. 24, the POA Board hosted the      The NPBCID fiscal year began Oct. 1. The NPBCID
      and Gail Coppage, assistant chair, will highlight a series   quarterly Council of Presidents meeting.  This is the   2022-2023 budget includes a plan to mill and resurface
      of updates each month in our Communication Corner. We   first Council meeting since COVID postponed previous   the Avenue of the Masters roadway and install a proposed
      look forward to sharing information with our PGA family.  meetings. The purpose of these quarterly meetings is to   pedestrian flasher signal at the intersection of Old Meadow
      PGA POA Board Of Governors                         allow each association president an opportunity to listen   Way/Avenue  of  Masters  as  recommended  by  NPBCID
         PGA National has 4,900 residences in 44 distinct   to other colleagues, hear related concerns as well as good   Engineers. Once the plans are completed, final installation
      neighborhoods as well as commercial properties. Our   news, and share information among all the HOA/Condo   of the proposed pedestrian flasher will need to be approved
      footprint extends over 2,300 acres within Palm Beach   boards so they can keep residents of their respective   by the City of Palm Beach Gardens; however, the intent
      Gardens. Each year, the property owners elect a Board of   communities informed. We are pleased to reconvene   of this roadwork is to include new striping and additional
      Governors to oversee the daily maintenance and affairs of   these meetings and look forward to the ongoing insightful
      PGA POA. The nine member POA Board is tasked with   sharing of information.                          PGA POA Communication Corner on page 2
      Commissioner’s Update

      Budget Brief                                          If you notice an increase in the property taxes on your bill,      ○ $743.3M for the Sheriff
                                                         please note this is due to higher assessed values of real estate,      ○ $10.3M toward Animal Care & Control
      By County Commissioner                             not an increase in the tax rate. Of the 650,420 parcels of real      ○ $2.7M for Emergency Management
      Maria Marino                                       property in Palm Beach County as of 2022, total market value      ○ $3.5M for Victims Services
         For the first time                              is $404.3 billion, and total taxable value is $255.3 billion.  • Substance Use and Behavior Disorders
      in 11 years, the County                               The county’s total gross budget is $6.7 billion, of which      ○ $1M toward the addiction stabilization center
      Commission approved a                              $1.9 billion is in the General Fund. Current property taxes      ○ $1.5M for recovery support
      reduction in the countywide                        fund 24.9 percent of the gross budget. In addition to property      ○ $6.3M for financially assisted partner agencies
      millage rate for fiscal year                       taxes, revenues include the fund balance – the excess of fund      Expenditures also include an increase in reserves from
      2023 – the tax rate per $1,000                     assets over liabilities; intergovernmental revenues in the form   $189M in FY 2022 to $261.9M in FY 2023.
      of your real property’s value                      of grants, entitlements, shared revenues, or payments in lieu      Beginning in March, county departments were required
      – from 4.7815 down to 4.715                        of taxes; licenses, permits and fees; charges for services; and,   to submit their budgets with service levels at status quo,
      mills. At the new millage                          inter-fund transfers.                             allowing additional requests only for critical needs. Review
      rate, a homesteaded property                          The county continuously explores innovative means   continues through April and May, culminating in a budget
      at the median value of $365,000 would save approximately   to use taxpayer dollars efficiently and leverage the costs   workshop in June. The millage rate is set at a public meeting
      $21.68 per year. While the savings is not huge, it was   of providing programs and services through grants and   in July, and two separate public hearings occur in September,
      important to give people a break as costs all across the   partnerships. In formulating the FY2023 budget, the Board   where members of the public can participate in the process.
      board for goods and services have escalated. The millage   prioritized six strategies. These are the highlights:     Your comments and questions are welcome, and if I can
      reduction was possible without affecting the delivery of   • Economic Development                    assist you please contact me at (561) 355-2201 or by email
      high quality county services to the public.           ○ $4.5M in business incentives                 at
         Additionally, Palm Beach County received revenue   • Environmental Protection
      replacement dollars through the Federal American Rescue Plan      ○ $4M for natural areas management
      Act to cover general government expenses and offset the impact      ○ $750,000 for the manatee protection program
      of the pandemic on our community. This frees up ad valorem   • Housing and Homeless
      funds to pay for projects previously approved by the Board.     ○ $11.5M for homeless resource centers
                                                                                   ○  $2.4M for a non-
                                                                                  congregate shelter in the
                                                                                   ○  $10M for affordable
                                                                                  housing development
                                                                                  • Infrastructure
                                                                                   ○  $59M in capital
                                                                                   ○ $73.3M for Palm Tran
                                                                                 vehicles and operations
                                                                                 • Public Safety
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