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Our Village Voice

        VOL. 33 NO. 12                                                                         DECEMBER 2022

      Commissioner’s Update                                                                                 Bill’s Box

      Loxahatchee River Restoration

      By Commissioner                                                                                        Bill will return in
      Maria Marino                                                                                            January 2023.
        The Loxahatchee River
      is one of only two rivers
      in Florida to receive the                                                                             A Merry Christmas
      designation as a National                                                                                    to all.
      Wild and Scenic River, and
      it houses essential habitats
      supporting a wide range of
      ecological  resources. This                                                                                  Copy deadline for January is Dec. 9.
      includes freshwater riverine
      floodplain vegetation such                         1980s, the State of Florida and the South Florida Water
      as bald cypress, freshwater and estuarine fishes, and tidal   Management District (SFWMD) developed a management
      floodplain  vegetation  and  animals  such  as  mangroves,   plan to preserve and enhance the river’s unique natural   Jupiter Inlet
      oysters and seagrasses.                            values, restore the historical hydrology, and reverse the
        You can experience and explore this unique “old   impacts of saltwater intrusion.
      Florida” habitat by visiting the county’s Riverbend Park     The  Loxahatchee  River  Management  Coordinating   Lighthouse And
      on West Indiantown Road in Jupiter, where kayaking/  Council is comprised of federal, state, regional agencies
      canoeing rentals are available.                    and local representatives and is responsible for the ongoing
        Sadly, the Loxahatchee River has suffered from over a   development of the management plan. The council advises   Museum
      century of ditching, draining and re-engineering related   the Florida Department of Environmental Protection
      to agricultural and urban development. This altered the   and SFWMD to identify and resolve intergovernmental
      river’s natural hydrology resulting in saltwater intrusion                                            Family Adventure Day
      that changed the river’s freshwater ecosystems. In the   Commissioner’s Update on page 3                Experience a fun family
      Northern Notes                                                                                        day on the waterfront at the

                                                                                                            Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse &
                                                                                                            Museum on Saturday, Jan.
      Let’s Talk Turkey                                  fruits, insects, leaves,                           21 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
                                                         and small vertebrates.                             Timed ticket entry – 10
      By Katie Roundtree,                                They can easily cover                              a.m. to 1 p.m. or 1 to 4 p.m.
      Director of Finance and                            several hundred acres                              Tickets on sale Dec. 15, $5
      Administration, Northern                           in a day.                                          per child, $10 per adult,
      Palm Beach County                                    Before Europeans                                 free for children 5 and under.
      Improvement District                               c am e  t o Nort h                                   Travel back in time and choose your own adventure
        With the holiday season                          America, the wild                                  with living history, storytelling, games, music, painting, and
      in full swing, our thoughts                        turkey population                                  hands-on activities. This year’s Family Adventure Day will
      turn to entertaining and,                          was  abundant. They                                offer unique and educationally entertaining ways to explore
      inevitably, turkey, a staple                       declined in number from hunting and habitat takeover by   our “History Shaped By Nature” with your whole family.
      at many family dinner tables.                      humans after Europeans arrived, but in 1860 there were still
      These tasty birds are also                         more turkeys in Florida than people. During the early 1900s,
      native to our area and quite                       there was a considerable decline in the turkey population
      common if you are lucky enough to spot them. However,   throughout Florida. By 1975, the Florida Fish and Wildlife
      south Florida turkeys aren’t like the plastic-wrapped birds   Conservation Commission (FWC) managed wild turkeys. Now,
      we find in our local markets. They are a bit less plump and   turkeys can be found in all of Florida’s counties and in every
      round, weighing about 17 pounds.                   state in the United States except Alaska and Hawaii.
        Wild turkeys are social animals and typically flock     Florida is home to two subspecies of wild turkey – the
      together in groups numbering just a few birds to as many as   eastern wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo silvestris) and the
      20 or more. Wild turkeys roost at night in trees within thicker   Osceola or Florida wild turkey (M.g. osceola). The Florida
      forest stands for safety from ground predators. They are   wild turkey is best distinguished from the eastern subspecies,
      extremely wary and will run away or fly to a tree to escape   which it closely resembles, by the white barring on its wing
      danger. Turkeys have excellent eyesight, including the ability   feathers. On Florida wild turkeys, the white bars on the
      to see color.                                      primary wing feathers are narrower than the black bars. They
        They are powerful fliers, especially for short distances,   are irregular or broken, giving the wing an overall darker
      and can fly up to 55 miles per hour! However, to conserve   appearance than eastern wild turkeys.
      energy, wild turkeys primarily walk. They spend most of
      their time on the ground, where they search for acorns, seeds,   Northern Notes on page 2

                                                                                     REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY IMMEDIATELY

                                                                                          TO THE JUPITER POLICE DEPARTMENT
                                                                                                           (561) 799-4445

                                                                                                 Use 911 for emergencies only. Lock car doors.
                                                                                                       Do not leave valuables in the car.
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