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VOL. 13 NO. 1                                                                             JANUARY 2023

      JCC Announces Lineup of Films

      at Annual Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival

         Attention Florida film fans!  The Mandel Jewish                                                   globe. The 44 featured films encompass diverse themes,
      Community Center of the Palm Beaches has announced                                                   including Jewish issues, Jewish achievement and valor,
      the lineup for the 33rd Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival                                              modern Israeli life, and Jewish culture, arts, and history.
      (PBJFF). In-person screenings will be held from January                                              Several films will be making their Palm Beach County,
      21 to February 1 at theaters in Palm Beach Gardens/                                                  United States, and North America premieres at the festival.
      Jupiter,  Wellington/Royal Palm Beach, and Boynton                                                      “The Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival strives to bring
      Beach. A virtual viewing option is also being offered                                                the finest examples of cinema from around the world right
      February 12-18. All tickets must be purchased in advance
      at                                                                                    JCC Announces Lineup of Films on page 2
         There is drama, romance, comedy, and suspense as this
      year’s international selection of films explores the Jewish
      experience and diversity of the community around the   Keshet Short                                   Beth Am

                                                                                                            Welcomes New

                                                                                                            Members with

                                                                                                            Shabbat Dinner

                                                                                                               Temple  Beth Am  extended  a  warm  welcome  to
      Fiddler’s Journey to the Big Screen                Perfect Strangers                                  new members by inviting them to a Shabbat dinner
                                                                                                            — and were they in for a special treat! Not only did
      Ukraine-Russia War Impact on                                                                          new members get an opportunity to mingle with other
                                                                                                            congregants and familiarize themselves with the temple,
      Israel Draws Historical Parallels                                                                     they got to enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by Rabbi
                                                                                                            Alon Levkovitz’s wife, Gali. Over 100 attendees dined
                                                                                                            on Middle Eastern spiced chicken, poached salmon,
                                                                                                            and jeweled rice, among other mouthwatering options.
         Friends, family, and                           Ukraine-Russia War,  Dr.                            Following dinner, they welcomed Shabbat together with
      lifelong learners gathered                        Rabil told the audience he is                       a special jazz-inspired musical service. Rabbi Alon and
      recently at Congregation                          hopeful for improved peace                          Cantorial Soloist Marcy Morris were joined by a full
      B’nai  Israel  in  Boca                           among Israel, Jordan, and                           musical ensemble, which made the evening extra lively.
      Raton to hear Dr.                                 Egypt as their respective
      Robert  Rabil  discuss                            populations may begin to
      the complexities of the                           interact  more  positively
      Ukraine-Russia War and                            with one another.
      its  critical implications                           “Dr.  Rabil’s  call  for
      for Middle East nations,                          hope echoes our mission in
      particularly Israel.  MorseLife Foundation Vice   presenting  programs  just
         Titled The Ukrainian  President Irv Geffen, MorseLife   like these to help achieve a  St. Andrews  Resident
      Crisis and the Impact of  Foundation Senior Vice President   better  future  by  educating  Charlette Jaffe
      Israel’s  Existence,  the  Carolyn Rose           people to be more active,
      event was part of the                             informed participants in the world around them,”
      Holocaust Learning Experience Showcase presented by   explained  Leigh  Routman,  Executive  Director  of  the
      MorseLife NEXT GENERATIONS, a year-long educational   Holocaust Learning Experience.
      series of programs designed to combat hate and bigotry.     Born into the Christian faith, Dr. Rabil holds a
         Amid the polarized international factions and   doctorate in Near Eastern and Judaic studies from Brandeis
      individual government self-interests affecting the   University and holds a master’s degree in government
                                                                                 from Harvard University.
                                                                                 A frequent participant in
                                                                                 roundtable discussions
                                                                                 and forums, Dr. Rabil
                                                                                 is a professor of Middle
                                                                                 East studies at the Florida
                                                                                 Atlantic University’s

                                                                                 Ukraine-Russia War Impact
                                                                                 on page 2
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