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VOL. 24 NO. 2                                                                           FEBRUARY 2023

      Chili Cook-Off                                                               Turn Up The Jazz!

         The Retired Firefighters of Palm Beach
      County will be hosting their Firefighter                                        Come on down and join “Popeye” and special jazz
      Chili Cook-Off on Saturday, Feb. 4 at                                        guest greats at the Abacoa Amphitheater, Sunday,
      the Abacoa Amphitheater.  Decorated                                          Feb. 12, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., for a mind, mood, and stress
      chili booths from local departments, restaurants,                            balancing afternoon!
      and organizations will all compete for prizes and                               Famous jazz musician John Coltrane once said that music
      bragging  rights.  It  is  the  responsibility  of  the                      can “change the thinking of people.” Although he may have
      celebrity judges to finally determine the “best” chili                       been speaking metaphorically, the quote turned out to be
      and “theme” booths. This is the perfect secure venue                         rooted in quite literal truths. Jazz influences our brains and
      to gather the family for cold drinks, hot chili, and                         bodies for the better, compelling us to be more creative, less
      live music to support all our community partners.                            stressed and healthier.
         Chili tasting armbands can be purchased on                                   Listening to relaxing music is known to influence your
      Eventbrite (Firefighter Chili Cook-Off) or purchased                         brain waves, resulting in several different cognitive benefits. Examples include:
      the day of the event. Chili tasting armbands are $20                            • Stress relief: Jazz music relaxes the body by activating your alpha brain waves,
      for adults and $10 for children over 12. A vendor                            which help with reducing anxiety and promoting a calm mind.
      onsite  will  sell  adult  beverages. This  year  the                           • Better sleep: Listening to jazz music can activate delta brain waves, which induce
      Firefighter Chili Cook-Off event will benefit two                            better sleep.
      organizations: Firefighters on a Mission and Firefighters to the Rescue. Firefighters on a      • Increased creativity: In addition to alpha and delta waves, jazz music can promote
      Mission raise money to find a cure for Duchanne Muscular Dystrophy and Firefighters to   your theta brain waves, which encourage higher levels of creativity.
      the Rescue raise money for firefighters and their families in need.             • Improved memory and mood: According to a study conducted by Johns Hopkins
         The Retired Firefighters of Palm Beach County are a combination of firefighters from   University, listening to jazz can improve your memory, mood and verbal abilities.
      local fire departments that have combined to maintain the brotherhood by supporting the      • Reduced depression: Studies show that those who listen to jazz or slow music are
      health and welfare of local firefighters as well as the community we fought so hard to protect.   25 percent less likely to develop depression.
      They are a charitable 501(c)(3) organization that aids fire-related agencies while continuing      Exposing your brain to jazz music is simply a great way to improve your overall mental
      to support our community. To date, the Retired Firefighters of Palm Beach County have been   well-being!
      able to donate over $70,000 to individuals in need and agencies such as Hospice, War on
      Cancer Street Party, Firefighters with Cancer, and the PBC Drowning Prevention Coalition.
      We are proud to support firefighters and the community.                     Jupiter Jubilee

         Deuterman Productions Presents:                                          Feb. 4 – 11 a.m. To 4 p.m.

                               Clay Walker                                          annual  community  event  put
                                                                                    The  Jupiter  Jubilee  is  an
                                                                                  on  by  the  Town  of  Jupiter  for
                               Friday, Feb. 10 at 6 p.m.                          area  residents.  The  Jubilee
                                                                                  typically  has  entertainment,
                                                                                  civic,  educational  and  cultural
                                                       See Page 3 for his story.     This  free  family-friendly
                                                                                  event  will  be  held  at Abacoa
                                                                                  Community Park, 1501 Frederick
                                                                                  Small Road.
                                                                                    The Town  of  Jupiter  has  been  holding  the  Jubilee  the  first  week  of  February
        NO DUMPING OR VANDALISM                                                     since 2003. Its genesis was the town’s 75th Anniversary Celebration in 2000, when a
                                                                                  community event was held at the municipal complex. This original event brought the
         Recently, there have been increased reports of vandalism and dumping in and around   community together to celebrate life in Jupiter and was so successful that town leaders
          our natural preserves. If you see such activity, we ask you to please report it to the   began planning for an annual event.
          Town of Jupiter by calling (561) 746-5134. If the trespassers are present, we urge
         you to call Jupiter Police Department at (561) 746-6201. Together we can help keep   Jupiter Jubilee on page 3
                our beautiful community the most ideal place to live, work and play.

                                                                                    Abacoa 2023 Events

                                                                                    March 11 and 12  Jupiter Irish Fest                 See Concert
                                                                                                                                        and Music
                                                                                    March 17       St. Patty’s Day Block Party           Events
                                                                                    March 18       H2O Tribute – Hall & Oats           on Page 3
                                                                                    April 2        Macaroni Kid’s Festival And Camp Expo
                                                                                    April 15       Simply Tina: Tina Turner Tribute
                                                                                    April 23 and 24  Cajun Crawfish And Music Fest
                                                                                    April 29       Live Like Jake 5K Run/Walk
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