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Page 12, Viewpointe                                                  March 2023
      Magen David Adom Disaster Response / Join Us March 21st

      By Yishai Mizrahi                                     As a community so supportive of our lifesaving work,   lifesaving work, please call:  Yishai  Mizrahi, Area
                                                         many of  you know  the  eight Boca  Pointe sponsored   Director for American Friends of Magen David Adom
         Dear Friends, this month                        ambulances still in service have helped to save nearly 65,000   in Boca Raton/Delray Beach, at 561.288.5658 or email
      I want to share with you                           lives cumulatively in locations that crisscross the entire State 
      some recent updates of our                         of Israel. From small towns to big
      lifesaving work this last                          cities, and everywhere in between,
      month, responding to tragic                        Israelis from all walks of life benefit
      disasters, both terror related                     from your efforts. Each and every
      AND natural.                                       day, these emergency vehicles and
         Magen  David Adom                               the  paramedics  and  EMT’s  who
      paramedics responded to                            operate them, save lives. With each
      separate terror attacks in                         dispatch, in both times of great
      Jerusalem last month.                              distress and great joy,  the  Boca
         In the first incident, MDA treated a moderately injured   Pointe community is proudly
      teen stabbed in the back near the Temple Mount. Just hours   represented with these vehicles.
      later, MDA treated a critically wounded member of the      Over  2400  babies  have
      Israeli Border Police who, after initially being stabbed by a   been assisted in their delivery
      terrorist during a check of bus passengers, was accidently   OR delivered outright by an
      shot as other police officers tried to subdue the attacker.   ambulance bearing the name of the
         The teen from the first attack was taken to Hadassah Ein   Boca Pointe community.
      Keren Hospital, where he was listed in good condition. The      I hope to have the opportunity to
      police officer from the second attack was grievously wounded   see many of you at our March 21st
      by friendly fire and succumbed to his injuries at Hadassah’s   Boca-Delray  Community  Event.
      Mount Scopus facility.                             You’ll be able to “ride” one of our
         These attacks mark the latest terrorist acts in the Jerusalem   Medicycles and see nearly a dozen
      area in the beginning of this year. We’ve seen a shooting   ambulances donated by our Boca-
      attack that killed seven on Shabbat in Neve Yaakov, a   Delray community just before they
      second shooting attack the following day that wounded   are transported to Israel.
      two, including an MDA EMT walking with his father, and      To Register – visit www.afmda.
      a car-ramming attack the following Shabbat that killed a   org/event/boca-2023/.
      20-year-old married man and two young brothers, 6 and 8.      For  information  about  our
         Evenings in Israel’s coastal areas have been punctuated   sponsorship  levels  and  tickets,
      by Red Alerts, warning Israelis of possible incoming rockets,   or if you will be travelling to
      leaving residents in much of Israel in a state of anxiety.   Israel and would like to tour
         The men and women of Magen David Adom are on alert   MDA  facilities  or  to  learn  more
      and are ready to respond to any terror or rocket attack.   about our Magen David Adom’s
         Meanwhile, nearly 800 miles away in south central
      Turkey, Israel’s official aid delegation, which included
      paramedics from Magen David Adom, headed home after                          Alisa Lebensohn, Esq.*
      the Turkish government called an end to the search-and-
      rescue phase of the earthquake response.                                           Lebensohn Law, P.A.
         While the search-and-rescue operation was brief, says
      Felix Lotan, a senior paramedic who oversees disaster                                (561) 777-2233
      response for Magen David Adom, the operation successfully                 
      pulled 19 people, including several children, alive from              *Licensed in FL and NY with 30 years combined experience
      the rubble and provided initial medical treatment.
         MDA’s  response  to  terror  attacks  in  Jerusalem,  its         Boca Pointe Resident, Providing Concierge Legal Services
      ability to respond to rocket attacks in the Lachish region,   to Palm Beach and Broward County Residents since 2015 and practicing law since 1992
      or its ability to mobilize and provide aid in the aftermath         Estate Planning, Family Law, Small Business Operations
      of the earthquake in Turkey all have one thing in common   Negligence/Medical Malpractice, Mobile Notary Services (yes, we come to you!)
      — your support.
                                                                     RESuLTS DRiVEN; TRuSTWORTHY; CARiNG; EFFiCiENT

                                                                     mention The Viewpointe and get a free 15 min. consultation!

                                                                  Everyone deserves a doctor who they

                                                                       trust and like. One who listens and

                                                                     takes their time to answer questions

                                                                   and address concerns. A doctor who is

                                                                     available when you need them most.

                                                           I provide proactive, preventive, wellness & sick care to
                                                           adult patients at my concierge medical practice.

      Felix Lotan, Senior Paramedic & Head of MDA’s Emergency
      Preparedness                                         To discuss your health needs, and my care model, you

         The support of friends like you in Boca Pointe    are invited to a complimentary meet and greet with
      enable Magen David Adom to respond to virtually any   me - by video, phone or, when the pandemic permits,
      medical or humanitarian emergency by providing the
      medical  equipment,  purchasing  the supplies, enabling   in-person at my practice.
      the development of groundbreaking technology, and
      sustaining a culture of training and continual preparedness.   Please call 561.368.0191 to schedule your meet and
         On behalf of Magen David Adom and the people of   greet with me. I look forward to meeting you.
      Israel, thank you.
         With that, allow me to personally and cordially invite
      you  to  join  us  on  March 21st to our annual Boca-                                                           Steven E. Reznick, MD, FACP
      Delray Community Wide Event featuring keynote                      Recognized as a “Best Doc”.  Practicing in our community since 1979.
      speaker Scott Pelley, award-winning  60 Minutes
      Correspondent, and former CBS Evening News Anchor
      and Managing Editor. This event marks the first time           7280 W. Palmetto Park Road | Suite 205N | Boca Raton | 33433
      since COVID-19 that we will have the ability to celebrate                
      together your community’s role in the heroic life-saving
      work of Magen David Adom.
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