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      Act As One For                                                  Boca Pointe Community Association, Inc.

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      By Steve Handwerker                                        Email:   Judith Levy      Elyse Weintraub Brown William A. Gralnick
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         To do good in the world                          Access Control                      Lisa Sileo       Oris Martin       Yishai Mizrahi
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      we need to be able to work                          Operator: (561) 395-3392            Halli Moore      Barry J. Haberman
      together and work with allies                       Voice mail system: (561) 395-3369   Harold Katz      Peter Sachs
      aligned with our values of                                                              Harriet Rubin    Steven L. Abrams
      sustainability, peace and                           Staff
      the most good for the most                          Lisa Cammaleri, Assistant Manager
                                                          Yvonne Rivera, Administrative Assistant
      number. The planet has seen an                      Marcel Dos Santos, Director of Security
      average 68% drop in mammal,                                                                The views of the writers of the various articles in this newspaper do not
      bird, fish, reptile and amphibian populations in the last 50 years!     Viewpointe of Boca Pointe is the newspaper   necessarily reflect the views of the Boca Pointe Community Association.
      The loss is fundamentally caused by resource misuse and habitat   of Boca Pointe Community Association, Inc.   The Association nor the individual writers are not responsible for claims or
                                                          Please  direct  all  questions,  comments  or
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      destruction due to unsustainable consumption, and agricultural   articles for Viewpointe to lisa.cammaleri@  Such claims and promises are the sole responsibility of the individual
      practices and deforesting. Biodiversity losses range from 94% in   advertiser.
      Latin America and the Caribbean to 24% in Europe and Central
      Asia. We must change the ways we produce and consume foods
      by making agriculture and life styles more sustainable, reducing
      waste, and adapting and adopting to healthier more sustainable
      diets. We all need to cultivate, in each of our lifestyles, A
      MOVEMENT toward change. Groundwork ORV is one example
      you can check it out.
         Creating climate safe/sustainable buildings, using efficient
      renewable practices is a vital component. Making conservation
      a focus in utilizing empty spaces and also congested areas.
      Greener and more accessible transportation (increase miles
      traveled by passengers on public transit by 25%) is another
      useful way to focus on creating a MOVEMENT TO CHANGE.
      More tree coverage (at least 30%) in populated areas would also
      significantly impact a green strategy. Simple ways to improve
      our planetary presence and have less of a footprint is purchase
      foods grown locally and organically and waste less and less of
      it in consumption practices. Conservation and sustainability
      involves a restorative process not just with the land but with our
      hearts and minds as well so we as human are more connected to
      our environment and the land that is so precious and limited!

         Steven E. Handwerker Ph.D. D.div, RM
         Board Certified Licensed Psychologist
         50 years experience
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        Lease Renewals

           Renters- If you plan to renew your lease at Boca
        Pointe, please provide the BPCA Management
        office a copy of your renewal lease and vehicle
        registration prior to your lease expiration date.
        Both  items are  needed to  ensure  that your
        transponder does not get deactivated when the
        lease ends. Please email to
          Thank you! 

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