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Page 8, Viewpointe                                                   March 2023
      March Forth And Dream Again And Again

       By Josette Veltri                                    Don’t live life looking through your rear view   you will have chosen a life sentenced with conflicts and
                                                         mirror. Not new information? So why are many still   regrets. It is said, if you do not keep moving forward,
          Mark Nepo, author, poet                        living with one foot in the past? Almost everything we   you will be stuck in the same place vacillating, taking
       and philosopher encourages                        think and feel will hold us back or thrust us to keep   one step forward and one step backward.
       us to keep moving forward                         moving forward.                                      It was Henry David Thoreau, a 19th century American
       with intense fervor in spite                         Clarity, have a clear focus. It is said, it is hard to see   poet and philosopher who said,  “If one advances
       of circumstances. Mark, a                         the picture when you are the frame. Know where you   confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors
       cancer survivor, inspires us                      are marching to and, listen hard to the guidance of your   to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with
       through his writing, Breaking                     dreamer. It is recommended to have a daily practice of   a success unexpected in common hours.”
       Surface, to march forth and                       shaking off yesterday’s debris. One way to accomplish      It is the month of March and what a better time to
       dream again and again:                            this is to have a daily practice of journaling.   remind ourselves to March Forth and Dream Again and
       Let no one keep you from                             Live with a non-stoppable spirit. Daily zip-up into a   Again!
       your journey,                                     warrior’s mental attitude. Having a warrior mindset will
       no rabbi or priest, no mother                     have you thriving not just surviving in no time.     For  more  information  on  learning  and  applying
       who wants you to dig for treasures                   What’s holding you back? Understanding what    coping  strategies,  contact  Josette  Veltri  at  josette@
       she misplaced, no father                          holds you back will free you from a life filled with fears, 
       who won’t let one life be enough,                 frustrations, contradictions and more. If you are unwilling
       no lover who measures their worth                 to wrestle with and resolve what’s holding you back,
       by what you might give up,
       no voice that tells you in the night
       it can’t be done.
       Let nothing dissuade you
       from seeing what you see
       or feeling the winds that make you
       want to dance alone
       or go where no one                                                                       March 5-26, 2023
       has yet to go.
       You are the only explorer.                                                                       My Festival...My Way,
       Your heart, the unreadable compass.
       Your soul, the shore of a promise                                                               a multi-access festival
       too great to be ignored.                                                                    both virtually and in theaters
          Although now deceased, it was Nelson Mandela who
       reminded us not to settle for a life less than the one we are
       capable of living. The great basketball player, Michael Jordan,
       missed more than 9,000 shots, lost almost 300 games but
       marched on the courts anyway to become one of the greatest
       NBA players of all time. Fired from her first TV anchor position,           Enjoy a wide variety of premiere, Jewish-themed films
       Oprah Winfrey kept marching forth and, today she is worth                   from around the globe, including feature films, shorts,
       $2.5 billion, ( On the verge of losing                documentaries and comedies presented by one of
       his hearing, Beethoven wrote the Moonlight Sonata anyway.
          There are many ways to keep marching forth. Seeing                        the world’s largest in-theater Jewish Film Festivals.
       through the eyes of your dreamer is one and the following
       are more to consider:                                                        Cinemark Palace 20 Boca Raton • Movies of Delray
                                                                                          Beifield Auditorium at the Levis JCC
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