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March 2023                                                      Viewpointe, Page 9
      How Boca Sees America—And It’s Not In A Chevrolet

      By William A. Gralnick                                First, a few random notes. Each of these cars comes      Now to show you how ridiculous this can be, price is
                                                         with a hefty destination charge that can add thousands   not always what makes the choice. What often makes the
         When we first moved                             more to the price. The insurance is staggering. All require   difference is that not many others have it yet. The Karma
      to Boca, my youngest                               specialty care. Some of them are incredibly reliable. The   comes in at a paltry 80 grand, there are fewer on the road
      son,  who  has a  unique                           Bentley is one; some aren’t like the Jaguar. The Bentley’s   than Ferraris. Karmas are the new thing—for the moment.
      ability to synthesize his                          horsepower is 600+ while the Rolls is a mere 500+. While      One only wonders what comes next. And if this seems
      thoughts, looked around                            even at the lowest end, the cars can be driven home and   a bit prejudiced, it is written by the owner of a Subaru
      out the car window and said, “It’s not hard to remember   oogled, but like your everyday models, there are things to   Outback, but one who lives in Boca, which is much better
      where you live in this place.” Ba da boom. Boca has many   add, and the prices on these things are not like the things   than living in say, Deerfield.
      peculiarities, one of which is being known by half its name.   on your everyday models. And while some consider the
      Another is someone suing a developer because his Boca   Rolls stodgy, those who drive it don’t care.     Columnist and author Bill Gralnick was born and raised
      Raton subdivision had a Delray Beach zip code. Boca has      Alpha Romeo Q $80,000+                  in Brooklyn, NY. He is writing a three-part humorous memoir.
      “a season,” which isn’t a match for any of those we know      Bentley $259,000++ (1-60 in 4.5 seconds, top speed   The first is “The War of the Itchy Balls and Other Tales from
      as seasons. During that season, it expands like a balloon   180 mph!)                                Brooklyn.” Just published is the sequel, “George Washington
      into which one pumps water. The population goes up 30%+.      BMW Alpina $109,000+; i8 Roadster $147,000+  Didn’t Sleep Here.” Both are available on Amazon. You can
      Many of those folks haven’t figured out where they are      Ferrari Purosangue (translation = pure blood) $400,000;   find his writing at 
      going until they leave at the end of “the season.”  715HP, 0-60 3.e seconds, which can translate into making
         Style and fashion change quickly here. One category of   your pure blood run cold.
      change is cars. The average American keeps a car for seven      Jaguar F: $71,000-91,000+             Dear Boca Pointe
      years. Not here. Cars go in and out of fashion in no more than      Karma Revero $140,000
      two “seasons.” The Lexus had a pretty fair run. It had many      Lamborghini Urus $349,000+; Aventador $502,000+
      models and is a good car with excellent service behind it;      Lotus: Half mil-two million! 2,000HP, 1-186 in 9 seconds  Dog Owners:
      when you owned a Lexus, you felt a cut above (above those      Porche $99,000+; Panamera $141-190,000+; almost
      who didn’t). At some point, Boca became lousy with Lexi,   700 HP
      and the Lexus became known as the Boca Chevy. It isn’t that      Rolls Royce $348,000+                   We have had a few recent
      people stopped buying them, not by any means, but the cut      But came a people who knew not BMW. Alfa Romeo   complaints from residents who have
      above became not high enough.                      was calling. I think in the fashion game Italian always beats   had uncomfortable encounters
         Then it seemed the Porche, which I always thought was an   German. So, what if it was rated so-so under dependability,   with dogs off leash around the
      Italian car, seemed to grow in numbers. First, there were more   it was an Alfa Romeo?                property. We  are
      Porche Box cars. Then the Porche came out with the four-seater      Now don’t get me wrong, the Jaguar has not disappeared.   reaching out to our
      Panamera. There was a rush for those when the SUV became   Chevy’s and pickup trucks, Acuras, and Fords abound. There   residents to remind
      popular, which began a rush for the Cayenne. Then get out of   are increasing numbers of electric cars, particularly Tesla. I   them of our rules
      my way, Cayenne, here comes the BMW. The Beemer was   saw a special-order Cadillac Escalade, about as big as a battle   concerning keeping
      always popular. There were lots of 300 series on the road, but   tank, that was going for over 100,000 grand. The reality is   dogs on leashes and cleaning pet litter. As a resident of
      BMW busted out with the 500 series and then the 7. They were   there is only so high one can go in the up-trading game, unless   Boca Pointe you must: Keep your dog on a Leash. All
      so electronically complicated that people were intrigued by the   you have a ton of money. Up there, one sees the Mercedes   dogs must be controlled on a leash by an able-bodied
      complexity. My perception is that most hadn’t figured it out   500 series, another battle tank. The Lotus and the Lambo   person, at all times, whenever the dog is on property.
      until they sold it. If it started and stopped and the radio sounded   are zipping up and down Glades and Powerline. There’s   Also, you must clean up and properly dispose of pet
      wonderful, that was enough. Now BMW has a sports car that   something I’ve seen called the Karma. And I understand   waste when your pet relieves itself. Knowing and
      is a real showstopper. They are growing in number.  from trusted gossipers that Bentley, in its first year, made   abiding by our community’s animal-related ordinances
         Speaking of showstoppers, here’s a list of SUV’s and   a very limited edition of the Bentley Sports Coupe. Ninety   will help make our neighborhood a better place for
      sports cars I’ve seen about town, or I’m sure will see   percent of them ended up in Boca. Still, “King of The You   everyone. Thank you! 
      shortly, and their price tags:                     Can’t Get To the Top of My Hill” club,” is the Rolls.

            Concierge Heart Care

            inspired by you.

            At Delray Medical Center, we are committed to providing life-saving heart care. From the moment patients
            enter our ER, our experienced team provides a specialized care plan to quickly identify and treat patients
            experiencing chest pain and heart failure symptoms.

            On every step of your care journey, our team will be        Our innovative services include:
            by your side to fast track your care:                       •  Expedited Diagnosis and Treatment for Chest Pain,
            •  Cardiac ER Liaison - meets patients in the ER               Heart Attack and Heart Failure
            •  Cardiac Nurse Navigators - meet patients admitted        •  Dedicated Cardiac Medical, Step Down and ICU Units
               to our specialized cardiac unit and offer post           •  Same Day Recovery Cardiac Procedures
               discharge follow up care                                 •  Minimally Invasive Treatment Options (MitraClip,
            •  Cardiologists, Electrophysiologists, Cardiothoracic         TAVR, Convergent, Watchman)
               and Vascular Surgeons                                    •  Inpatient/Outpatient Cardiac and Pulmonary
            •  Specially Trained Cardiac Nurses and Dedicated              Rehabilitation
               Cardiac Practitioners

                                                                                  To find a cardiac or vascular physician affiliated with our nationally
                                               5352 Linton Blvd., Delray Beach    recognized, award-winning program, please call 833.918.1211.
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