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      Constanţa The City By The Sea

      Previously submitted by the                        today. Along the walkway
      late Don Kiselewski, MCC,                          there is archeological
      D.S., Palm Beach Gardens                           evidence that points to the
      Travel Leaders                                     existence of warehouses and
        For those of you who are                         shops. The public baths are
      mythology buffs, you may                           still in evidence at the lower
      recall that Jason with his                         end of the walkway near the
      Argonauts  landed  on the                          Casino. On the subject of
      shore of the Black Sea after                       water, a Roman Aqueduct
      he had found the Golden                            brought water six miles into
      Fleece. Tomis was the name                         the city.
      of the city where he was                             During World War  I
      supposed to have landed. The city’s history dates back   Constanţa  was  occupied
      some 2,500 years. It became a natural location for a   by the Central Power,
      city because it was situated at the crossroads of several   consisting of German,  The Casino building features a sumptuous architecture and a wonderful view of the sea. The
      commercial sea routes. Tomis is located on the west coast   Turkish and Bulgarian  pedestrian area around the Casino is a sought-after destination for couples and families,
      of today’s Romania, about 50 miles north of where the   troops.  The city was  especially at sunset.
      Danube River empties into the Black Sea. It’s 180 miles   liberated by Allied troops
      northeast to the Bosphorus Strait. But don’t go searching   in 1918. Romania joined
      for Tomis on the map, because you won’t find it.   NATO in 2002 and its 21.6
        The city was founded by the Greeks who traveled   million citizens joined the
      east across the Black Sea from Miletus. You won’t find   European Union in 2007.
      Miletus on a current map either. It was a Bronze Age city     It was during the 13th
      that had its beginnings recorded by Homer at the time of   century that Genoese
      the Trojan Wars. The Greeks arrived in the sixth century   merchants dominated the
      B.C.  and  controlled  the  area  until  71  B.C.  when  they   Black Sea. Under their
      lost control to the Romans. It was the Roman Emperor   influence.  Constanţa
      Constantine the Great (274 to 337) who changed the   flourished. However,
      name of the city to Constantiana in honor of his sister.   the bottom fell out two
      Apparently the name didn’t catch on right away, because   centuries later under Turkish
      the first recorded usage was in 950 A.D. The Great Wall of   Rule.  To  commemorate
      Trajan ended at the seaward city of Constantiana, which   the good old days, the
      itself was surrounded by a number of fortitications.  Genoese Lighthouse was
        The name was shortened to Constanţa during Ottoman   constructed in 1860. It
      control. After becoming part of the Bulgarian Empire as   stands only 26 feet above
      an independent principality under Mircea 1 of Wallachia,   the ground, however, that’s
      Constanţa fell under the control of the Ottoman Empire in   tall enough for ships to be
      1419. It remained under the Ottomans for 450 years until   guided. The lighthouse is
      1878, when it was claimed by Romania in the Romanian   located just off Ovidius
      War of Independence. This acquisition gave Romania a   Square. First century poet  The Great Mahmudiye Mosque    The Genoese Lighthouse
      seaport that has become the fourth largest in Europe after   Ovidius Publius Naso is
      Rotterdam, Antwerp and Marseille.                  the namesake of the square. A statue sculpted by Ettore   is a sought-after destination to relax and enjoy those
        Shortly before this time, in 1860, a railroad was   Ferrari in 1887 highlights the area. Emperor Augustus   things that are important in one’s life. It is an especially
      constructed linking Constanţa to Cernavodă. The terminal   exiled Ovidius to Tomis in A.D. 8.        sought-after area in the evening for couples and families
      building was badly damaged during the War of Independence.     In the 19th century King Carol  I decided  to revive   looking to enjoy the sunset.
      Parts of the structure have been reclaimed and while doing   Constanţa, and as a result, fine mansions and hotels were     The  Turkish influence was still in place in 1910
      so, they discovered the substantial remains of what is said   built in the city to embellish the attributes of the seaside   when King Carol I had the Great Mahmudiye Mosque
      to be the longest mosaic pavement in the world. The Roman   resort. This resulted in making Constanţa the third largest   constructed.  It is  the  center of  Islam in Romania and
      Mosaic is believed to have been built in the fourth century   city in Romania. Today it is an important cultural and   the seat of the Mufti, the spiritual leader of the 60,000
      A.D. It connected the upper lever of the city to the harbor.   economic center. Adding to this effort are the various   Muslims (Turks and Tatars by origin) who live along
      Some 9,000-plus square feet of the colorful mosaic remains   archaeological attractions that entice visitors to the area.  the coast of the Dobruja region. By far, it is the most
                                                           The Casino is one of the hallmark structures of the city.   distinctive mosque in the area, combining both Byzantine
                                                         It was built right on the seashore in the early part of the   and Romanian architectural elements. The 164-foot-high
                                                         20th century in an art nouveau style, attracting visitors
                                                         and locals alike, the pedestrian area around the Casino   Constanţa The City By The Sea on page 11

      Tourists enjoy a sunny day on Mamaia resort beach,
      Romania’s oldest, largest and most popular summer resort,   friday, march 31, 2023
      on the Black Sea Coast in northwest Constanţa.
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