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                                                                               PEACEFUL, FRIENDLY, COMMUNITY ATMOSPHERE

        VOL. 26 NO. 3                                                                              MARCH 2023

                                                            TequesTa spoTlighT

                               Golden Heart Luncheon Raises Nearly

                                 $600,000 For Children’s Health Care

        Celebrating 19 years of inspiring
      hope and promoting world-class
      pediatric care, the Nicklaus Children’s
      Health Care Foundation raised nearly
      $600,000 during its annual Golden
      Heart Luncheon at The Country Club
      at Mirasol on Jan. 30.
        The 16-time  Grammy  award-
      winning composer and producer
      David Foster, and his wife, American
      Idol alumna and singer Katharine
      McPhee, attended the luncheon as
      special guests, using their music and  Jack and Barbara Nicklaus, Katharine McPhee,
      voices to help raise money for the  David Foster

                           ChariTy evenT                                          Nicklaus Family, David Foster and Katharine McPhee

                                                                                  Tequesta Spotlight on page  4
              16th Annual SleepOut                                                                   Fundraising evenT

              Moves To Roger Dean

                  Chevrolet Stadium                                               Palm Beach’s Wildest Night

        The Lord’s Place puts a                                                         Raised More Than $2.8
      spin on how the community
      can help hit homelessness out
      of the ballpark.                                                              Million To Benefit Wildlife
        The  Lord’s  Place  is
      throwing a curveball for its
      16th Annual SleepOut. Roll                                                     And Palm Beach Zoo And
      out your sleeping bags, set up
      your tents, and get ready for a
      spin on the agency’s signature                                                       Conservation Society
      event on Friday, March 31, at
      a new location – Roger Dean
      Chevrolet Stadium in Jupiter,                                                 Life-sized lighted giraffes
      Fla. Sleeping out under the  Annette  Atteridge with sons, left to right: Luke and   welcomed 500 guests to Palm
                               Nicholas Atteridge, Samson and Harry Scarola at a past   Beach’s wildest night of the
      Charity Event on page 3  SleepOut event                                     season. Palm Beach Zoo and
                                                                                  Conservation Society’s Journey
                                                                                  to Africa Gala brought together
                                                                                  friends, world-changers and
                                                                                  wildlife lovers to make a
                                                                                  difference and elevate Palm
                                                                                  Beach Zoo to its true next level:
                                                                                  the zoo of the future.
                                                                                    Deborah Dauman and
                                                                                  Suzanne Johnson served as
                                                                                                             Philippe and Deborah Dauman, Suzanne and Woody
                                                                                  Fundraising Event on page 6  Johnson
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