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Our Village Voice

        VOL. 34 NO. 3                                                                              MARCH 2023

      Gratitude                                                                                             Bill’s Box

      Arthur Ross Cummings                                 The HOA Board of Directors of The Shores of Jupiter   By Bill Thompson
                                                         express their gratitude for your extraordinary contribution.
        In recognition and deep appreciation for your efforts and      David Lindley   Barry Parker         Harley Two
      achievements to ensure The Shores of Jupiter its rightful      Brian Martin    John Hornyak             The little rascal
      reputation as “the place to live” in Jupiter. Art, your diligence and      Ryan Warren   Sal Greco    is recovering from
      hard work toward improving our village has been a major factor      Cynthia Clemente                  neutering, which I
      in preserving property values and appearance of our upscale     Editor’s note: After a long tenure, Art is no longer serving   consider from a personal
      development. You are commended for your arduous efforts and   on The Shores Board of Directors, having resigned to take   view to be an insult
      commitment to The Shores and each of its homeowners.  on other challenges. He will be missed.         to his maleness. He
                                                                                                            looks embarrassed to
       Northern Notes                                                                                       be seen in that silly hat.
                                                                                                            Otherwise, he is doing just fine. I wonder, upon full
                                                                                                            recovery, whether he will still be obsessed in fishing
       Know The Flow                                                                                        paper from wastebaskets to shred all over the floor.
                                                                                                            Annual Meeting Of The Shores Association (HOA)
       By Katie Roundtree,                                                                                    The meeting was held on Feb. 15. Dave Lindley, our
       Director of Finance and                                                                              HOA president, conducted an orderly and informative
       Administration, Northern                                                                             meeting to report the year’s activities and the present
       Palm Beach County                                                                                    state of The Shores of Jupiter.
       Improvement District                                                                                   There were five candidates for election to four seats
         Flood control in Florida                                                                           on the board. The four elected were presently serving
       is a shared responsibility that                                                                      members, Dave Lindley, John Hornyak, Salvatore
       provides maximum benefit                                                                             Greco, and a new addition, Cynthia Clemente. The
       only when all components                                                                             officers are Dave Lindley, president; John Hornyak,
       (primary, secondary and                                                                              vice president; Cynthia Clemente, secretary; Barry
       tertiary) are designed and                                                                           Parker, treasurer. These and all other assignments are
       constructed to work together                                                                         listed in the yellow block on Page 2 of this issue.
       and are maintained in proper working order. Florida is     So, what path does storm water typically follow from your
       more complex than many states, where one entity is usually   neighborhood to its final destination? Here’s an example. Five   Bill’s Box on page 3
       responsible for providing local and regional drainage for the   inches of rain falls in 24 hours over an inland community. This
       community. Some areas have no formal drainage systems and   rain follows a wet period, so groundwater levels are already
       are prone to routine flooding; others may be covered by several   high. According to most approved drainage designs, some
       organizations or governments providing varying service levels.   water is temporarily stored in public recreational areas, yard
       Depending on conditions, water may have to be routed through   swales and streets. The excess surface water slowly drains to
       several interconnected, though independent, conveyance   community lakes or on-site ponds via street and yard drainage
       systems – each of which must be properly maintained and   grates, swales, ditches or canals. Water then drains from the
       functioning – to provide flood protection for south Florida
       neighborhoods.                                    Northern Notes on page 3                                                        Sunday,
      Commissioner’s Update                                                                                                              March 12

      2023 Legislative Session                           and homelessness; infrastructure; public safety;
                                                         environmental protection; and, substance abuse and
      Priorities                                         behavior disorders.
                                                           Influenced by those priorities, here are just some of the
      By Commissioner                                    legislative measures and appropriations we are advocating
      Maria Marino                                       through our delegation:
        The  Board of County                             Economic Development
      Commissioners has                                    Biomedical research funding for educational programs
      identified six strategic                           produced  by  local  universities  and  state  colleges  in
      priorities that have guided                        partnership with institutions such as Max Planck, Scripps
      the formulation of the                             of Florida, Florida Atlantic University, Palm Beach State
      FY2023 budget and set                              College and University of Florida. Supporting STEM
      the course for advocating                          programs will grow our workforce in the biotech industry.
      Palm Beach County’s                                  Funding to  support the  restoration  of  historical
      needs this 2023 legislative                        facilities on Peanut Island, including the U.S. Coast
      session  in Tallahassee.
      Those priorities are economic development; housing   Commissioner’s Update on page 5

                                                                                     REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY IMMEDIATELY

                                                                                          TO THE JUPITER POLICE DEPARTMENT
                                                                                                           (561) 799-4445

                                                                                                 Use 911 for emergencies only. Lock car doors.
                                                                                                       Do not leave valuables in the car.
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