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VOL. 25 NO. 5                                                                                     MAY 2023

      Piper’s Landing

      Holds Golf Tournament Fundraiser For SafeSpace

      By Michelle Maguire
        On Feb. 21 the Piper’s Landing Women’s 18 Hole Golf
      Association (PLWGA) held a golf tournament charity event
      for SafeSpace, the only state certified agency serving domestic
      violence victims and their children in Martin, St. Lucie and
      Indian River counties. Members of the PLWGA and other
      members of the Piper’s Landing community supported the
      event by sponsoring golf holes, making donations, buying raffle
      tickets and auction items. The event, cochaired by Nancy Wong
      and Rosemary Burns, included a luncheon with a live auction
      conducted by Mik Panavas, silent auction and a tea cup raffle
      of over 60 items and a talk by SpaceSafe CEO Teresa Albizu.
        The event raised $26,535 which included over $3,000 from about 50 PLWGA members     Albizu shared that besides
      who paid to buy welcome bags/purses containing personal hygiene and toiletry items to give   a  hotline  and  emergency
      to domestic violence victims when they enter the emergency shelter, many of whom come   shelters,  SafeSpace  also
      with nothing but the clothes they are wearing. This helps defray the costs of about 50 bags   provides a wide range of other
      SafeSpace will give to victims who come to the shelter for safety.          services to victims seeking help inside and outside the shelter such as safety planning, mental
                                                                                  health counseling for victims and their children, legal assistance, financial literacy training,
      12th Annual                                                                 child protective services, youth violence prevention education, and more – all free of charge.
                                                                                    “Federal and state grants cover only about half of the agency’s expenses,” says
      Purse Party Fundraiser                                                      Albizu, “so SafeSpace is very grateful to Piper’s Landing for raising over $26,000 to
                                                                                  help us sustain the programs and services that will help victims become survivors and
                                                                                  transition to a life free from violence.”
                                                                                    The charity event would not have been successful without the donations of items
      2023 Purse Party – Laughing To Raise Money                                  for the auctions and raffles from PLWGA members and Piper’s Landing staff, as well
                                                                                  as from others in the Martin County community: Diane Anthony’s Permanent Make
      For Educational Programs!                                                   Up, Frank Bianco/Miracle Jewelry Exchange, Marjorie Collins Massage Therapist,
                                                                                  Lourdes Cortina/Tapas by Lourdes, Cat Kaltenhauser Personal Trainer, Dr. Charles
        On March 27 over 150 fabulous ladies gathered to enjoy a                  Oliveri/Spinal Health & Wellness Center, Michelle Radich/Alyce & Co., Sailfish Point
      day full of great conversation and competitive bidding for some             Golf Club, The Gafford and The Lyric Theatre.
      amazing  designer  handbags,  shoes  and  accessories. This  girly            Piper’s Landing could not have held this fundraiser without the help of its many
      gathering  was  hosted  by  Harbour  Ridge Yacht  and  Country              volunteers. They are: Susan Ash, Zenta Barger, Nancy Bowden, Michele Bragg, Lois
      Club in Palm City and presented by Marsha and Michael Cetta.                Brooks, Sue Chase, Sandra Conley, Micki Dion, Pattie Dunn, Sonita Farr, Barbara
      Event attendees participated in some fun on-site games and                  Flynn, Ann Grace, Linda Harlan, Maryann Kiely, Shirley Kohl, Gretchen Kundahl,
      we announced the winners of the New Louis Vuitton Graceful                  Deborah Lovequist, Shirley MacDonald, Judy Papayanakos, Nancy Patterson, Leslie
      handbag and credit card holder and gift card raffle tree, valued            Robinson, Mary Sabbatelli, Mary Simpson, Ellen South and Helene Young.
      at over $4,000!                                                               For more information about SafeSpace, visit or call (772) 223-
        This year’s theme brought a bit of humor to the annual event.             2399. Hotline help is available 24/7 at (772) 288-7023.
      Comedian Casey Peruski entertained guests with many laughs
      and children wrote jokes for the table settings. The event’s master of ceremonies
      superstar news journalist, T.A.                                              Access Your Voter Information
      Walker with WPTV Channel
      5 News, welcomed guests
      as they enjoyed a delicious                                                    Spring greetings to all! With this new season, I am
      lunch, signature cocktail, raffle                                            pleased to share that staff and I are diligently working in
      drawings and live auction, led                                               preparation for the 2024 presidential election cycle.
      by  local  auctioneer  celebrity                                               As your Supervisor of Elections, I encourage all
      Reed  Hartman.  Then  guests                                                 registered Martin County voters to take this time to
      witnessed a heartfelt speech                                                 become familiar with our user-friendly website, www.
      from  museum  volunteer  Sam                                        Please visit the “Access Your Voter
      McIntosh. Sam explained how                                                  Information” link and fill in the required prompts. You
      volunteering at The Children’s                                               can also access this link by using the QR code below.
      Museum  has  helped  him                                                       From this link you can view, verify and update your
      overcome challenges he faces                                                 voter information, such as:
      with autism.                                                                   • Where your Election Day precinct is located.
        We are super excited to                                                      • Access your precinct-specific sample ballot.
      announce that this year’s event   Purse Party Committee: Gina Palagonia, Jessica Ville,     • Know and calendar the 2024 election dates.
                                  Andi McAvoy (chair), Kelly Stancato, Wendie Berardi.     • Request a vote by mail ballot.
      12th Annual Purse Party     Committee members not photographed: Marsha Cetta,     • Check the status of your vote by mail ballot.
      on page 2                   Kira Libratore, Marcie Ferraro                     • Review and update your voter registration information.
                                                                                     • View precinct statistics and current office holders.
                                                                                     During this off-election cycle, it is my goal to provide
                                                                                   you with accurate information as you prepare to make
                                                                                   “Your Choice in 2024.”
                                                                                     If there is anything staff or I can do to better assist you,
                                                                                   please call the office at (772) 288-5637 or visit us online
                                                                                   at for more information.
                                                                                                                                               Vicki Davis,
                                                                                                                          Martin County Supervisor of Elections
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