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VOL. 25 NO. 6                                                                                     JUNE 2023

      Anglers Invited To Fall Hook, Line, And Sinker

      For The Ninth Annual ARC/KDW Fishing Tournament

      Presented By ARC Treasure Coast

        Anglers of all ages are                                                   dolphin, wahoo, grouper,
      invited to fish the ARC’s                                                   and  snapper  …  whatever
      Ninth Annual KDW Offshore                                                   floats your boat!
      Fishing Tournament                                                             Team entry fees are $300.
      on Saturday, June 17 at                                                     We’ll  lure  you  in  with  a
      Pirate’s Cove Resort and                                                    bucket full  of goodies  and
      Marina in Port Salerno.                                                     four tickets to a gourmet
      Fun in the sun and on the                                                   barbecue dinner Saturday
      water is in support of more                                                 evening at the awards
      than 1,000 children and                                                     ceremony. Additional
      adults with intellectual and                                                anglers can join in the fun
      developmental disabilities                                                  for $50 each and family/
      and their families. Try your
      hand at reeling in kingfish,                                                Anglers Invited on page 3  Team Reel Tradition, Winning Snapper
      VSOA’s God’s Green Earth  Supervisor Of Elections

      Art Show A Hit                                                              Announces Winners

      By Jackie Holfelder                                                         Of 2023 Patriotic Contests!
        “God’s Great Earth,” the
      latest art show presented by
      Visionary School of  Arts                                                     Martin County Supervisor of Elections, Vicki Davis, is
      (VSOA) welcomed a record                                                    pleased to announce the winners of the annual countywide
      number of attendees to Infiniti                                             school patriotic art competitions.
      Stuart on April 21.                                                           Through a partnership with the Martin County School
        The show featured more than                                               District, the annual patriotic art competitions seek to
      80 works of art from VSOA                                                   involve school-age students in the elections process by
      students aged 5 to 18, as well                                              placing a spotlight on our local talent and promoting arts
      as from instructors at the school.                                          education.
      Landscapes and animals were                                                   This  year  the  Elections  Office  conducted  three  art
      among the subjects represented.                                             contests:  “Future Voter”  sticker  contest  for  fifth  grade
        An exciting announcement  Martin County Commissioner Ed Ciampi            students;  a  middle  school  poster  contest  sponsored  by
      about VSOA’s new building                                                   Chick-fil-A; and the 2024 “I  Voted” sticker contest
      fund was made at the show.                                                  sponsored by Gary Lesser, managing
      Lynne Barletta, the founder of                                              partner of Lesser, Lesser, Landy and
      VSOA, shared that the new                                                   Smith, PLLC.
      fund called “Visionary Futures”                                               Multiple creative, colorful, and
      has been established at The                                                 artistic patriotic entries were submitted
      Community Foundation Martin                                                 for each contest.  Winners for each
      – St. Lucie.                                                                category are as follows:
        To kickstart the fund, a raffle                                             The winner of the inaugural “Future
      of beautiful baskets donated by                                             Voter” sticker contest is Samuel Castro, a
      such local businesses as Hani                                               fifth grade student from Felix A. Williams
      Honey, and Roasted Record was                                               Elementary School. Samuel’s bright and
      held. Almost $7,000 was raised                                              colorful sticker, earning the first place title,
      toward the new fund.                                                        will be given to each child who comes to   Future Voter Sticker Contest: Samuel Castro,
        Mario Murgado, president                                                  the polls in 2024 with their family.  Vicki Davis – Supervisor of Elections, Laura
      and  CEO  of  Murgado  Santiago Rodriguez, Kimberly Rodriguez, Aila Rodriguez, age     The first, second and third place   Kane – visual arts teacher
      Automotive Group Inc.,  13, Lynne Barletta, Martin County Commissioner Ed Ciampi   winners of the middle school art
      welcomed attendees and talked                                               competition, sponsored each year by
      about the mutual respect between his company and Visionary School of Arts. Mario said that he is   our  local  Stuart  Chick-fil-A,  are  from
      “honored to host this event for Visionary and for the remarkable and talented artists!” He believes   Hidden Oaks Middle School. Chick-fil-A
                                                                                  will display  the artwork  in  the  Stuart
      VSOA’s God’s Green Earth on page 4                                          restaurant throughout the 2024 elections.
                                                                                  This year’s winners are: Olivia Fields,
                                                                                  Jon-Michael Tillet and Madison Twinley.
                                                                                    The winner of the second annual
                                                                                  “I Voted In Martin County” sticker is
                                                                                  Mikayla Campbell, an 11th grade student
                                                                                  from South Fork High School. Her
                                                                                  original and creative design will be the
                                                                                  official “I Voted” sticker in 2024.  Chick-fil-A Middle School Contest: Jon-
                                                                                                                     Michael Tillet; Kherri Anderson, assistant chief
                                                                                  Supervisor Of Elections on page 4  deputy; Jennifer Foglia – visual arts teacher
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