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VOL. 25  NO. 7                                                                                JULY 2023

       Big Brothers Big Sisters                                                                             Check Your

       Of Palm Beach And Martin Counties                                                                    Voter Status!

       Announce Awards And Scholarships                                                                       The 2024 presidential

                                                                                                            elections are just months
        Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of Palm Beach and                                                   away for the state of
      Martin Counties recently held their annual Big and Little                                             Florida. Are you ready
      Awards on Thursday, May 25, at the Manatee Lagoon. New                                                to cast your votes in the
      this year, scholarships were awarded powered by Florida                                               three major elections
      Power & Light (FPL).                                                                                  scheduled for 2024? Is
        Amidst trophies, plaques, videos, a grilled cheese bar, and                                         your voter information
      dessert, friends, family, and supporters gathered to cheer the                                        current and up-to-date?
      bonds between “bigs” and “littles” that steadfastly represents the                                    Have you checked your
      nonprofit Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Palm Beach and Martin                                          voter status?
      Counties. The awards dinner was held to honor the successes of                                          The dates to save and
      the BBBS Littles and those who defend their potential.                                                prepare for are:
        The event was held at the Manatee Lagoon in Riviera                                                 • Presidential Preference Primary – March 19, 2024
      Beach and set the stage for smiles, laughter, hugs, sentiment,                                        • Primary Election – Aug. 20, 2024
      and recognition for the Big and Little of the Year honorees                                           • General Election – Nov. 5, 2024
      and scholarship award recipients.                                                                       Additionally,  I  would  encourage  all  registered
        “These awards celebrate critical relationships between                                              voters to take the time to make sure your voter
      mentors and youth. This year, FPL has provided these amazing                                          information is up-to-date. Ask yourself these four
      opportunities for Littles to continue their path to success                                           simple, yet important questions:
      after high school,” said Yvette Flores Acevedo, CEO of Big                                            • Has your address changed?
      Brothers Big Sisters of Palm Beach and Martin Counties.                                               • Has your name changed?
                                                         Scholarship recipients, Jeanni Hawkins, top row: Yvette   • Do you need to update your signature?
       Big Brothers Big Sisters on page 4                Flores Acevedo, Kate Cotner, Juliet Roulhac        • Would you like to change your party?
                                                                                                              Please visit and click on the
      Record-Breaking Funds Raised                                                                          “Access Your Voter Information” tab located in the
                                                                                                            middle of the home page, fill out the prompts, and
      At The 22nd Annual Robert F. Novins                                                                   review your information. You can update your voter
                                                                                                            information  at  or
                                                                                                            by calling the elections office at (772) 288-5637 for
      Memorial Golf Tournament And Reception                                                                assistance.
                                                                                                              As your Martin County Supervisor of Elections, I
                                                                                                            consider it an honor to serve you. Please do not hesitate
        Twenty-two  years  ago,                                                                             to contact me with any questions or concerns as we
      Carson  Novins,  owner  of                                                                            prepare for the upcoming presidential election cycle.
      Carsons Tavern in Stuart, and                                                                                                            Vicki Davis,
      his family founded the Robert                                                                                     Martin County Supervisor of Elections
      F.  Novins  Memorial  Golf
      Tournament and Reception in
      honor of their late father. Each
      year they host this event that
      mirrors their dad’s kind and
      generous nature.
        Since  2013,  Volunteers
      in  Medicine  (VIM)  Clinic  JP Staropoli, Fred Caimotto, Zach Mihalik and  Christie Rhea, Patsy Devine, Dr. Scott
      has been the nonprofit  Andres Elizondo                        Tapper, Liz Tapper and Christa Dunn
      beneficiary from this event.
      This has resulted in raising over $1 million for VIM Clinic     This year was a record breaker! The 22nd Annual
      to further their mission of “Giving the Gift of Health” to   Robert  F.  Novins  Memorial  Golf  Tournament  and
      Martin County neighbors in need.                   Reception raised over $180,000 for Volunteers in Medicine
                                                                                 Clinic!  VIM  Clinic  is  so
                                                                                 grateful  to  Carson,  his
                                                                                 sisters Beth and Jeffrey and
                                                                                 to all our donors, sponsors,
                                                                                 tournament  committee,
                                                                                 volunteers and raffle and
                                                                                 auction participants! Carson

                                                                                 Record-Breaking Funds
                                                                                 Raised on page 5
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