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VOL. 18 NO. 7                                                                                  JULY 2023

      Injured Veteran Receives Mortgage-Free Home

      From Building Homes For Heroes, Pulte Homes

      And Ibis Charities Foundation

        Two years ago, Ibis Charities Foundation generously                                                  LoGiudice said Ibis Charities Foundation has donated
      donated enough money to modify the home of two injured                                               more than $400,000 this year to local charities to provide
      military veterans.                                                                                   food, medical care, housing, beds and shoes for needy
        But the residents at The Club at Ibis wanted to do more.                                           children. A separate fund was started two years ago to help
        “The goal was to build a house for an injured veteran,”                                            deserving veterans.
      said Stephen LoGiudice, chief operating officer/GM at The                                              “It’s hard to put into words, the ability to help another
      Club at Ibis, “and to do one every year.”                                                            human being, particularly someone who served our country,
        Mission accomplished.                                                                              so we can do what we want to do,” said LoGiudice, who
        On May 22, a groundbreaking ceremony was held in Port                                              attended the groundbreaking with Ibis residents Kris Cohn
      St. Lucie for U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant Francis Reilly                                          and Rick Friedland. “This is a day we will never forget.”
      to receive a mortgage-free home. The 48-year-old Reilly                                                Neither will Reilly. The family had sold their home
      served half his life – 24 years – in the U.S. Air Force as a                                         in Melbourne before the pandemic and were looking at
      pararescue man before being medically retired in 2018 after                                          relocating to Kentucky, where his wife has family. Instead,
      suffering paralysis in his right leg.                                                                they can continue to live in Florida, which he says is the best
        Ibis Charities Foundation, the charitable arm of The Club                                          state in America for veterans.
      at Ibis in West Palm Beach, donated funds to cover the cost
      of building the home that will be valued at $500,000. Ibis                                           Injured Veteran Receives Mortgage-Free Home on page 3
      Charities Foundation partnered with Building Homes for
      Heroes and Pulte Homes to allow Reilly, wife Heather and
      their three children to live in a mortgage-free home in the   Stephen LoGiudice, Rick Friedland, Kris Cohn, Frank Reilly,   Luncheon Honors
      Heron Preserve subdivision of Tradition.           Brent Baker and Heather Reilly
      Jupiter Medical Center Auxiliary                                                                      Local Champions Of

      Gives Gift To Create Family Waiting Area                                                              Affordable Housing

                                                                                                              The Housing Leadership Council of Palm Beach
      $1.5 Million Donation Is                                                                              County hosted the inaugural Housing Heroes Luncheon
      Earmarked For Special Space                                                                           on Wednesday, May 10, at the Hilton West Palm Beach.
                                                                                                            A  packed  house  of  350  cheered  on  Commissioner
      At Johnny And Terry Gray                                                                              Mack  Bernard  and  three  other  award  winners  who
                                                                                                            have demonstrated their commitment to improving
      Surgical Institute                                                                                    affordable housing in Palm Beach County. Presented
                                                                                                            by PNC Bank, the event celebrated the achievements
        Jupiter Medical Center is pleased to announce a $1.5                                                of the following award winners:
      million donation to support the Johnny and Terry Gray
      Surgical Institute. The funds were generously provided
      by the Jupiter Medical Center Auxiliary, the not-for-profit
      hospital’s volunteer organization, to create a state-of-the-art
      and tranquil family waiting area at the highly anticipated
      facility. In honor of the gift, the space will be named the   strong,” said auxiliary President Fred Lissauer. “Earlier this
      Jupiter Medical Center Auxiliary Lounge.           year, the auxiliary Board unanimously agreed to pledge $1.5
        “The  auxiliary’s  commitment  to  the  hospital  stands   million over four years to fund the family waiting area in
                                                                                 the Johnny and Terry Gray
                                                                                 Surgical Institute.”
                                                                                   The donation is the result
                                                                                 of sales from the hospital’s
                                                                                 volunteer-run thrift and gift
                                                                                 shops. In addition to financial
                                                                                 contributions, the auxiliary
                                                                                 oversees all volunteer efforts,   Senator Alexis Calatayud  Tanya Rogers

                                                                                 Jupiter Medical Center     Luncheon Honors Local Champions on page 4
                                                                                 Auxiliary on page 2
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