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        VOL. 23 NO. 8                                                                              AUGUST 2023

      Wounded Veterans Relief Fund Leads Statewide Effort To

      Provide Dental Care To Veterans In Florida

         Driven by their mission                                                                              According to the VA, only 15 percent of veterans receive
      to  improve  veteran  dental                                                                         VA dental care, which places veterans into benefits classes
      care throughout the state                                                                            based on military service history and current health and
      of Florida, the  Wounded                                                                             living situations. Specific benefits are assigned to each class,
      Veterans Relief Fund                                                                                 meaning not all veterans may receive comprehensive dental
      (WVRF) is the first nonprofit                                                                        care. Only veterans who are 100 percent disabled or sustained
      in the state to lead the                                                                             an oral injury while serving are given dental care at the VA.
      statewide effort to offer free                                                                          WVRF Executive Director and Army Veteran Michael
      critical dental care to veterans who are unable to afford                                            Durkee said the low VA dental care statistic is a critical
      dental care and do not have access to care through the                                               concern, as poor oral health can lead to a range of serious
      United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) or
      private insurance.                                 Before                  After                     Wounded Veterans Relief Fund on page 2
      The Mandel JCC Of The Palm Beaches

      Co-Ed Youth Basketball League Fall Season

         The Mandel JCC’s Co-Ed Youth Basketball League
      for grades K to 8 starts Monday, Sept. 18.  The J is
      offering a place for children at all skill levels to play
      basketball right in your backyard. Families are having
      to travel to East Boynton Beach or West Boca Raton to
      participate in quality sports activities. “There is a need
      for families to keep their activities close to home and
      we are filling that need,” says Jaquan Greaux, director
      of sports and fitness.
         The Mandel JCC has been known for their excellence
      in  early  childhood  education,  family  activities,  and
      exceptional summer camps. The organization is forward-

      The Mandel JCC Of The Palm Beaches on page 3
      Boca Helping Hands Celebrated Its 25th Anniversary

      With ‘Founders Day’ Event

         Boca Helping Hands (BHH) commemorated its 25th      The celebration was highlighted with speeches by BHH
      anniversary with a “Founders Day” celebration recognizing   Board President Gary Peters and Executive Director Greg Hazle,
      current and past board members, elected officials, and other   both of whom recognized the many volunteers, supporters, and
      invited guests. The event was held on July 12 at Boca Helping   staff who have been instrumental in helping the organization
      Hands in Boca Raton.                               achieve its mission in the community.
         Palm Beach County (PBC) Commissioner Marci Woodward      “We were so pleased to celebrate our 25th birthday by
      presented a proclamation declaring July 12 as Boca Helping   acknowledging the founders and other key contributors who
      Hands Day, marking the date the organization received its   helped us reach this milestone,” said Greg Hazle, executive
      name in 1998. Boca Raton Mayor Scott Singer presented a   director of Boca Helping Hands. “The first volunteers at our
      proclamation highlighting the nonprofit’s beginnings in Boca   original soup kitchen would be amazed to see where we are now,
      and its subsequent growth. Boca Raton City Council Member   providing not only food but financial assistance and job training
      Yvette Drucker was in attendance as well.          to nearly 35,000 of our neighbors every year.”
                                                                                   The community need for
                                                                                 Boca Helping Hands’ food
                                                                                 programs has been higher
                                                                                 than ever this year, with the
                                                                                 organization now averaging
                                                                                 over  9,500  pantry  bags   BHH Executive Director, Greg Hazle; CROS Ministries
                                                                                 distributed each month. If you’d   Director of Engagement, Rev. Juanita Bryant Goode; CROS
                                                                                 like to help, donations up to   Ministries Executive Director, Ruth Mageria; BHH Board
                                                                                 $250 will be doubled to a total   President, Gary Peters
                                                                                 amount of $25,000 in July, in
                                                                                 honor of BHH’s 25th birthday.   Boca Helping Hands on page 4
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