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VOL. 31 NO. 8                                                                             AUGUST 2023

       Meet Your New Board                                                         Community Shred Event

         Hi, I am Bob Greenstein, the newly elected  Vice
      Chairman of the Boca Pointe Community Association                            Our next community Shred Event will take
      Master Board of Directors and have served on the board                       place on Wednesday, August 30th from
      for the past six years. I am an attorney and have been
      a member of the Florida Bar for the last 50 years. My                        10am-1pm.
      specialty was with cases that went to a court trial. Along
      the way, I had been elected mayor of my community,                              For everyone’s safety, this shred event will be contactless. ALL DRIVERS ARE
      which covered an area of 36 square miles and now                             TO REMAIN INSIDE THEIR VEHICLES. Please place shredding boxes/bags
      has 80,000 residents; a graduate of the Detroit Police                       inside your trunk. When you pull up, please pop your trunk and an attendant will
      Academy; Chief of Police; Judge; Chairman of the                             remove the items.
      U.S. Federal Bock Grant Commission for the largest                              The event will be held at The Club at Boca Pointe (parking lot). For those residents
      county in the state as well as numerous other offices and                    that do not live on the west side, you can enter into the main gate on Powerline Road
      appointments. The Board has appointed me Chairman of the Access Control/Safety   or through the gate on SW 18th St. and proceed to the guest lane with photo ID. Please
      Committee and, with my experience and background, I hope to help bring a higher   state that you are attending the Shred Event for entry. Follow the signs indicating where
      level of safety and security to our great community.                         the MicroShred truck will be parked.
          We have an almost completely new Board who listens to every idea, encourages      Please note: Paper only, 5 boxes or bags per household. No plastic or metal, no
      discussion, expanded our committees to include more homeowner involvement and   media devices (hard drives, USB drives), no x-rays, CD’s, DVD’s
      promises to be transparent. Our new President, Randy Raskin, is a lifelong business   or cardboard.
      executive who brings solid real-world thinking to the table along with the attitude of a true      Let MicroShred destroy your
      gentleman who encourages everyone to participate. Our Treasurer, Michelle Ricciuti-Carter   unwanted  personal  documents
      is a genius with numbers, the budget and expenditures. In the short time that she has been   safely and securely! 
      in office she has spent hundreds of hours putting the books on a clear, strong financial base
      and improving our investments. We have many other wonderful people with great skills,
      experience and knowledge who are now on our Board. All together, the Master Board of
      Boca Pointe will accomplish great advances. I look forward to serving our community   Open Call For Viewpointe
      and moving forward with our new Board. 
      Director Of Security                                                          Contributing Writers!

      “Bank Jugging”                                                                 writing an article or a column for the Viewpointe. You may be interested in writing
                                                                                      We are looking for volunteers, whether experienced or hobbyist, interested in
      By Marcel Dos Santos, Director of Security                                   just once, occasionally or on a regular basis. It’s a great way to sharpen your skills
                                                                                   or develop your talent while enlightening your community. Some themes we would
         Bank jugging is when criminals watch customers entering                   like to include in the Viewpoint are as follows:
      and leaving a bank, drive-thru, or ATM. They look for                           • Village Spotlight - write about your community. A different village will be
      customers carrying bank bags or envelopes that seem to have                  featured each month.
      a large amount of cash in them. The criminals will follow                       • My Story - featuring a member of the community with a unique or interesting
      the victim to their next stop, and once an opportunity exists,               story.
      they burglarize the victim, stealing the withdrawn money                        • Student Life - High school students writing about school or a topic that interests
      and valuables. The following are some helpful prevention                     them. Student writers will be eligible to earn community service hours.
      tips that could keep you from becoming a victim:                                • Global Cuisine or Gourmet Recipes - share a special, gourmet recipe or a
         • Be aware of your surroundings, if you see people                        recipe from our international community.
      hanging around in the lobby, or parking lot of the bank, notify                 • Share an idea you may have for a new column or article.
      bank personnel and notify Law Enforcement.                                      A Meet & Greet event with refreshments will be scheduled for current and new
         • Don’t be distracted while at the bank or ATM, i.e., stay off your cellphone.  writers. Show your interest in joining the writing team by contacting Lisa Cammaleri
         • Conceal your money before you leave the bank, credit union, or check cashing store.  at 
         • Don’t openly carry bank deposit bags, coin boxes, or envelopes as you enter and exit
      the bank.
         • Take your bank bag, envelope, or money with you to your next destination. Don’t hide   Fire Rescue Station #56
      it in your car.
         • If you feel like you are being followed call 911.
         I hope these simple tips were helpful and informative to everyone within the Boca Pointe      Teamwork is when two or
      Community. Thank you and stay safe!                                        more people work together to
                                                                                  complete a certain task. The
                                                                                  members of the team may
                                                                                  have different tasks, but they
                                                                                  cooperate and work toward
                                                                                  the same goal. The same
                                                                                  way that the Palm Beach
                                                                                  County Fire Rescue Station
                                                                                  #56, Palm Beach County

                                                                                  Fire Rescue Station #56
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