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VOL. 24 NO. 8                                                                              AUGUST 2023

      Wounded Veterans Relief Fund Leads Statewide Effort To

      Provide Dental Care To Veterans In Florida

         Driven by their mission to improve                                                                not all veterans may receive comprehensive dental care. Only
      veteran dental care throughout the state                                                             veterans who are 100 percent disabled or sustained an oral
      of Florida, the Wounded Veterans Relief                                                              injury while serving are given dental care at the VA.
      Fund (WVRF) is the first nonprofit in                                                                   WVRF Executive Director and Army Veteran Michael
      the state to lead the statewide effort to                                                            Durkee said the low VA dental care statistic is a critical
      offer free critical dental care to veterans                                                          concern, as poor oral health can lead to a range of serious
      who are unable to afford dental care and do not have access to                                       health and mental issues, placing more burdens on our
      care through the United States Department of Veterans Affairs                                        military  members  who  already  face  challenges  when
      (VA) or private insurance.                                                                           transitioning back to civilian life.
         According to the VA, only 15 percent of veterans receive                                             The connection between poor dental hygiene and mental
      VA dental care, which places veterans into benefits classes                                          health issues is evident. According to the American Academy
      based on military service history and current health and living
      situations. Specific benefits are assigned to each class, meaning   Before  After                    Wounded Veterans Relief Fund on page 4
      Helping People Succeed’s

      Annual Meeting Celebrates Successful Year

      By Jackie Holfelder                                                                                  CEO,  provided  details  of  a  successful  year  and  the
         The annual meeting of                                                                             accomplishments of the Baby Steps, Behavioral Health
      Helping  People  Succeed                                                                             Services,  Community  Connections  and  Employment
      is  always  filled  with                                                                             Options,  Healthy  Families  programs  as  well  as  the
      business,  good  news  and                                                                           administrative, fiscal and technology departments and
      recognition of key people                                                                            the work of the Helping People Succeed Foundation.
      who  have  continued  to                                                                                A new Governing Board of Directors was approved.
      make the nonprofit the vital                                                                         • Chair – Heidi Bosley
      organization it has been for                                                                         • Vice chair – Michael Borlaug
      more than half a century.                                                                            • Secretary – Rosie Portera
         This  year’s  June  28                                                                            • Treasurer – Tom Campenni
      version was no exception.   Suzy Hutcheson and Mary   Suzy Hutcheson, Claire Nash, Mary Rose Bressman and
      Suzy Hutcheson, president/  Kay Buckridge          Glenna Parris                                     Helping People Succeed’s Annual Meeting on page 3
      The Children’s Museum Of The Treasure Coast

      Welcomes George Sanders

         The Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast is proud to                                           Gallery with a new Flight Simulator exhibit and Submarine
      announce that George Sanders has joined the Board of Directors.                                      exhibit, and building a new Science Center and Planetarium.
         Sanders, a Virginia Tech and Nova Southeastern University                                            “The Children’s Museum is thrilled to welcome George
      graduate, joins the Board of Directors after retiring from                                           Sanders to the leadership team and Board of Directors.
      a finance and accounting career where a majority of his                                              George’s experience, talents and forward thinking will help
      skills were based on investigations, leadership and financial                                        launch the museum into its next chapter, ” said Tammy
      responsibility. Sanders is also a long-term resident of Martin                                       Calabria, the Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast’s
      County with his wife, Deborah Sanders, and three children,                                           executive director.
      Zack, Lexi, and Josh.                                                                                About The Children’s Museum Of The Treasure Coast
         Sanders’ resume also includes his service on other                                                   The mission of The Children’s Museum of the Treasure
      community boards such as the PTA of Palm City Elementary,                                            Coast is to offer children and families a place to explore
      serving as president and treasurer; Boy Scouts of America                                            and learn through hands-on activities, educational
                                                                                Troop 822, serving as      programs and cultural experiences. The museum opened
                                                                                scoutmaster and assistant den   in 2008 and serves almost 50,000 visitors each year
                                                                                leader; and the vice president of   at its Indian Riverside Park location. The Children’s
                                                                                the Homeowners Association   Museum is an inspiring physical space and dynamic
                                                                                of Hammock Creek.          mobile outreach delivering exceptional educational and
                                                                                  Sanders joins The Children’s   experiential opportunities for all children and adults;
                                                                                Museum with guidance and   captivating imaginations and developing real-world skills
                                                                                expertise  as the museum   through playful learning experiences. If you would like to
                                                                                launches  a  new  vision:   get involved or learn more about the museum, including
                                                                                completing  the  Explorer’s   special events, please visit
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