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VOL. 18 NO. 8                                                                             AUGUST 2023

      Wounded Veterans Relief Fund Leads Statewide Effort To

      Provide Dental Care To Veterans In Florida

         Driven by their mission to                      based on military service history and current health and
       improve veteran dental care                       living situations. Specific benefits are assigned to each class,
       throughout the state of Florida,                  meaning not all veterans may receive comprehensive dental
       the Wounded Veterans Relief                       care. Only veterans who are 100 percent disabled or sustained
       Fund (WVRF) is the first                          an oral injury while serving are given dental care at the VA.
       nonprofit in the state to lead the                  WVRF Executive Director and Army Veteran Michael
       statewide effort to offer free                    Durkee said the low VA dental care statistic is a critical
       critical dental care to veterans                  concern, as poor oral health can lead to a range of serious
       who are unable to afford dental care and do not have access   health and mental issues, placing more burdens on our
       to care through the United States Department of Veterans   military members who already  face  challenges  when
       Affairs (VA) or private insurance.                transitioning back to civilian life.
         According to the VA, only 15 percent of veterans receive
       VA dental care, which places veterans into benefits classes   Wounded Veterans Relief Fund on page 2  Before                After
       KOOL 105.5 Radio Hosts Mo And Sally

       Attend Wine Tasting At Doris Italian Market & Bakery

         Morning drive hosts Sally Sevareid
       and Mo Foster of KOOL 105.5’s “The
       Mo & Sally Morning Show” were among
       the guests that attended Wine Night at
       Doris Italian Market & Bakery in North
       Palm Beach.
         Guests had the opportunity to taste
      more  than  100  wines  from  around
      the world during the after-hours in-
      store event. Representatives from wine
      distribution companies were at tables
      throughout the Italian market and bakery
      to pour samples and educate guests about
                                        Carlos Avila  of  Luneau  USA,  Kristin Kelley, Yvonne Nocca, Nikki
       KOOL 105.5 Radio on page 4       John Alfano                  Colangelo                     Erin Correa, Lindsay Floresta   Sumer and Dan Shaw
      FPL’s Manatee Lagoon Invites Families

      To Explore, Learn And Enjoy Fun Summer Programming

       Free Activities And Experiences                     Manatee Lagoon – An FPL Eco-Discovery Center    something for
                                                         is  now  offering  a  mix  of  indoor  and  outdoor  summer
                                                                                                           everyone, and rain
       Inspire Visitors To Discover And                  activities that celebrate Florida’s favorite marine mammal   or shine, visitors can
       Learn About Florida Manatees                      and encourage fun family time. This summer, visitors can   expect  to  have fun
                                                                                                           while learning about
                                                         enjoy educational programming, arts and crafts, interactive
                                                                                 simulations, outdoor games   manatees in the wild
                                                                                 and new exhibits.         and what they can do
                                                                                   “At Manatee  Lagoon,    to help protect them.”
                                                                                 our goal is to create an     This summer, the
                                                                                 interactive, entertaining and   facility offers visitors
                                                                                 educational environment to   a variety of exhibits and programs that are either brand-
                                                                                 inspire  people to  preserve   new or back by popular demand, including:
                                                                                 and protect Florida’s       • Play, stretch and enjoy the fresh air: Upon arrival
                                                                                 ecosystems,”  said  Zack   at Manatee Lagoon, visitors will discover new outdoor
                                                                                 Greenberg, leader  at
                                                                                 Manatee Lagoon. “There’s   FPL’s Manatee Lagoon on page 3
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