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Our Village Voice

        VOL. 34 NO.8                                                                              AUGUST 2023

      Northern Notes

      Midges – Those Pesky Insects!                        Midges and mosquitoes are often mistaken for each other,     Midges have become a prevalent pest over the last few
                                                         which makes sense given that both belong to the order Diptera.   years due to several key factors:
      By Katie Roundtree,                                The largest difference between the two is that mosquitoes have     1. The number of developments that require stormwater
      Director of Finance and                            a proboscis, a mouthpart used to bite and suck blood. Midges do   systems to prevent flooding has increased.
      Administration, Northern                           not, and do not bite humans. Otherwise, most of the differences     2. High nutrient loads in deep stormwater systems is ideal
      Palm Beach County                                  visible to the eye are found in the fine details.  for midge breeding.
      Improvement District                                 Midges have the following characteristics:        3. Low dissolved oxygen levels are factors found in
        Blind mosquitoes, phantom                          • When landed, fold their first leg pair in a “prayer” position   deep lakes.
      midges, aquatic midges, no-                        (which can be mistaken for antennae)                So, what do we do about them? Chemical treatments by
      see-ums – call them what you                         • Have long tarsi of foot portions of the forelegs  a licensed contractor, where applicable, for both larval and
      will, when they hatch, you’ll                        • Lack scales on their wings, making them smooth  adult stages can provide temporary and expensive relief. To
      know it!                                             Mosquitoes have the following characteristics:  get to the root of the problem, the amount of nutrients
        If you live on or near a                           • When landed, hold their second/back leg pair in the air  going into waterbodies must be reduced. This can be
      retention pond or similar body                       • Have scaly wings with a light fringe on their tips  achieved by utilizing best management practices while
      of water in Florida, chances are you are familiar with large     • Typically, don’t form swarms      applying fertilizers and managing inflows to the stormwater
      swarms of flying insects that inundate your house, yard, and     Aquatic midges breed in habitats such as ponds, lakes,   system. Adding oxygen to the stormwater system with
      screen room periodically throughout the year, especially in   wastewater treatment plants, and areas with nutrient rich water.   diffusers and aerators will improve the health of lakes and
      warmer climates such as Texas and Florida.         Midge flies are a food source for other aquatic insects, such as   ponds by increasing dissolved oxygen. By addressing these
        Midge flies belong to a very large and diverse family of   dragonfly nymphs and several varieties of fish, so the goal is not   contributing factors, hatch offs can be greatly reduced. You
      aquatic insects. Midges are small, dainty flies with one pair of   to completely eliminate them, but to keep them in proper balance   may want to try lowering your light output at night so the
      long, narrow wings, and long, skinny legs. While often thought   within the ecosystem. Areas that receive an excess of lawn   midges are less attracted to your area. Home barrier chemical
      of as the “cousin” of mosquitoes, midges don’t bite, sting, suck   fertilizer runoff and very deep, organic lakes tend to be densely   sprays may also offer some temporary relief.
      blood or transmit disease. They can, however, become a terrible   populated with midges, particularly with phantom midges. The     Thank you to Solitude Lake Management for courtesy photo
      nuisance and trigger allergies or respiratory issues.   juvenile stages of development occurs in the water and, upon   and article contributions.
                                                         hatching, large swarms of adults congregate on surfaces of     NPDES tip: Your neighborhood drainage system is not a
                                                         buildings, screens, shrubs, etc.                  garbage disposal – don’t treat it like one. Encourage residents
                                                           These hatches create severe nuisance problems as they are   to take responsibility and to not dump chemicals, fertilizer,
                                                         attracted to light. Spiders form webs in the eaves and around   paint, oil, etc., in inlets or pipes. Discourage sweeping of lawn
                                                         homes to catch midges resulting in excessive cleaning and   clippings and dirt into street drains and disposing of lawn
                                                         expense. Midges can get caught up in air-conditioning units   clippings and other debris (wood, concrete blocks, Christmas
                                                         and cause failure to the unit. Some residents in Florida have   trees, etc.) directly into retention lakes. Keep drainage facilities
                                                         complained that allergies and asthma attacks have increased   clear of vegetation, trash, improperly and illegally discarded
                                                         during large midge hatch offs.                    appliances, shopping carts, tires, cars, garbage bags, etc.
       Commissioner’s Update                                                                                Bill’s Box

      Speeding Up Inspections                            *Reroofing
                                                         *Garage door replacement                           By Bill Thompson
      By Commissioner                                    *HVAC equipment change out                         Miracle In The Air
      Maria Marino                                       *Plumbing/water heater change out                    On May 10, the pilot of
        Palm Beach County’s                              *A/C electric hardware                             a Cessna 208 was on the
      Building Division reviews                          *Shutters                                          way back to Florida from
      thousands of building permits                      *Siding                                            the Bahamas with two
      each year. When construction                       *Stucco on lath                                    passengers. Suddenly,
      is underway, inspections                           *Tube-type skylight                                the pilot slumped at the
      are required to ensure                             *Solar photovoltaic system                         controls. Neither of the
      compliance with codes.                             *Water heater electric hardware                    passengers had any flying
      During the current fiscal year                     *Window and door replacement                       experience. The plane turned sharply and went into a nose
      (10/1/22 to 9/30/23) thus far,                       A licensed inspector performs the inspection with the   dive. Radio contact was made with West Palm Beach. One
      the division has conducted                         contractor or their designee on the jobsite using a free,   of the passengers jumped into the pilot’s seat and stayed
      more than 164,000 inspections.                     secure Video Inspection Pro smartphone app available for   in constant contact with controllers in West Palm Beach
        To meet the high demand for inspections and to save the   Android and iPhones. There is no additional cost for the   who jointly talked the passenger down to a safe landing.
      public time and reduce the inconvenience of scheduling   recorded inspections, no pre-scheduling requirement, and   What a great story and outcome. The air control team
      and waiting for an inspection, the division has launched   the results are available in the online ePZB portal.  included Ryan Warren. Ryan is the Air Traffic Manager
      a new program offering video inspections. This program     The  system  is  easy  to  use,  visit  https://discover.  and played an essential role in this miracle safe landing.
      specifically applies to limited residential permit descriptions  No one on the plane was injured.
      as part of single-family home renovation projects requiring   Inspections.pdf to view the flyer which has a QR code     Ryan could be described as a selfless, solid citizen.
      a permit and includes:                             you can scan to download the app, register your account   He is cool under pressure, a well-educated Navy veteran,
                                                                                 and submit your inspection   and important to The Shores, a homeowner, a member
                                                                                 request. For assistance    of our HOA Board of Directors and chair of the ACC
                                                                                 in getting started, staff is   Compliance Committee. He is a friend and neighbor. Ryan
                                                                                 available at (888) 820-1180.  is a “go back” man. He won’t leave anyone in the field.
                                                                                   I hope you find this new     Ryan was invited to an annual FAA Awards
                                                                                 service helpful in speeding up   Ceremony in Washington where the Federal Aviation
                                                                                 inspections on your project,   Administration presented him a prestigious award for
                                                                                 and if I can assist you in any   his lifesaving actions.
                                                                                 way, please contact me at                      *****
                                                                                 (561) 355-2201, or by email     Copy Deadline For September Is Aug. 15
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