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VOL. 33 NO. 10                                   FAX 561-624-9088 • E-MAIL                                      OCTOBER 2023

       PGA POA Communication Corner

      By Gail Coppage,                                   foot tax collection and driver’s licensing center. The new   a reduction of property taxes two years in a row. Out of
      Communications                                     Service Center will include an additional 74 percent of new   all 39 municipalities, only four other cities are lowering
      Committee Chairperson                              client service stations, additional parking and expanded   millage, and Palm Beach Gardens mill rate is the lowest
         Happy October!                                  road test capabilities. Right now, Palm Beach Gardens   rate of those municipalities lowering millage.
      Welcome  back  pumpkin                             area residents must register to take their driving tests at the      And while we are mentioning good news for our
      spice and everything nice!                         nearby North County Government Center, and the parking   wallets, Palm Beach County is also lowering the
      As I write this column,                            lot to that site is near the Gardens Branch Library.   millage rate. Thanks to our own PGA National District 1
      it is still September and                             Speaking of government, the Palm Beach Gardens City   Commissioner Maria Marino who led the charge for the
      hot, and Hurricane Lee is                          Council has been meeting to determine the new budget.   largest tax cut on the County Commission in 30 years.
      swimming in the Atlantic.                          The Council set the maximum millage rate in July 2023      Paving of Ave of the Masters is complete, and by the
      The good news is that the                          at 5.17. This tax rate amount is a reduction from the   time you read this column, striping will be installed. As
      mornings and evenings are                          current tax rate of 5.32 and a further reduction from the   a reminder, there is no passing permitted on any of the
      a bit cooler and October will begin to usher in that lovely   previous year with a tax rate of 5.55. Even though home   main streets within PGA National. We appreciate everyone
      South Florida weather that we all enjoy daily.     values have increased in the last year, most homesteaded   abiding by the NO PASSING law while we waited for the
         Have you seen the new Palm Beach County government   properties will see little change in their property taxes.   permanent stripes to be installed on Ave of the Masters.
      building on PGA Boulevard? The new facility is near Palm   That is great news and we appreciate the due diligence
      Beach State College. The facility is a new 23,735-square-  provided by our City Council. Not many cities can claim   PGA POA Communication Corner on page 2
      Commissioner’s Update

      Water Works                                        filter water headed to the Loxahatchee River and the Lake   of Environmental Protection (FDEP) to upgrade the
                                                         Worth Lagoon; and, reduce flooding.               levee at the southeast side of the J.W. Corbett Wildlife
      By Commissioner                                       Water managers and project engineers have determined   Management Area, which will reduce the risk of flooding
      Maria Marino                                       that these goals are achievable by utilizing wetlands under   in the Acreage and Loxahatchee communities within the
         Water, an element we                            conservation and by constructing stormwater treatment   Indian Trail Improvement District.
      cannot live without, is                            areas and reservoirs. Mecca Farms, a site just north of      Additionally, FDEP awarded grants totaling $113
      something Florida receives                         Northlake Boulevard on Seminole Pratt Whitney Road   million to the county toward the construction of Cells 12
      a lot of, especially through                       will serve as one of the water storage areas. Additionally,   and 13 of Phase II of the C-51 Reservoir. The L-8 Canal
      the summer rainy season,                           rock pits owned by Palm Beach Aggregates on the north   sends water from Lake Okeechobee into our region.
      adding up to an annual                             side of Southern Boulevard at Twenty-Mile Bend are the   Once these cells are fully connected to the L-8 Canal, the
      rainfall of about 4½ feet on                       site of a multiphase public/private project comprising the   reservoir will be capable of providing water to restore the
      average. This abundance of                         C-51 Reservoir.                                   northwest fork of the Loxahatchee River and connected
      water presents challenges to                          Local government agencies have contributed expertise   wetlands, combat salt water intrusion by canal recharge,
      improving systems to store,                        and funding to plan and implement features of the overall   and increase water supply.
      filter, and send it to where it is needed most, rather than   project, such as the L-8 reservoir, purchasing and restoring      Each of these costly and complex projects are pieces of
      letting it flow out to the ocean.                  wetlands to connect the flow of water, construction of   the overall puzzle to effectively store, filter and manage
         In 1985, the U.S. Department of Interior designated   control structures and pumps, and increasing capacity.  water, while enhancing our natural environment, and as
      the  northwest fork of the Loxahatchee River  for     These agencies include Palm Beach County, the City of   you can see, requires the help of numerous stakeholders
      inclusion in the Federal Wild & Scenic River system,   West Palm Beach – whose drinking water supplies relies   to achieve.
      recognizing its essential habitats supporting a wide   on adequate levels of filtered water in Grassy Waters      At the end of the day, water is a precious resource and
      spectrum of ecological resources. In the decades to   Preserve, Indian Trail Improvement District, SFWMD,   our county continually needs to think outside the box
      follow, the South Florida Water Management District   South Indian River Water Control District, Lake Worth   to aid in water management strategies. As a man stated
      (SFWMD) embarked on a plan, in collaboration with local   Drainage District, and Pal Mar Water Control District.   recently at a county commission public hearing, water is
      government and drainage districts to create additional   The county also receives input on options studied and   life.
      water storage in the L-8 canal basin in order to protect   recommended through its Water Resources Task Force      Please contact me if I can assist you at (561) 355-2201
      and restore the Loxahatchee River. Components of the   Advisory Board, and the Loxahatchee River Management   or by email at
      Lower East Coast Regional Water Supply Plan affecting   Coordinating Council.
      Northern Palm Beach County – including Loxahatchee      Local initiatives rely
      River restoration – are part of the vast Comprehensive   on financial support
      Everglades Restoration Project, led by the U.S. Army   from state and federal
      Corps of Engineers.                                partners. Recently, Palm
         Project goals seek to capture water flows through   Beach  County  received  a
      canals and basins to meet drinking water demands;   $7.7 million grant from
      recharge canals and wells; reduce discharge to tide; treat/  the  Florida  Department
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