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Our Village Voice

        VOL. 34 NO. 10                                                                           OCTOBER 2023

                                                                                    Bill’s Box

                                                                                    By Bill Thompson
                                                                                      See. I told you I’d be back! And I didn’t have
                                                                                    to deal with hell or high water. But the mentioned
                                                                                    complications remain.
                                                                                      Have you ever had the tragic and complex
                                                                                    nightmare of moving the contents of one’s home and
                                                                                    merging that with the established contents of another
                                                                                    home?  That  monumental  operation  is  in  process
                                                                                    right here on Lake Bend Drive on the Shores of Lake
                                                                                    Woebegone. Our home and garage are difficult to
                                                                                    navigate with stacks and rows of added furniture, packed cardboard cartons and
                                                                                    impossible confusion. A starting place to eventually attain order and neatness is
                                                                                    confounding. Our choice is to endure or check into the loony bin. I don’t do much
                                                                                    praying, but if any of my readers wish to ask for holy help, I approve.
                                                                                      As in most situations, there are benefits and burdens. Dawn and I have benefited
                                                                                    by the sheer pleasure, and we find stuff to toss or give away. It is a joy every time
                                                                                    something goes out of the piles. Hallelujah!
                                                                                    Jupiter police department
                                                                                      Jupiter Police Department is geographically divided into three police districts.
                                                                                    The Shores is in District 1. Our District Commander is Captain Scott Kimbark. He
                                                                                    was promoted to sergeant a few years ago and has now been promoted to captain.
                                                                                    His upward path has been rapid and reflects skills within the department.
                                                                                      I don’t think there is a weak link in the executive or command ranks. Forget
                                                                                    the New York City’s finest. We have Jupiter’s finest. The department created a
                                                                                    Citizens Advisory Group (CAG) which meets bimonthly and distributes impressive
                                                                                    statistics on crime incidents in each district and the whole of the town, in addition
                                                                                    to the code enforcement statistics by category. Sal Greco, an HOA Board director,
                                                                                    and I attend the meetings representing The Shores. Other members of the group
                                                                                    represent their respective development or neighborhood. Participants hear reports
                                                                                    from all the executive and command staff, code enforcement head and fire rescue.
                                                                                    We engage the department representatives with questions and discussion. The
                                                                                    group is kept well informed, which is well appreciated. Our HOA Board is kept
                                                                                    informed by Sal and myself. Incidentally, The Shores is enjoying a very low crime
                                                                                    rate compared to other areas. The Town of Jupiter competes well as compared to
                                                                                    most, if not all municipalities in Palm Beach County.
       Jupiter community high                                                         “Just fired myself from cleaning my house. I don’t like my attitude and I got
                                                                                    caught drinking on the job.”
       School hosts the 19th annual                                                 Bill’s Box on page 2

       Jupiter Festival of Bands                                                   Sidewalk Blocking

        The Jupiter Festival of Bands will be a
      premiere event providing top competition,                                      Blocking a sidewalk in Florida is
      with leading judges on site to review the                                    illegal and can result in legal penalties.
      state’s top band performances.                                               According to Florida Statute 316.1945, it’s
        Young musicians will bring live music                                      illegal to stop, park or leave any standing
      back to the Jupiter Community High                                           vehicle on any sidewalk unless permitted
      School Stadium in Jupiter on Saturday,                                       by an official sign or law enforcement. In
      Oct. 28 as high school marching bands from throughout the state of Florida compete in the 2023   addition, leaving large objects like garbage
      Jupiter Festival of Bands, a Florida Marching Band Championships (FMBC) Regional Competition.   bins, overgrown shrubs, constructing
      The Jupiter Community High School Band is honored to host the 2023 Festival of Bands (FOB)   permanent structures, and placing signs on
      for its 19th year, sponsored by Florida Power and Light (FPL). The 2023 Jupiter Festival of   sidewalks are also considered blocking and
                                                                                   can lead to consequences.
       Festival Of Bands on page 2

                                                                                    RepoRt SuSpiciouS activity immediately
                                                                                         to the JupiteR police depaRtment

                                                                                                           (561) 799-4445

                                                                                                 Use 911 for emergencies only. Lock car doors.
                                                                                                       Do not leave valuables in the car.
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