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VOL. 31 NO. 11                                                                         NOVEMBER 2023

       Meet Your New Board                                                                                  From The Manager

         My name is David                                are getting all the services that we have paid for to maintain
      Sussman. I would like to                           a first-class homeowners association here in Boca Pointe.   Giving Thanks At This Time
      express how honored I am to                           As an IT professional, I have been serving as the chairman
      serve as an elected Director                       of Boca Pointe’s Technology Committee as well as the   Of Thanksgiving
      on Boca Pointe’s current                           Chairman of Boca Pointe’s Access Control Committee. To
      Board of Directors. In the                         increase security for our community, I have implemented a      As t he  we a t h e r
      19 plus years I have lived                         free trial of new technology at one of our gate entrances. This   changes  and  we  enter
      in Boca Pointe, I have never                       technology alerts security when someone tailgates another   the fall season, I begin to
      seen a more dedicated and                          vehicle through the gate which can help to deter unauthorized   prepare for the holidays.
      inclusive board who offer so                       vehicles from entering our community. It is the hope of the   Thanksgiving is always
      much of their time and talent                      Boca Pointe board that this new technology will be a very   our  biggest family
      to improve Boca Pointe.                            cost-effective way to increase security without slowing down   holiday.  It is a  time
      Boca Pointe currently has monumental issues all requiring   traffic into our community.               to reflect on my many
      meticulous and diligent attention. I know that having such      As an IT professional, I have great interest in looking into, good
      a dedicated board at this important time is truly a blessing   the options to help Boca Pointe homeowners improve their   friends, my co-workers,
      for Boca Pointe.                                   internet connections through lower pricing and/or higher fiber   supportive alliances and
         I have been a full-time resident of Valencia since 2004.   optic speeds to each home. Many Boca Pointe neighbors have   for the many people
      I went to Brown University and the London School of   expressed significant interest in the potential cost savings   whom I have the pleasure of collaborating with at Boca
      Economics and have been running an internet web hosting   of the bulk purchase of internet services for every home in   Pointe including all the wonderful Board members I
      company called Warp Speed Hosting since 1998. I am also   Boca Pointe. Providing the best technology to our residents   work with.
      a Florida licensed real estate sales associate and grew up   will also help add value to Boca Pointe home sales.      In closing, I would personally like to express my
      in a family of real estate professionals providing me with      My personal passion for landscaping and palms as well   appreciation to my staff Lisa and Diane, the St. Mortiz
      extensive real estate knowledge and experience. Having   as my involvement with palm societies and the University of   staff, the employees of Garden Leaders and the many
      conscientiously attended Valencia’s BOD meetings since   Florida’s extension program has also made me a valuable asset   vendors that we work with to give excellent service
      2004, I served on Valencia’s board and attended numerous   for the Boca Pointe Landscape committee that I serve on. Many   to the community. We have all worked together as a
      Boca Pointe board meetings. Therefore, I have prepared   of you will recall that Boca Pointe invested millions in new   team in keeping Boca Pointe functioning well and a
      myself with a strong understanding of all homeowner issues   landscaping for the Renaissance Project and it is my desire   beautiful place to live.
      (as expressed by neighbors) and have noted the actions and   that these valuable assets should be taken care of properly.      I hope that each of you have a wonderful
      responses of the existing directors to resident issues. I have      I shall also be running for a director seat in the upcoming   Thanksgiving. Enjoy the weather, time with your
      reviewed many of the major Boca Pointe vendor contracts,   Valencia election in early December 2023. If you are a   family, friends and ....  don’t forget to count your
      have observed the vendor’s performance and believe there is   Valencia homeowner, I would greatly appreciate your vote   blessings and be thankful!
      room to receive better services under several existing Boca   as a director for this year’s annual election representing your   Happy Thanksgiving to all
      Pointe contracts. As your Boca Pointe Director, I dedicate   important interests.                                                       April Narine,
      myself to bringing added managerial oversight to new                  Your neighbor and BPCA Director,                           General Manager 
      business and to our existing vendor contracts to assure we                         David Sussman     .
      Director Of Security and Mobile App             and clicking the ‘Guest List’ tab allows   once to review your Guest List and Contact Information. After
                                                         you to view your list in its entirety and remove guests   navigating to using an internet browser, you can
      By Marcel Dos Santos,                              who no longer visit.                              log into your account using the following credentials:
      Director of Security                                  While viewing your Guest List you may click on the      Community Code: 2722 allows                           ‘View/Send Voucher’ button to send a Fast Pass to one of      User Name: Primary 10-digit Phone Number on Account
      residents to have more                             your guests. A Fast Pass will make processing your guests   (no dashes or spaces, with area code)
      control  over  their  guest                        much faster at the gate, and you can disable a Fast Pass at      Password: Access Code
      lists —you would be                                any time by simply deleting the guest.               If you have problems logging in you can call Access Control
      surprised at the number                      also allows you to update your contact   or the BPCA Office to assist you. I encourage everyone to make
      of residents who have                              information. Clicking on the ‘Contact Info’ tab, you may   use of this tool. 
      permanent guests listed                            update e-mail addresses and phone numbers associated with
      who have not visited in                            your account. It’s important for BPCA and security to have
      10+ years. Some of these                           reliable ways of contacting residents in the event of an incident.   Happy
      may be guests you no                               Additionally, you can set up Entry Notifications on this page
      longer wish to have access to property. Logging into   that will automatically e-mail or text you a message when an
                                                                                 officer logs an entry to your   Thanksgiving!
                                                                                 address. You can even review
                                                                                 entries on the ‘Entry Logs’ tab.
                                                                                   All  of these functions     Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving
                                                                                 are also available on the   from the Board of Directors and the staff at
                                                                                 GateAccess mobile app for   the Boca Pointe Community Association.
                                                                                 iPhone and Android!        In observance of the Thanksgiving holiday,
                                                                                   Although our operators are
                                                                                 always here to assist you, I   the BPCA office will be closed on Thursday,
                                                                                 encourage everyone to log-  November 23rd and Friday, November 24th. 
                                                                                 in to at least
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