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      The Singles Scene Column                                            ©

      FOUR MONTHS TO                                     (half of the adult population) are afraid to risk rejection and   and did not disengage just because someone “better”
      2020~~Time to Change Your                          ask someone out in person. What they don’t realize is that   was messaging them or because their mate checklist
                                                                                                           wasn’t complete. This wasn’t possible back in their day.
                                                         they are actually destroying their self-esteem by comparing
      Status!                                            themselves to ostensibly “perfect” people online. The   Sociologists claim that in the past, people encountered only
                                                         focus is on looks, selfies, and swiping left. There is intense   two to three potential mates in a lifetime. Can you imagine
      By Kelly Leary, M.S.,                              competition to be intimate too soon (for women) and there   how the thousands of options at once is eroding the very
      Founder of Revolution                              are too many options (for men) which trigger short term   foundation of love and connection? Too much. Too soon.
      Dating                                             commitment and even divorce. It’s like the online wild   Too easy. Too fast. Too sad. Realize it once and for all and
        In four months, we will                          west--total chaos and VERY dangerous emotionally and   know there is a way to fix this dilemma.
      all experience a once in                           physically. Ask anyone recently divorced at any age--I     Shut down your screen after work hours and return to love
      a lifetime evening and I                           bet there was an extra-marital online affair involved. The   off-line. I’ve been writing this column for 10 years now and
      am  glad  we  will  enjoy  it                      odds reveal the phone was involved too. It may have been   matchmaking for over 28 years. Some of you are reading
      together.  The  world  has                         a full-blown affair in-person or it may have been a micro-  this for the first time and some of you have read my column
      been getting increasingly                          affair (not in-person via video or texting). All signs scream:   for YEARS and thank you! Either way, waste no more time
      disconnected for many                              counterproductive!                                and energy (and money). Let’s get it right together. Happy
      people (especially single                            Statistic: 40 million Americans have tried online   last quarter of 2019! Happy September! I can’t wait to meet
      people stuck in a rut) while                       dating and the majority report negative experiences   you in my office (finally).
      hope and love are long                             ESPECIALLY in Florida.                                                                      XOXO
      overdue. The signs have been everywhere--nationally and     My team and I are wired to help but we can’t do it alone.                      Love, Kelly
      internationally. Even on a local level, I was noticing how   You need to join us and live a real-life off-line as well. Data   THE Florida Matchmaker
      caught up and confused people have been behaving and it   shows that the positive effects of the “next chance” in 2020   #FallInLove #PlayItForward #RevolutionDating
      really bothered me. Many have been literally trapped in their   will be felt most strongly in the next four months; however   #OneTwoThree #CallStartLove #TellYourFriends
      own world, often behind screens, isolated, and it has been   it will continue to work its magic into our future if we cut
      sad to observe as a woman, mother, and matchmaker who   back on our “social” screen life now. Why wait?    Kelly Leary© has 28 years in the dating industry and a
      is connected to love and positivity. How could a New Year     This all points back to the saying “timing is everything!”   Master’s Degree in Psychology. She’s been profiled by ABC
      marked 2020 not bring glorious energy and excitement to   Strike while the iron is hot. Our phones have been ringing   News, The Palm Beach Post, PalmBeacher Magazine,
      all of us? Let’s think about this now--in advance. You have   off the hook this year and your connection awaits. Don’t be   Stuart News, etc. Revolution Dating members are pre-
      time now. A lot can happen in FOUR months.         the last in line to make a positive change. Connecting with   screened including background checks. Professional
        There are multiple reasons for this disconnection within   others spiritually, emotionally, and in-person is, in fact, the   photos are taken by the staff. Revolution Dating is not
      ourselves and as a group in general. I believe, along with   beauty of life at any age. I’m happy to be in the center of so   online dating or blind dating. In addition to providing
      many Evolutionary Psychologists, that too much time on   much love. This is what the world needs--more love--true   matchmaking services that make singles “UN-single”
      screens is leading to an increased feeling of desperation and   love--authentic love.                through their exclusive club membership, Kelly also holds
      often hopelessness. People are hiding behind their computers     If you are on the fence about making a change, and I think   private singles events. For information on how you can
      and smartphones. Look around you. This phenomenon is   you are, then isn’t the last quarter of 2019 a perfect time to   reset your love life please call 561-630-XOXO (9696) or
      everywhere from the ball field to a popular restaurant. Do   start? How do you want to spend the holidays? Who do you   772-932-HERE (4373) or visit us at www.revolutiondating.
      people know how to communicate in person anymore? These   want by your side? If you have been unsuccessful online   com. All inquiries are confidential.
      days, if you make a phone call, instead of texting, you may   dating and spending more than 10 hours per week online
      be deemed a nuisance or worse--strange!            dating meeting flat tires (which is the national average), then   Around Town September
        People  hiding  behind  social  media  and  dating  apps   take a step away and ask yourself: “How’s it working?”
      “think” they have very little risk of getting hurt and more     Our parents and their parents did NOT have this many   2019
      options, but over the course of time they are actually hurting   options. This is why people stayed together longer. They
      their self-worth. This is convoluted logic. Single people   endured. They tried. They found the best in their partner     The following photos
                                                                                                           reveal a sneak-peek into
                                                                                                           the notorious “Fall In
                                                                                                           Love Season” hosted
                                                                                                           by Revolution Dating.
                                                Dreaming Up the Ideal                                      As you can see, the RD
                                                                                                           Cupids have been working
                                                Retirement Is Your Job.                                    overtime preparing for

                                                Helping You Get There                                      some  fantastic one-on-
                                                                                                           one matches and mixers.
                                                Is Ours.                                                   You can’t go wrong when
                                                                                                           you follow THE Florida
                                                                                                           Matchmakers.  Join  the  This epic kiss says it all! This
                                                To learn more about why Edward                             crowd and kickstart your  couple is still together--and
                                                Jones makes sense for you, call                            own season of love too.  now--she has a ring on it!
                                                                                                           Leave your comfort  #HalloweenGalaComingSoon
                                                or visit a financial advisor today.                        zone--just like these
                                                                                                           people of all ages below!
                                                                                                           The hotlines are open
                                                                                                           seven days a week and a
                           Sally S Stahl, AAMS®                                   LIVE matchmaker will be
                           Financial Advisor        M   e m b  P I S   r e  C                              happy  to  assist  you. All
                           1851 W Indiantown Rd Ste 106                                                    calls are confidential. We
                           Jupiter, FL 33458                                                               offer options from parties
                           561-748-7600                                                                    to one-on-one setups and
                                                                                                           dating advice/feedback!
                                                                                                           For more information
                                                                                                           on how you can find
                                                                                                           REAL  love  with  REAL
                                                                                                           people, call 561-630- Congratulations to Marney &
                                                                                                           9696 (XOXO).           Justin  on  your  engagement!

                                                                                                           Get ready for your 2020 New Year’s Kiss by beginning your
                                                                                                           search for your partner now! You will be happy to have him/
                          Call The Stanbra Team & Start Packing ...                                        her through the holiday season and won’t feel rushed to kiss
                                                                                                           a frog at midnight! #KISS
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