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       Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s Nesting Season

       Ranks Third In Its Thirty Years Of Surveying Sea Turtles

        Despite the world’s seismic shift, Loggerhead Marinelife     Need a reason to                      each year. The center’s conservation team works with 90
      Center (LMC) cataloged another successful nesting season   celebrate? The center and its             local and international organizations across six continents to
      on its 9.5-mile stretch of beach, which spans from the   research department can give                form partnerships and share conservation initiatives and best
      northern Palm Beach County line to the northern boundary   you 16,935. For more ways                 practices that are core to its mission of ocean conservation.
      of John D. MacArthur Beach State Park. Between Feb. 28   to support sea turtle research,             The center is expanding and has launched its Waves of
      and Oct. 31, LMC documented 16,935 sea turtle nests.   please consider donating to                   Progress capital expansion campaign, designed to accelerate
      Altogether, the center’s research department recorded 286   LMC’s Annual Fund.                       and amplify LMC’s conservation and education impact.
      leatherback, 13,059 loggerhead and 3,590 green sea turtle   Loggerhead Marinelife                    When complete, the facility will offer one of the world’s most
      nests.                                             Center                                            advanced and unique experiences for guests and scientific
        “This year marks the third-highest nest count since     Loggerhead Marinelife                      partners. For more information, visit or
      we first began surveying sea turtle nests in the 1980s,”   Center (LMC) is a nonprofit sea           call (561) 627-8280.
      said  LMC’s  Director  of  Research,  Dr.  Justin  Perrault.   turtle research, rehabilitation
      “In general, we hope that beachgoers abide by laws and   and educational institution                 Photos courtesy of Loggerhead Marinelife Center.
      regulations surrounding nesting sea turtles. However,   that promotes conservation  Dr. Justin Perrault, nighttime   Acquired through a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation
      that is not always the case given female sea turtles can be   of ocean ecosystems with  surveys      Commission (FWC) permit.
      scared backed into the water or impeded by beach debris,   a focus on threatened and
      sandcastles, holes, flashlights and human presence.”  endangered sea turtles. The
        According  to  LMC’s  own  data,  loggerhead  nesting   center features an on-site
      success on Juno Beach was 60 percent during the two-month   hospital, research laboratory,
      beach closures due to COVID-19 from mid-March to mid-  educational  exhibits  and
      May. When beaches reopened, nesting success dropped to   aquariums, and also operates
      48 percent. In other words, the data showed that there were   the Juno Beach Pier, which
      a smaller proportion of false crawls during closures, which   hosts world-class angling and
      is when nesting mothers crawl onto the beach and return to   sightseeing. Situated on one  Nighttime nesting
      the water without laying eggs.                     of the world’s most important
        Despite nesting season being officially over on Oct.   sea turtle nesting beaches, Loggerhead Marinelife Center
      31, hatchlings are still anticipated to be observed on local   is open daily and hosts over 350,000 guests free-of-charge   Nesting emergence
      beaches in the next few months. It is advisable to avoid
      touching unhatched eggs, properly dispose of debris so as
      to not leave it behind on the beach and fill in holes in the
      sand, among other best practices.                         CAMPBELL AND KARLIK, P.A.
        The nesting site that LMC monitors is one of the most
      densely nested sea turtle beaches in the world. In its several-                ATTORNEYS AT LAW
      decade timespan, LMC has developed a comprehensive
      dataset to promote sea turtle and ocean conservation and has
      recently produced collaborative manuscripts regarding the
      impact of heat on hatchling health, mercury concentration in             Wills • Trusts • Estate Planning • Probate
      tissues of marine life, common viruses in green sea turtles
      and more!                                                                   Taxation • Real Estate • Corporations


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               December 2020 / Jupiter Inlet Tide Chart

        Day       High         Low         High      Low        High              Day       High        Low          High      Low        High
        Tue 1                  3:23 AM      9:35 AM       3:50 PM      9:37 PM    Thur  17                 4:51 AM          11:02 AM             5:24 PM            11:13 PM
        Wed 2                  3:59 AM      10:15 AM      4:28 PM      10:17 PM   Fri   18                 5:43 AM            11:50 AM            6:17 PM
        Thu 3                  4:37 AM      10:57 AM      5:07 PM      10:59 PM   Sat  19           12:04 AM            6:36 AM         12:38 PM             7:12 PM
        Fri 4                  5:18 AM      11:40 AM      5:52 PM      11:45 PM   Sun  20           12:56 AM            7:31 AM            1:26 PM             8:08 PM
        Sat 5                  6:05 AM      12:27 PM      6:42 PM                 Mon   21            1:51 AM            8:29 AM             2:16 PM            9:04 PM
        Sun 6      12:38 AM      6:59 AM      1:17 PM      7:40 PM                Tue  22            2:48 AM            9:27 AM            3:06 PM            9:59 PM
        Mon 7      1:37 AM      8:01 AM       2:10 PM      8:42 PM                Wed   23            3:46 AM            10:23 AM            3:57 PM           10:50 PM
        Tue 8      2:41 AM      9:08 AM      3:08 PM      9:45 PM                 Thur  24            4:43 AM            11:16 AM            4:48 PM           11:37 PM
        Wed 9      3:48 AM      10:14 AM      4:07 PM      10:45 PM               Fri   25            5:35 AM          12:04 PM            5:37 PM
        Thur 10      4:52 AM      11:16 AM      5:05 PM      11:42 PM             Sat  26                 12:21 AM            6:23 AM           12:49 PM           6:24 PM
        Fri 11      5:53 AM      12:14 PM      6:02 PM                            Sun  27                1:03 AM            7:08 AM            1:31 PM            7:09 PM
        Sat 12               12:36 AM      6:50 AM      1:08 PM      6:57 PM      Mon   28                1:43 AM            7:51 AM            2:11 PM            7:53 PM
        Sun  13                1:29 AM           7:44 AM            2:01 PM             7:50 PM       Tue  29                2:22 AM           8:33 AM            2:50 PM            8:35 PM
        Mon   14                2:20 AM            8:35 AM            2:52 PM            8:42 PM       Wed   30                3:00 AM           9:15 AM             3:29 PM           9:18 PM
        Tue  15                3:10 AM            9:25 AM           3:42 PM           9:32 PM       Thur  31                3:40 AM           9:56 AM            4:09 PM           10:01 PM
        Wed   16                 4:01 AM         10:14 AM            4:33 PM           10:22 PM
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