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VOL. 29 NO. 12                                                                         DECEMBER 2021

      Chairman’s Corner                                                             Safety On The Road

      By Barry J. Haberman, BPCA Chair and President
                                                                                    By Justin Mocha, Director of Security
         Nearly a whole year has gone by and 2022 is just ahead of
      us. How quickly time goes by as we age gracefully. As we come                    Our analysis of radar and guest entry data indicates that traffic within Boca
      to the close of this year, the Board of Directors and Staff of the            Pointe has returned to at and, in some cases, above pre-pandemic levels. As
      Boca Pointe Community Association led by Board Chairman and                   restrictions continue to ease, we expect the trend of increasing traffic to continue
      President Barry J. Haberman and Kathleen O’Donovan, as your                   into next year. Anecdotally, we also observe the same increase in pedestrian
      Community Association General Manager, want to wish you a                     and cyclist traffic sharing the roads. This has the potential to create dangerous
      Peaceful and Blessed Holiday Season.                                          conditions if we don’t follow road safety best practices.
         2021 was a beyond stressful year for many of us, especially                   For  vehicle  drivers–  #1  rule  is  adhere  to
      due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Let us take the next few weeks                  the speed limit and all posted traffic signs.
      to relax, reflect, catch our breath and prepare for whatever                  Remember that you have the right of way at
      challenges face us in 2022.                                                   golf course path crossings. It can be dangerous
         During this holiday season, please take the time to thank those who volunteer on the many boards   to stop for golf carts on the road. A vehicle
      and committees whose work helps to make Boca Pointe a prestigious place to live. Volunteers give   behind you may not see the golf cart passing in front of you, and could attempt
      of their time freely and communities such as ours could not flourish without them. We, at Boca   to pass on your left leading to potential disaster. Come to a complete stop at all
      Pointe, are constantly changing and adding features to our overall look. The staff and volunteers   stop signs and look both ways for pedestrians and cyclists before proceeding.
      work tirelessly to achieve this.                                                 For cyclists– #1 rule is to be aware that your actions
         All too often, it is easier to vocalize our complaints and criticisms instead of giving praise and   are unpredictable to vehicle drivers and pedestrians.
      showing appreciation for someone’s efforts. Maybe if we all try to do better at showing kindness,   Cyclists are considered “vehicle traffic” when they are
      we can reap even greater blessings for all who live, work and play here at Boca Pointe.  riding their bicycles, and should travel in the direction of
         The Club at Boca Pointe has been sold to Heritage Golf Group. So now a private organization   traffic, not against traffic, in single file. Cyclists should
      is in charge of the Club previously owned by equity members and managed by their board.  yield to pedestrians, and adhere to all posted signage on
         We wish Heritage the best of luck.                                         Boca Pointe property. If you ride your bicycle after dark,
         My wife Gail and I look forward to the New Year and wish everyone a Happy and Healthy   wear bright and reflective clothing.
                                                                                       For pedestrians / joggers– #1 rule is to walk / jog on the
      Holiday Season.                                                                sidewalk, not in the streets. Boca Pointe Drive and Via De
      From The Manager                                                              Sonrisa Del Norte have sidewalks all along the road, there is
                                                                                    no area without sidewalk coverage. Social distancing can be
                                                                                    achieved on the sidewalks by utilizing the full width of the
      By Kathleen O’Donovan, General Manager                                        pavement as well as any grass areas when passing each other.
                                                                                    Move into single file when being overtaken or passing another
         As 2021 draws to a close, I would like to take this                        resident. Your actions on the road are also unpredictable,
      opportunity to thank each of you for the continuing honor                     and walking or running in the street adds more potential for
      to serve as your General Manager at Boca Pointe.                              disaster than is necessary. Walk or jog defensively, pause or
         It is a pleasure to collaborate with the Directors of the                  stop at intersections on the main roads and do not assume cars and bicycles see
      Master Board, Committee Volunteers and Village Directors                      you even if you make eye contact.
      who so generously give their time providing insight, ideas,                      While we can see from our radar data that programs like Traffic Hawk have
      and a vision for the future of Boca Pointe.                                   reduced speeding, there are obviously other traffic and safety concerns on the
         My team and I will continue to provide the residents                       roads. Please adhere to them so that we can all enjoy the property safely. 
      of Boca Pointe with the utmost level of service, we look
      forward to the new year with a cheerful outlook, dedication,
      and excitement for what is to come.
         On behalf of Lisa, Yvonne, Justin, and myself, we wish you a Happy Healthy Holiday   Thank You!!!
      Season and look forward to serving you in the New Year. 
                                                                                      We would like to thank our residents for the generous used clothing donations this
          The Boca Pointe Community Association wishes                             year!!! If you haven’t cleaned out your closet yet, now is the time!!!! The clothing donation
         everyone a Healthy and Happy Holiday Season!!                             bin is located at the BPCA management office – 6909 S.W. 18th St., Suite A120.

                                                                                      The donations are distributed to local churches and homeless shelters. Help make
              The BPCA office will be closed on Friday,                            a difference to those less fortunate.
                                                                                      Happy Holidays! 
            December 24th and Friday, December 31st. 

                                                                                    Please Help

                                                                                       Prior to COVID, Boca Pointe residents were donating their unused, extra clothing to the
                                                                                    homeless. The homeless shelters are now able to accept clothing again. Please bring any
                                                                                    clean, unused clothing that you would like to donate. The drop off location is at the BPCA
                                                                                    office located at 6909 SW 18th St., Suite A120 in the Boardwalk shopping plaza. Due to
                                                                                    the generosity of Boca Pointe residents, many homeless have been given very much needed
                                                                                    clothes. Let’s continue helping those less fortunate. Thank you!! 
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