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VOL. 12 NO. 3                                                                                MARCH 2022

      JFS No Excuse for Abuse Virtual

      Evening Surpasses Fundraising Goal

         Ferd & Gladys Alpert Jewish Family Service surpassed                                              Directors. “His sharing about his mother’s pain and eventual
      the $300,000 fundraising goal the agency set for its 18th                                            healing touched our hearts. We are thankful to those who
      Annual No Excuse for Abuse Virtual Evening. The event,                                               joined us to hear his story and for their generous financial
      now in its 18th or “Chai” year, raises money to support the                                          support, which helps Alpert JFS continue its commitment
      agency’s Domestic Abuse and Mental Health services and                                               to domestic abuse prevention and mental health services
      programs.                                                                                            and counseling.”
         The highlight of the virtual event, which was broadcast to                                           “We are thankful to Sean for his willingness to share
      viewers internationally, was an intimate, sit-down interview                                         his personal story so that others watching and listening in
      between Alpert JFS Clinical Director Dr. Elaine Rotenberg                                            could both learn and benefit,” said Marc Hopin, CEO of
      and actor, director, and producer Sean Astin, who is also son                                        Alpert JFS. “It is our hope that Sean’s message combined
      of the late legendary film and television actress Patty Duke.   Sean Astin and Dr. Elaine Rotenberg   with the leadership of our Alpert JFS team will help break
      Astin shared what it was like growing up with his mother,                                            the stigma of domestic abuse and better educate us all on
      who struggled with bipolar disorder throughout her life.   in her memory. Astin’s message during the event focused   mental health.”
      He shared how he and his family survived her erratic and   on removing the shame often associated with seeking help      The 2022 No Excuse for Abuse Virtual Evening reached
      abusive behavior and how, after her diagnosis and effective   for mental health and domestic abuse issues, which aligned   a global audience, including viewers from the U.S., Canada,
      treatment, their lives improved.                  with the theme of the evening — Breaking the Stigma.  the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and South America.
         Duke  became  a  fierce  advocate  for  mental  health      “Sean’s message was truly inspirational,” said Zelda
      treatment and education, and Astin now carries that torch   Mason, president and chair of the Alpert JFS Board of
      Angie Orosz-Richt – Reaction to a Personal Experience

      By Hana Siegelstein                                                                                    Auschwitz was the destination for most of our families,
         My husband and I are children of Holocaust survivors.                                             who were deported in 1944. In my studies about Auschwitz,
      This subject has played an oversized role throughout our                                             I came across an amazing story about a baby girl being born
      lives, interwoven with the related topics of antisemitism,                                           to a Hungarian Jewish woman in December 1944.
      Israel, and Judaism. My dad made sure that I was educated                                              How was that possible? What strength does it take to hide the
      on the subject in general, and that I knew his family history                                        pregnancy, to continue to live on about 500 calories a day, work
      in particular.                                                                                       in hard labor under difficult conditions, with the stress of death
         With dismay, as we got older, we saw a dwindling                                                  at any moment, and do it with a growing fetus inside you?!
      interest in the Holocaust among the younger Jews in Israel                                             As I was reading this story my body was shivering, while
      and the U.S., and certainly among non-Jews. After my dad                                             the image of a baby born in Auschwitz played in my head. The
      died in November 2000, I took up his mantle and made it                                              story and the imagery stayed with me for a very long time.
      my mission to educate children and adults about the horrors                                          That this child was born and survived was a huge miracle.
      of the Holocaust, and to further my own education. That                                              Her name is Angela Orosz-Richt (Angie).
      was my motivation, as I volunteered to be a docent in the
      Houston Holocaust Museum.                                                                            Angie Orosz-Richt – Reaction on page 2
      Chocolate Tasting Sweetens

      Annual Beth David Sisterhood Event

      “As long as there is chocolate, there will be happiness.”   support Beth David and its Sisterhood, and to be immersed
         —   Wayne Gerard Trotman                        in a tour of the world of chocolate and a guided tasting
                                                         of it, along with pairings of wine, led by Chef Ariele
         Happiness did indeed flow lavishly and luxuriantly   Schwartz.
      during Temple Beth David Sisterhood’s Annual Paid-Up      Chef Ariele, who holds a Grand Diploma in Pastry
      Membership Event last month. Several dozen Sisterhood   Arts from the French Culinary Institute, is a veteran of the
      members and their guests turned out both in person and   kitchens of noted Manhattan celebrity chefs. She cultivated
      virtually to enjoy each other’s company and friendship, to   her expertise in chocolate in those very venues, in a well-
                                                                                 known Brooklyn chocolate
                                                                                 boutique, and in the service
                                                                                 of  a leading company
                                                                                 of Swiss chocolatiers.    Several hundred bags of chocolate were prepared in
                                                                                 During an almost two-hour   anticipation of the Sisterhood event.
                                                                                 presentation, she shared
                                                                                 her knowledge of chocolate   the various routes it travels before arriving in our stores
                                                                                 history, spoke illustratively   and finally finding its places in our recipes, foods, and
                                                                                 about how chocolate is    upon our palates.
                                                                                 grown, harvested, processed,
                                                                                 and tempered, and discussed   Chocolate Tasting Sweetens on page 2
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