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                                                            in Your CoMMunitY

            Loxahatchee River Historical Society Celebrates 50th

              Anniversary With Proclamation Presentation From

                     Palm Beach County Board Of Commissioners

                       Telling The Stories From Oil House Museum To Outstanding Natural Area

         On a breezy deck, below the restored 1860 Jupiter Inlet   decades of historic preservation
      Lighthouse, a small group of dignitaries and supporters   and educational programming for
      gathered on Thursday, Jan. 27, to celebrate a historic milestone   the local nonprofit. The historical
      in the community. The date marked the 50th Anniversary   society was deeply honored to be
      of the Loxahatchee River Historical Society (LRHS) – five   presented with a proclamation
                                                        from  Palm  Beach  County
                                                        Commissioner Maria Marino of
                                                        District 1 that afternoon.
                                                          Jamie Stuve, president and
                                                        CEO of the LRHS, welcomed
                                                        guests and began by briefly telling
                                                        the story of pioneer descendent
                                                        Bessie Wilson DuBois and her
                                                        love for history and collecting
                                                        artifacts  from  Jupiter ’s
                                                        multilayered past and from her
                                                        time living on the Jupiter Inlet.
                                                        Stuve then introduced the original
                                                        founder of the Loxahatchee River
                                                        Historical Society and longtime
                                                        local resident, Ethel Gravett.
                                                          Gravett recounted the pivotal
                                                        moment that sparked an idea and  Matt Pazanski, Town of Juno Beach; Dr. Robin Sykes; Dan Comerford, mayor, Jupiter
                                                        that would shape the future of  Inlet Colony; Jamie Stuve; Palm Beach County Commissioner Marino, District 1; Ron
                                                        the Jupiter Inlet for generations  Delaney, council member Town of Jupiter; Peter De Witt, Bureau of Land Management
                                                        to come. As a den mother, she
                                                        decided to take her sons’ Cub Scout troop (her scout is now     Many people contributed to the success of the Loxahatchee
                                                        57 years old) to earn their history badge by visiting Bessie   River Historical Society over the years. Gravett expressed
                                                        DuBois at her home in DuBois Park.                 how excited she was to see what the LRHS has grown to
                                                          Bessie shared tables and walls full of remarkable historic   become. Early on, the U.S. Coast Guard told Gravett that the
                                                        artifacts and photographs, and later asked, “What is going to   lighthouse was difficult to maintain and happily agreed for
                                                        happen to all this?” This was Gravett’s “ah-ha” moment. Active   the LRHS have the Oil House as a museum, opening only on
                                                        in the Junior Women’s League and other local organizations,   Sundays. Gravett told how the mail would come to her at the
                                                        she galvanized local community members like Bill and   Coast Guard site, addressed to “The Girl at the Lighthouse.”
                                                        Judie Wood, Anna Minear, Rose Meyerowitz, Pat Magrogan     Palm  Beach  County  Commissioner  Marino  greeted
                                                        and others, to form a group dedicated to the area’s historic   the audience and enthusiastically read the proclamation,
                                                        preservation and the Loxahatchee Historical Society was born.   recognizing  the  historical  society  for  50  years  of
                                                          As the fledgling society took shape, the new organization   accomplishments in preservation of the iconic Jupiter Inlet
                                                        consulted with museums and individuals such as Judge Knott,   Lighthouse and other historic buildings as well as service to
                                                        with experience on how to operate and properly protect the
                                                        important cultural heritage of the Jupiter Inlet area.   In Your Community on page 15

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