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                                                                 art haPPenings

                      How The Benzaiten Center For Creative Arts

                 Commits To Community Outreach Programming

                                                    Two-Day Events For Jason Christian

        A major part of the Benzaiten Center for Creative Arts’   programming. Each year the center brings in four nationally   in  her  delightful  and
      community outreach programming is their visiting artist   renowned glass artists to Palm Beach County from every   whimsical,  animal-
                                                        corner of our country for two days of amazing glassblowing   themed creations. View
                                                        demonstrations. The magic starts in January and ends in April.   a  video  of  one  of  her
                                                        No other facility affords the people living in our county this   demonstrations  by
                                                        type of rare opportunity to see famous glassblowers putting   visiting  the  Benzaiten
                                                        on two, three-hour-long glassblowing demonstrations. These   website.  This  was
                                                        muscular three-hour demos involve a team of five to six   followed by February’s
                                                        glassblowers: The guest artist plus our own staff plus other   events  that  featured
                                                        local artists who want to help assist. This type of demo cannot   glassblower and painter,
                                                        be compared to anything you may have seen in Murano, Italy   Corey Pemberton, who
                                                        or on a cruise ship.                               was brought all the way
                                                          The center started off their season this January with Claire   from  California.  His
                                                        Kelly who came all the way down from Corning, New York
      Jason Christian working on a large hand-blown piece   to captivate the Benzaiten attendees by demonstrating her   Art Happenings   Point of View a hand-blown piece
      connected to a blowpipe                           complicated use of cane and murrinis that she incorporates   on page 6  using murrinis by Claire Kelly


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